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Just another EVO? Think again. This UK Cyber Evo belonging to Robin Duxbury is just a little bit special. Robin was recovering from an accident sustained during competing in rally raid when he first discovered the Time Attack series. During his year long recovery, a crash damaged Mitsubishi Evo was sourced and shipped to the UK. On arrival every last nut and bolt was stripped and the car was put back to exactly how Mitsubishi intended and then registered for UK roads … Then the Cyber Evo build started !

Just glancing at the car you would be forgiven for thinking it's just a well prepared Time Attack car, look a little closer though and the details just keep coming and coming. The aero fitted is a rare Voltex fully wind tunnel tested kit, 1 of only 4 made.

The chassis has been modified so the side exit exhaust sits flush enough for the future addition of a full flat floor. And of course an air-jack system has been fitted.

Stopping is handled by a full carbon AP set-up usually found on a Mercedes DTM car, wrapped in Dymag carbon magnisium rims held on with titanium nuts.. well when you have gone to these lengths skimping on your nuts would just be rude.

Inside its super clean and functional, The Drenth 5 speed sequential shifter immediately catches your eye then the details just keep coming. Floor mounted peddles, digital dash and carbon inserts everywhere and wired together with a touring car loom. The finish is just stunning.

The clean finish is extended to under the bonnet, Just looking you would never guess that the engine has been moved back 30mm and lowered by 20mm to aid weight distribution, thats the level of attention to detail put into this car. Every fluid connection is on a dry break connection,not only speed up a engine change but also a great safety feature in the event of a altercation with the scenery. Power steering is actually a electric item off an Renault Clio and the alternator is driven off the rear diff so no engine power is sapped up driving ancillarys. Power is delivered through a fly-by-wire VAG throttle. But perhaps the engine bays piéce de résistance is the fuel lines. Made by non other than Mclaren F1, they are full carbon items and only weigh 5% of the original lines weight.

Power wise i suppose you could call the engine 'lightly breathed on' only producing 450hp … Strange, since i have been working for Speedhunters 500hp+ cars are the norm so a 450 hp Evo does not even raise a eyebrow any more..

..The 'meager' power output is just temporary though, The UK Cyber Evo is in a year of development to prove the aero, and WRC EX-TC suspension all work together as a package before the addition of big power.

What developments are on the cards ? Well there is a 900hp engine sitting on the bench waiting to be fitted, as well as a paddle shift system to complement the 5 speed sequential already installed and the aforementioned flat floor. With proven results already achieved during the 2010 Time attack season against vastly more powerful machinery, the UK Cyber Evo will most certainly be a force to be reckoned with in 2011. 

 – Ross



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It's going to be fun seeing how that car will perform next year up against the RCM car.


epic im amped to see some of the european teams compete at next years WTAC


WOW, didnt no it had that much work done to it when i saw it at cadwell park the other week. Roll on time attack 2011, this car with more power, RCM new Impreza and the rest of the already great cars its gonna be a great series!


Jeroen already covered this car several months ago (with more detailed pics).

Those lug nuts, unless they have change them from last time, are not Titanium, they're Project Kics R40 Neo Chro.

Like you said, the car doesn't produce enough hp for today standards. Hop the power to ~550 and be more competitive.

Other than that, they should change those show-off rims for some forged monoblock ones.

Nuff with the rant.


im not sure why people keep calling this the uk cyber evo... not at all in the same boat




Why are you calling this a "Cyber Evo" ?




Isn't this the redbrick racing evo? not the cyber evo?


the attention to detail is stunning!


This car is wild, nice writeup and i would have never guessed that it currently only made 450hp since the team seems to always finish so strong.


lol didn't you guys just feature this?


@Jeff ...I think it has the same body kit as the real "cyber evo"


pedals* :) (as written: peddles, as in what a flea market vendor does)


Love that Evo...Dial in the handling etc. first then step up the HP... If ur driving 10/10ths and killing the apexes and still cant catch up...Then it time for more HP.


Nice :P I (L) this car. Would it be possible to get walls of the car :) I would love to get three ;) The one , where the car is lifted on the air jacks , the one of the carbon/magnesium wheel and the last one , where the wheels are off the ground :P


OMG that ting is da preverbial, and that would be an under statement. It'll be awesome to see with a lil more power.


this is indeed the red brick racing evo. some of the specs are off as well.

the front fenders, side skirts, and rear bumper are part of the Do-Luck widebody kit. the only voltex aero visible in the pics are the front bumper + diffuser and the voltex wing.

those brakes are pure sex.


I like the philosphy behind the build, do it right do it once. Get handling sorted then add power, it'll produce a faster, safer car everytime. Dry break lines are a good addition and makes me wonder what other little aspects of the car have been changed even though no one will ever notice?

I like where time attack is headed...


Mmmmm like the canards on the front aero package don't think it's as good as the Norris designs evo




hahaha Ok..? What Relevance Does That Have...

Anyways Man I Would Love To Get My Hands On Those Brakes!!! and The Rims Of Course... They Might Be OverEngineer'd For My Daily Driving/Drifting, But Ahh Who Cares. haha They're Frickin' Kick Ass!


nice really nice would love to be able to be behind a motor of this caliber


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Great post.