Car Spotlight>> Zetec Fiesta

One of the cars that caught my attention at the Ford Fair last weekend was this 80's Ford Fiesta. I'm pretty certain it's the MKII variant as the MKI had round lights. The Fiesta has long been associated as a reliable town car and with the exception of the XR, ST and RST variants has lived a relatively sedated life. The decision to turn this simple city car into a caged, stripped and powerful track car was pure wisdom.

It's not the first and it won't be the last Fiesta in this style but it's definitely one of the finest examples I've laid eyes on. Powered by a DOHC Zetec engine, although I'm not sure what capacity, it certainly has the power to propel this featherweight car to some quick laptimes.

I'm a big fan of the induction noise created by the Weber carbs.

The ATS wheels sat just perfectly in the arches.

The detailing on the car was exceptional, check out the painted gearbox.

Brown should not look good on a car but it suited the brown and gold theme on this Fiesta perfectly.

Inside was a pair of Corbeau seats with Luke harnesses and a gold painted rollcage. It also had the dashboard out of a recent Fiesta model (MKV I think) and the rear was stripped.

Check out how low the fuel filler cap is ! You know you're onto a good thing when your Fiesta can draw such an amount of attention at a show with thousands of other immaculately prepared cars.




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I love it, relative mundane stock cars turned into immaculate track bangers like this never fail to make me smile.


next week, an SR Nova!


Unfortunately, this car is a poser and will likely never see track duty.


Do you know what mate, you're 100% right. I'm just re-uploading the proper versions now. The dangers of trying to process 800 images with no sleep in three days I guess !


Lovely little Mk2

Would be nice to see this out on the track but I doubt it'll ever really happen


Hahhaaaa that is completely wicked! I had two MKI Fiestas and miss them both, hard to find a clean example nowadays, would love to build one, theyre so cheap and easy to work on. Great pics of this one, what an amazing build and attention to detail, I really love it! Thanks for the feature, its "random" stuff like this that makes speedhunters so good. I think I will d/l the pics and just stare at them today during my lunchbreak and dream of a similar build. Love the simplicity and oldschool flavor of the whole thing.


"MKI had round lights" Standard mk1 has square lights (see mine - ), mk1 xr2 has round lights. That is a mk2, front at least, most of it looks mk2 + very nice.


One of our favourite Fiestas of all time!


time to try and import one of these to the US....


i own one in the factory blak n gold paintjob it drives as well az it looks


This is one nice ford. That engine bay is to die for.


i got one of those mk2 it rocks as a daily


what a beauty!!


It's gorgeous. It's always nice to see well kept older fiestas. My brother had an XR2 Fiesta, about 10 years ago.


I really like that little car.


This is one of the finest Mk2 I have seen so far. It's definitely one of a kind.


Perfection of a build


i like the color theme, its good to see variety.


I have to agree with Jeff, its a shame that this is part of an ever growing trend of track looking show cars..


Love it Love it Love it !!

Where can i get more of this car?

Im also restoring a fiesta and i would like to see the dashboard also.

Loved the Article!

Thanks and Best Wishes.


nice car would like to see more on the web site