Car Spotlight>> Turbo St Fiesta

Another day, another Ford Fair spotlight. This time we've jumped some twenty years forward after yesterdays spotlight to this MKVI model.

The front mount intercooler is a bit of a giveaway that this isn't your normal Fiesta ST. After checking out the owners website I learned of the considerable work that went into this build.

There are lots of little neat touches hear I never even noticed when looking at it. It's a very, very well thought out car. The bodykit is a modified version of the Pumaspeed kit, which is based on the Fiesta WRC concept from several years ago.

Inside the car has a full rollcage, bucket seats, harnesses and awesome carbon fibre doorcards. Notice the fuel filler located on the window.

This carbon wing suits the wild looks of the car very well.

A detachable Sabelt wheel whilst retaining most of the original dashboard. The car would appear to be a daily driver too going by the headunit. I'm too sure what the clocks are from, I'm thinking Focus ST ?

The 18" wheels are wrapped in Avon runner with a seriously impressive set of AP Racing brakes hiding behind them.

It may not be to everyones tastes, but you have to give credit to the build and quality of this WRC inspired Fiesta




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Instruments look like they're from a Fiesta ST.


i wish my focus looked like that


Car looks great, reminds me exactly of the older jwrc model fiesta. Except the spoilers were much different on those (and better looking). I never liked those model years though because the back end looks so plain almost like a mini van. The older and newer fiesta have done a better job of correcting this. All critiques aside I would be proud to own, race, and drive this car.


And that's it?! Not a word on the engine?!


Lovely apart from the rear. Looks crap with that relocated number plate. Surely leaving it where it was and fitting a diffuser of some sort would of been much nicer



I have the same feeling as you about this car spotlight, how can you feature a Turbo fiesta and not even have a single bay shot! I even looked through the build thread and was unable to find pictures of the bay.... Need to add bay shots to this feature so it can be complete, it is called speedhunters and not "hardparkers" for a reason!


May not everyones tastes

but Mine for sure


really on ly like ford trucks or classic muscle, but this thing is wicked!



Suppose that would make sense considering it's a Fiesta ST. I failed hard. Hahaha.


these spotlights would be a lot better with either some video or at least driving impressions... the car *looks* fast.


Interesting... but what's under the hood ? The only turbo we can see here is in the title !


Awesome car


Still FWD?


This fiesta is lovely...down right LOVELY


Soo it's turbo, but nothing about the motor and it looks like it belongs in WRC. Minus the wing. That looks like it belongs in Fast & Furious.


Very cool car.


2.3 turbo conversion from Jamsport....

all the info is on the forums over at


A Ford I like. that looks like fun, and the wing looks functional. With something of a 65/35 distribution, the small hatches really need something there to keep the tail from hopping about.


Its a lovely car. represent!


So the turn signals are on the left side of a RHD buddies Jeep is that way too. Is this how all American made car's are when converted to RHD for use in other countries?