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I really love seeing all these cool unique rides participating in D1 this year and the one I had my eyes on at Ebisu at Round 5 and 6 was this 1984 KP61 Starlet driven by Teruyoshi Iwai. Built in collaboration with the guys at R.Y.O. in Hiroshima it's a car that fits our current Old School theme rather well.

It has been a while since I've seen Iwai take his Starlet out at D1, I think the last time was at Odaiba back in 2005 or something.  Back then the car was powered by a 20 valve 4AG developing about 160 PS, which was more than enough for the makeshift course at the Multiplex in Odaiba.

The KP61 also sported the H.D.O. name, which of course are the guys responsible for the RA28 Celica GT we first saw in Okayama.

The car was attracting a lot of attention in the pits as people wondered what was allowing it to smoke its tires so well out on track.

Gone is the old 20-valve, replaced by a 4A-GZE…

….and a custom top-mounted Garrett turbo.

This set-up is good for 250+ HP, allowing Iwai to get the speed he needed to stay competitive with the rest of the D1 drivers.

The interior is pretty simple with a pair of bucket seats and a roll-cage taken from an R32 Skyline.  Actually if you look closer at the opening picture you can notice that there is another link to the Skyline, with the lower front lip being adapted from a BNR32.

I really hope Iwai will make it to more D1 rounds in the future, as having car like his Starlet significantly ads to the whole spectacle!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I was lucky enough to be at the event in Odaiba, and I have to say that Iwai was the star of the event that day. Ahh good times.


nice starlet...impressive 4age with turbo...damn...!!!!


That's what I'm talkin about!!!!!!!


damn! bring back childhood memories! nitros fed 4k motor...LOL!


are those pinstripes i see?...

new trend? ...


LoL I like that car... :)


wowww.i must say Retro-awesomeness!!!


Awesome Starlet, very impressive!


Parts from an r32... Star32 or R-let? Haha


I'm glad he's still representing with the kp. I always loved it. Now it looks waaay better with the bnr32 lip and the te37 wheels. I just wish the motorfix guys wouldve been there too!


Seriously cool car. The car was amazing with the old 20v, but the new GZE set-up looks even better and it's so refreshing to see the little starlet in D1 again! Major respect for Iwai ;]


GZE win. Love the Starlet. Looks good, even without the TRD overfenders I see this model sporting so often.


gotta love the starlet


Starlets kick ass.

I'm glad to say that I'm lucky enough to have driven one.




I am good friends with Iyai and the car is far from built with the help from R.Y.O by any means. Me and Iyai spend a lot of time at Bihoku together and other local tracks. If you would like more info on the engine build please get with me. Me and Iyai would be more than happy to talk.


japan cell: 090 2866 6598


Great car!


Sexy as hell! Love it.


Another done right Starlet. Very nice pic's!


Brill, Good old 4agze, underrated engine, indeed !


not bad for a hatch. ;)


Brilliant. These KP hatches are the shiznit once done right. We have quite abit of them on my island that participate in rally and circuit racing. The usual flavor is mostly NA and honestly this is the first on on boost I've ever seen. Nice that the owners kept it totally Toyota using the 4AGZE. That thing must RIP!!!


16v :)

curb WEIGHT ??? !


is that sr20 electronics on 16v ?!?!?!


I love it!!

Seen it ages back, but love that its turbo


i remember when these were 'as common as muck' (a Yorkshire saying) over here in the UK.. the archetypal pizza delivery car.. but this one is very dangerous... thanks for the break down!


is this twin charged or just converted to turbo??

love this KP61 since it first came out. plus i love old toyota starlets hands down. :)


AEkyuni, it's been swapped for a 4a-GZE with a turbo, as you can see from the pics.

I love to see rides like this still the show!


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Time to head back to Sodegaura Forest Raceway now for one final look at the TA Auto classic car soukoukai