Car Spotlight >> Widebody S30 At Tsukuba

Among all the attention-grabbing Rauh Welt Porsches at the last Idlers Games I covered in Tsukuba there was this rather unique S30 I thought deserved a short little spotlight on. 

It's not often that I come across such wild looking classic Fairladys, and what surprised me the most about this particular car was that it is still road registered!

Judging by how fast it looked down the straight at Tsukuba the L-series engine powering it has obviously been subjected to some serious modifications. I wouldn't be surprised if it was stroked to 3-liters and over, a very popular thing to do with these motors. The massive Solex carbs supplied a glorious soundtrack to go along with the aggressive looks.

View from the rear. But wait a second…

…this is no Fairlady, it's an LHD Datsun 240Z imported from the US!

An interesting choice of upholstery for the seats and dashboard makes it a very bright place to be sitting in. I love bumping into unique and rare rides like this and this one just happens to be the perfect car for the current Old School theme we have going this month.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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One of the Bet Z's i have ever seen!!! Just add a twin turbo for the ultimate Devil Z!


Amazing. Love the fender flares. Reminds me of the flares on the Five Axis xB shown last year at SEMA.

But why imported from the US? Bling +1 factor?


dude this car is super sexy. i never thought red interior could look good, also the way the front lip conects with the front fender flares(orgasm)


Need some desktop shots :D


He even re-installed the cool is this car!


love this thing


one clean ass Z!!



Love it!

Aggressive and tough!


> spencer

For the old cars its the lack of rust on those California, Arizona, Texas cars!

There's no location in Japan safe from rust. You live close to the ocean, or where there's heavy snow, and everybody gets doused by rain for a couple months during the rainy season. It's pretty wet for most of the year.

Bling factor is only for the Infiniti and Acura stuff, and big pickups that aren't sold here.


The reason why they import 240z is because us americans sell a rusted 240z for $1500 USD. That car sells in japan for 15000 USD if not more easy. I used to live there, now I own two that look just like that with all carbon fiber panels.


USDM has a G-Nose?

I love the G-Nose.

Nice, though.


While not a USDM option, the G-Nose is easy to source and install. The fender flares go all the way back to the early 70's looking pretty much exactly like that. Those seats look like early 911 seats to me, not what I would want on a caged car... Stock Z seats are quite nice, and should be better on a track then those.

As for stroking that engine, it is pretty easy, but you need an l28 block and not a l24 block that was standard on the 240. Take 1 l28 and one crankshaft from an early 80's diesel Maxima, and you are stroked out to about 3.2 liters.


Well Show us Sum pics Mr. Dorian!!!!!!! Sick Car But what are the wheel specs anyone know!!!!???


I'm still surprised to see people risking their neck snapping off by running seats like that on the circuit.

to each his own.

some function should forego form.


Makes me proud to own an HL-S30


QWAZAR the wheel spec are mainly going to be 15" with the width of 15x8- 15x12. Wantanabe has all sorts of wheel spec for your mods. With the width of the fender flares I would only guess they are staggerd front 15x9.5 and rear 15x11.5. Check out the website its hot, I have them on my Z also.


Love how the red door panels blend in with the stripped back.


Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the info :)


Please tell me that somebody did not bring up a fucking Five Axis Scion in regards to this machine. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Wallpaper of 1st and 2nd picture please.


Quality content right here. Hell yes.


Makes me proud to own a S30


Gotta say that (Leather?) wrapped dash looks pretty slick. Wonder where that was done?

Not a fan of the 432 badge on a non-432 though.

And it looks like something's hiding in the hatch area there...


I would love to sir, How would I import photos of my cars on the site? I also have a 7sec RX3 drag car. I would love to have a photo shot through Speed Hunters. The Old Skool scene is dead in ATL GA. Point me to the right folks and you will see my collection QWAZAR. I must warn you though none of them are shy of 500hp.


QWAZAR point me into the right hands and I will display my toys. Its not a big deal every one are over 500HP to the ground.


Second on the desktop shot


Wallpaper of 1st or 2nd pic!


Best Zetto ever so far!!


Any videos on this sexy thing? Want to hear the sound of the solex carbs.