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At the M.I.V.W event last month, I was invited by Oliver Verheij to attend the VW Fanatics show that he helped organize. The show was held on a field adjacent to a large lake, making it feel like the Dutch Wörthersee. It was a really nice event with a laidback feel thanks to the music in the background and the people that attended the show. Too bad the weather was against us but that is something you can't control.

This new Beetle looked quite menacing with it's 20 inch BBS wheels and drop thanks to H&R. Behind the massive wheels are a set of AP Racing brakes.

I always love these beige colors on Volkswagens. The smoked taillights and custom rear view mirrors are a nice touch.

Here is a trend I see slowly dying, rusted panels on cars. I must admit I did like it on this car with its bright orange wheels.

One of the few new Sciroccos I saw at the show. Behind the chrome front wheels are a set of Audi S3 brakes.

This Volkswagen Passat or ‘us-limo' had a set of Porsche wheels and was dropped with the help of airbags.

A few years in the making and never to be the same again was this MKIV Golf with a Bora front and MAE wheels.

The fenders had been modified to make the wheels fit. The centers of the wheels had a carbon finish.

The green MKII from the opening shot had a Golf Rallye front and chrome Schmidt wheels.

This orange MKI belonged to the same crew and was a real eye catcher despite the rain. I loved the overall finish of this car, it was spotless.

This MKV GTI looked stunning with its wheels ‘borrowed' from the Mercedes Exelero.

A MKI Caddy is something you don't see very much, especially not this good looking. The bed in the back was covered with wooden panels.

A MKII all the way from France on some Votex wheels that had been designed by F.A. Porsche.

The Corrado is a car that doesn't get a lot of love. Is it because they are hard to find? I don't know but I do know I have one very cool example ready for you in a forthcoming spotlight.

A classic MKI on golden Ronals.

This blue convertible from Germany looked very good even in the rain with it's cover closed.

Get ready for a few spotlights on some of the cars that really stood out to me.

- Jeroen Willemsen

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I think you should look a little bit also for the style of Brazilian cars are basic changes as well, such as suspensions, engine and wheels, most are also used the "VW's" like the Passat LS 1979, Gol GTi 1972 Brasilia 1974 TL 1600, SP2, Variant, Santana GLS, Parati GL 1988, many cars and you would have good rewards for being the first to show this kind of cars "Brazilian", another reason is the large events that happen here, hosted Formula 1 at the Interlagos Circuit in Sao Paulo, on that race track is very important as the events Tarck Day, many, many races, South American, a Brazilian style of car for you, there's a picture:




There is no such thing as Mercedes Exelero, its Maybach.


I just creamed a bit looking at that green mk2. Just works, enough said


what's that on the hood of the rusty golf?


The wheels on the MKV GTI are Maybach Exelero based, not Mercedes. Just thought I'd tell you. ;)


Two years ago I would've been all over these VW's, but as time passes they really are very boring cars. Same wheels, same stance, same oem+ styling and chances are with the same 1.8t engine conversion.

Its just boring as hell really.


If you ain't rubbin then you ain't dubbin.

srsly worst trend I have ever seen, can't stand vdubbers.


The VW scene is like a train wreck. It's horrifying, but at the same time you somehow can't look away.


Cool cars.. im happy that rusty look is dying ..lol i didt like it anyway.

But a car i want to see get feature here is the Opel Calibra!! i know is hard to find a good one that hasn't been pimped out with stupid spoilers and stuff. but i think there should be some cool example out there.

Other wise just wait when mine is done ;-)


Dusty.. train wreck? Nice wheels, nice drop, nice paint.. what am I missing here..?


TheOnig- that's because Calibras are a hacked up Cavalier in a badly proportioned body, with terrible interiors, even worse engines and (in 4x4 trim) the worst AWD system ever built. There are very few nice ones to choose from...

I love the Mk5 on Alphards. Those wheels just work on the later Golfs.


im not a fan of beetles but that black one (2nd picture) really looks good, and im glad that the rusty panel scene is dying because it looks stupid and i cant belive you would do that to a new/near new car with good panels. btw love the photos, i was hoping that you would have taken a picture of that red golf R32?? in far left background of the 7th picture : )


vw's do get a little boring after a while... but then again what eco box car doesnt? all the hondas look pretty much the same... still have yet to find a community as chill and as fun as the vw community.


Great stuff! I always love getting my VW fix :)


FYI the wheels "borrowed" from the Exelero are actually very commonly found on the SL, and are known as Alphards in the euro scene. A friend of mine had some on his Mk4 Jetta (aka Bora)


I've never seen the four-spoke Votex rims on that mk2 GTI! so unique and different! :D


My favourite has to be the last car though, Blue on Blue cabby with ultra-rare and ultra-sexy BBS RF's


Also, I laugh every time someone comes out on here with an inane comment... there's no accounting for taste ;)


love the Corrado for obvious reasons.. not a big fan part panel rust - sorry! nice MK1 G60.. classic - pics are great!! bring on the Corrado.. i can't wait!!


Lumis, nothing missing here, its just boring, cant rememeber any rabbit, cause all of them looks same...dont know how many vw's are in us, but here, where i live, they are just common FWD, no matter what shiny wheels u put on it


If it weren't for the plates and the fact that no one is wearing girl's jeans, it could be the east coast of the US.


Hi, big thanks for the great compliment!

I´m the driver of the german convertible :D

Vw Fanatics was awesome !! feeling like Wörthersee @ the Netherlands

the BBS RF 003 4*100 7,5x17 ET 26 are fore sale



As mentioned, Alphards are from the SL500, not Maybach.


At the VW Fanatics show I saw one of the most talked about MKI's in the world. It has been featured


I've always had a softspot for the Volkswagen Corrado, but I had yet to see an example in the flesh


I'll be waitin' for spotligths


Here's one final spotlight from the VW Fanatics show. At a first glance, it looks like a nice clean