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Continuing on with my look at the rally competition from X Games 16, we move on to elimination action on Saturday afternoon.

As we'd soon find out, the biggest hurdle for the drivers wouldn't be their fellow competitors, but the course itself.

After coming down the ramp into the coliseum, the drivers would do an immediate U-turn back up the hill. The steep transition through the arches and into the bowl would be one of the hardest parts of the course to memorize, and a constant problem.

And thus the jump would turn out to be a non-obstacle – compared to the difficulty of memorzing the course.

Here we see Ken Block dropping his Fiesta down the ramp during his match against Brian Deegan.


Blocks's Fiesta eventually took enough damage to take him out of the race.

This of course allowed Deegan to advance from the Rockstar vs Monster battle.

Here's ACP at speed after dropping down the big hill onto the floor of the Coliseum.

ACP's opponent in the first round was Travis Hanson in his STI.

The match was decided when Hanson dropped a tire in the dirt and suffered a slow speed roll-over. A hero's exit for sure.

Speaking of exits, Travis Pastrana's misfortune in X Games rally would continue for the second year in a row.

His run would end after losing control coming up the hill, giving the win to Brian Deegan.

The one driver who seemed to have a firm grasp on the course was Tanner Foust. Not surprising considering his vast motorsport experience.

A better view of the drop-in during the quarterfinal match between Kenny Brack and Antoine L'Estage.

Brack, last year's rally winner would end up being eliminated here.

With L'Estage taking the victory in his Evo X. One of the day's better performers for sure.

Still it was becoming clear that this was Tanner's event to lose after he defeated Dave Mirra in the quarterfinals and L'Estage in the semis.

ACP's day would end on a decent note, taking home bronze.

The battle for gold would come down to Brian Deegan and Tanner Foust. Unfortunately – but not surprisingly….it wasn't the most exciting match. Deegan would end up missing a turn early on…

…which sealed his fate, and allowed the rock-solid Tanner Foust to take the gold medal. So that's where the "golden child" nickname comes from.

So after the chaotic and confusing rally car match, it was time to take a short break before the action continued the new "Super Rally" competition.

We'll look at that next time.

-Mike Garrett



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I'm sure Ken Block's crew won't be having a fiesta after this race. They'll be too busy fixing that car!


Congrats to ACP on 3rd, better than his front flip a couple years back hahaha


and I didn't even know L'Estage was in this! lol it's crazy how many of the drivers i see every year at the Tall Pines are making their way into more mainstream american events. Also it isn't surprising that L'Estage did well, he's pretty much the king of Canadian rally (and now Rally America champion)


Those Fiestas are rallycross spec machines, but the Imprezas and Evos are only WRC spec--some are only Group N. Maybe I'm missing something but how can the Japanese cars hope to compete? Rallcross cars (at least here in Europe) have about 550 BHP an weigh around a tonne. WRC machines have "only" 320BHP with the same weight, while Group N cars are heavier and put out just 300 BHP. Someone please explain.....



ROFLMAO so true!

But remember how many wrecks he was in with the Imprezas? he stuck with them for a bit too.


What an awful excuse for rally cross.


@R3d Baron

I agree. This is all for show.....


@sneaky squirrel; Im sure there are specific requirements and just because there is all that power doesnt mean squat. a car can have 500bhp and zero traction. Horsepower, tuning and FDR are key on a short course like this. To achieve proper traction, the FDR must be lowered quite dramatically to reduce wheel spin and increase traction and handling. this is where high geared lower horsepower motors come in.


If this was all for show, why was I so angry to keep watching it. I don't see how anyone enjoyed watching this blunder.


Ouch! That Fiesta got crunched


@R3d Baron

I agree. This is all for show.....


Anon... go cry to your mommy. I doubt that you or any one else that is talking shit could even control one of these cars on dirt. But if you could, I doubt you could even keep up. Quit hating.


make a desktop wallpapers pls :)


@jerry It's accepted that rallycross cars are quicker than WRC cars in just about every situation. Some people might ask why they aren't used in World Rally but it's because they're too fast.....


They are $WD as well and have similar suspension and brakes so in rallycross they cars are unquestionably quicker around a course.


Actually they prep the engines just for the x games and dont worry about wrc hp limits and such



Put a rally cross car on the WRC stages and watch them get lost in the dust of Ford and Citroen, power simply isn't everything.