Event>> Rotorstock Vii Pt.1

2010 was the seventh annual gathering of all things rotary at Santa Pod Raceway. It was not only my first ever trip to the Bedfordshire drag strip but my first trip to any drag strip.I’m not very well educated in the Church of Rotor so I considered this trip one of enlightenment.

Coming from the Ford Fair, any car show was going to feel small. The small turnout however did reveal some gems.

This chrome wrapped FD was certainly eye catching.

This Tiger sportscar was running a 13B, expect a spotlight later in the week.

I also grabbed a spotlight on this beautiful FD wearing SSR wheels and with lots of carbon fibre details.

I’m always skeptical of highly polished engine bays …

There was a fair representation of the RX8 although most were quite reserved in their modifications.

Crouching Mazda, Hidden VW.

We’ll be taking a closer look at this mint RX4 later in the week.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a car with flip paint but I have to concede thay it looked pretty good on this RX4.

The cars on show range from lightly fettled to full on competition cars.

I know I’m stupid and all, but I never noticed the rotor shaped styling cues before on the RX8. The bonnet indent and the holes in the headrests are just two I spotted.

This MX5 was left with it’s hood up for a reason …

… to show passers by it’s 13B conversion.

This white FD was a late arrival. I love the WedSports wheels but do think it could do with some further lowering. Although in the owner’s defence, the roads into Santa Pod aren’t exactly smooth.

For the second post I’m going to take you the drag strip whilst I make an ass of myself trying to photograph cars going very, very quickly.




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That chrome RX7 was at japanese performance TOTB


Wallpaper please on the RX with the SSR wheels, f-ing sick.


the last generation RX7, has to be one of the most beautiful cars ever made.


Loving the white FD with black rims in the 11th shot down!


omg.. last pic has to be released in desktop size :O



Any more info on the miata conversion?


The FD with 3 spoke Advans needs a desktop ASAP!

such a timeless design


Wallpaper please on the RX with the SSR wheels, f-ing sick.


The FD with the SSD rims is unbelievably cool, looking forward to the spotlight. Detailssss


love the Yellow RX8... and the RX4.. very sweet!!


never noticed the styling queues on the rx8's... next time u see one brake have a look at the center brake light. the australian ones have rx8 spelt in it. and the rotor shape in the rear bumper while ur at it


Wow, thats made my day to get 2 pictures of my car (the 13b converted mx5) on speedhunters! Was a really good day out, and amazing that the weather held out. JKG my build thread can be found here: http://www.mazdarotaryclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63764

I couldn't take my eyes of that FD in the 5th photo down it was stunning.


Thanks for upcoming drag racing footage !!!!


Check out the Mazda Rotary Club website for info on nearly all the cars above!


Pic 2 with the advans is so hot....o.m.g.


Yes, desktop of FD with SSR wheels and carbon accents


love the chromed up FD.. although i didn't think i would.. plus can't wait for the 'run-down' on the RX4...


the rx8 is covered in rotors there is the hood and seat but also the rear bumper and the front bumper and also if you look at the headlights there is a small rotor shaped hole on the center head light and also dont forget the shifter (i might be missing one or two) the fd also had a small rotor like shape on the front bumper.


Advan RSs on an FD just look so... right.


Paddy, loving the article, some great words and pics there! It was a really good show, more popular than I expected personally too! You caught a few things I missed, always worth checking up on these things afterwards isn't it?

Just wondering if you got any pics of my car too - the black FC (2nd gen) cab that was slammed. I'm at papercutout@ gmail .com if you did, thanks!