Car Spotlight>>a Poncho-powered Ford

I thought I'd take a quick break from all the Formula D coverage and jump back into the old school theme with this retro beast I spotted in Redondo Beach a couple weeks ago.

As far as this month's theme goes, this car is really as "old school" as it gets.

It started out as a 1951 Ford two-door sedan, but there aren't many factory parts left here. For starters, both the front and rear axles have been moved forward a bit.

"Genuine Pontiac Parts"…on a Ford? Yup, this thing is packing Pontiac power. A hopped up "Super Duty" 421 to be exact.

You have love this rear view, with the 6-point roll bar peeking out through the back window.

Inside is a good amount of retro charm. Things like bucket seats and a green metal flake steering wheel. The only thing that looks slightly out of place is the CD deck in the dash.

The coolest thing though, has to be the four-speed manual trans with matching metal flake knob. Can you imagine a car like this with an automatic? I certainly can't,

Old school mags and matching tires complete the look on the outside.

The overall vibe of this car would make it look right at home at Lions Drag Strip, San Gabriel, San Fernando, or any other of the tracks that littered SoCal back in the golden era.

Us youngsters will never know what it was like to experience those long-vanished places, but with cars like this around – it's not hard to imagine.

-Mike Garrett



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whats the point of these awesome features if there isn't any info on the engine set-ups ??


Ah, the old days... I used to run a '41 willies coupe with a blown 440 max wedge at OCIR. This car brings back fond memories.


Can you kindly highlight where the bucket seats are? I cant see any....


@Observant. (not so)

The bucket seats are in the front, situated in between the doors. See how they don't connect? That meant they could be called buckets.


awesome.good to see a gasser on speedhunters especially one as cool as this.good spotlight.


Yes, this may have looked good at LYONS, but alas is WAY too nice for what ran there :) Most of the cars then were beaters, except for the occasional Pro like TV Tommy, Don Prudhomme or Don Garlitz.

THis car is awesome, I can just imagine the Ford fanboi's kvetching at the engine swap :):)


Typically Car Spotlights are a quick group photos of cars we spot at events here and there. Car Features, on the other hand are a bit more in depth with tech specs, etc.


I HATE those cars


Speedhunters, can we please have a Hot Rod/Muscle Car month sometime in the future?


the car looks the part.. and 'specs up' like it can put down some serious power... love the steering wheel.. i agree leave out the CD player its seems a bit too modern, but otherwise its cool..


"seriously said:

whats the point of these awesome features if there isn't any info on the engine set-ups ??"

I agree, even if it's a pic and basic stuff


I hate these cars, but I can appreciate the work. I just don't see it as practical. But whatever, haters gonna' hate and I am one. But i'm really diggin' the paint.


@seriously: this is a spotlight, not a full feature, i'm sure if mike was able to meet the owner he might have had him lift the hood to grap a few snaps


I'm gonna pop this mofo's tank!

if I don't see a spotlight on that sick split window bug with the corvair engine!


Nice car, It is rocking.