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Southern California is one of the most classic car-friendly places on the planet. We've seen SoCal hot spots like Cars & Coffee numerous times on this site, but that's just one small slice of the pie. Informal car gatherings are held across the region every night during the summer months, and sometimes all year round.

Last Friday evening I took a drive to one of these gatherings, held at Ruby's Diner in Redondo Beach.

The whole thing has a very laid back vibe, and the seaside parking lot is the perfect setting.

The mix includes customs and hot rods, muscle cars, sports cars, and more.

The crowd might not be as "edgy" as what you'd find at one of the Mooneyes shows, but the cars are just as cool.

Listen to old rock 'n roll, grab a burger and check out the machinery. Is there a better way to end a work week?

One of the first cars that jumped out at me was this '69 Yenko Camaro. Yep, those are Baer brakes hiding behind those Torque Thrust II's.

This is SoCal – finding cool VW's at a meet like this is pretty much a given.

This Chevelle Wagon looks like it means business. Check the MT slicks out back.

One of the most aggressive Porsche 914's I've ever seen.

My favorite car of the day had to be this altered wheelbase '51 Ford. Spotlight coming soon.

Triumph TR6, perfect for those pleasant warm SoCal nights.

This is what dreams are made of – Shelby GT350 in race trim.

A gigantic '59 Buick, looking very period correct.

A spotless Datsun Fairlady Roadster sandwiched between a Ford and a Chevy.

This Chevelle has the proper muscle car stance down.

Porsche Speedster – replica or not, does it really even matter?

A Woody – not the most unusual sight in the land of Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys.

This 'Cuda was mint in both color and condition.

Oh, that's just another drool-inducing Mustang.

Just another Friday evening in Southern California…

-Mike Garrett



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am not into muscle cars but i take the Shelby GT350 plz


Needs more Hiboy.


Is it me, or do the tires on the Triumph look HUGE compared to the rest of the car? Also, note the For Sale sign on the Cuda.


love the porsches. check out the 914's with ej20 swaps. super cool cars.


gotta love those old cars from the 70s , 60s and beyond! one of my favs has gotta be the mach1 mustang, (unfortunetly it was not pictured above) but you guys should do something on one :D


Kills me when this stuff happens under my nose and down the street! Argh, haha.


what's with the front end on that green and white VW bus? Is it crumpled? or is the light playing some tricks.


@Joe, to me it looks like it has a canvas sheet covering the front end (if you look closely around the lights you can notice this).


Nice pics,

That Porsche isn't a Speedster it's a 550 RS Spyder, the one in the last pic is a Speedster.


<3 California....


loving that 'Cuda...


Ironic isn't it. You wouldn't see a gathering of newer imports like that without the police in tow.. Love the muscle, 'cuda please..


that 914 needs a feature


Loving the 70 CUDA! Those are my dream car after all. Hey Mike how much was he asking for it, not like I could buy it anyways.


Are there nights like this in Oct/Nov? I am going to SoCal then and would love to take some time to take in the car culture.


Buick Invicta? That's the 2nd one I've seen on Speedhunters now. Love them!


I was picking some friends up from the hotel across the street when we noticed all the cars at Ruby's. We stopped in and checked them out before heading over t Joe's Crab Shack around the Corner. That speedster was beautiful! It's fun to see the picks today on Speed Hunters.


That's not a "Porsche Speedster", its a Porsche 550 Spyder


nice mustangs


@ Joe That's a bra on the green and White VW bus. It was really well done. I've never seen one like it before. The "leather" matched the paint extremely well.