Car Spotlight>>a Micro Rat Rod

While browsing through the Nisei Showoff on Saturday, I kept an eye open for old school cars to Spotlight in fitting with this month's theme.

The minute I laid eyes on this little Honda N600, I knew I had to share it here.

In Japan, the Honda N600's sister car, the N360 helped launch the kei car segment. Here in the states, the N600 helped to pave the way for the game changing Civic. As for this particular one, it shows every one of its 40+ years on the planet, and that's part of what makes it so cool.

Another thing that makes it cool is the hopped up two-cylinder under the hood. I once went to an event at Tsukuba Circuit that featured nothing but modified micro cars, and this car definitely reminded me of that.

My favorite element of this car and other modified N360's and 600's is the way exhaust dumps out from the middle of the front grill.

Check out the tiny little BFG "For Racing Purposes Only" tires. How incredibly fun would this be on a gymkhana or autocross course?

A look inside the interior. Not a whole lot going on here, with the big wooden Nardi dominating the dash.

The little Honda most certainly wasn't in the best of cosmetic shape, and I'm not sure if the intention is to leave this way or restore it.

Either way, it was one of the most interesting cars at the event, and something that clearly was built for fun.

That's all you need really.

-Mike Garrett



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are two lug nuts really all it takes to reign in all that power? this thing IS awesome though.


Hope the guy installs the missing wheel nuts before testing them tires :D


I got a clean one of these in the garage thankfully!! With 36hp and 1300lb any weight reduction can be felt. Damn need to do a rear mount rear drive k series


I heart the Los Angeles K series valve cover sitting on the floor.


nice :O omg


now THAT's a rat car :D ..

love the EVO with the Advan racing rims on it in the background btw ..


Love this little sucka! Hmmm mini flares and some 13" Watanabe's will do!


sick! i love the exhausts lol


Ugly. Mike, i really dont see the point in this kind of "rat-rod". It does not these cars at all. And having the exhaust manifold coming out thru the grill is just completely stupid and does not look good or uniqie or anything.


i love it! small car huge in flavor. this wat old school is all about. original fasteful and low budget. i've heard the owner brought it for only 1200 bucks!


This is a piece of shit. Why is it featured here? Why?


my uncle has this car so my dad is trying to restore it for him


I bet you could squeeze a 13B in that little engine bay... THAT would make it a fun Gymkhana toy :)


awesome, love it! owner has more personality than regular sti-evo-bla bla bla folks


Well, if I get myself a f***ed up ride from the junkyard and put some minor fancy stuff on it, will it be featured?

I don't get it what all the people like about such cars...


Some people just do not understand or respect what the automotive world is about... It is about building your vehicle the way you want to with what you have. For me function prevails over style 99% of the time, but it is completely the opposite for some people. My truck breaks many of the "rules" typically associated with traditional hot/rat rod builds. The automotive world is unique because there are so many different styles, and people should not limit themselves to rigid categories. I think this Honda is way cool.


Wow the negative comments are awful, this car is a great ratrod build on something totally unique, this is perfect for Speedhunters (great feature btw!). This car belongs here because the setup is ripe for track duty, the mechanicals are in great shape and the bodywork doesnt need to be show-car-shiny to get driven hard. The motor looks refreshed and tweaked, the wheels and tires are prime for track fun and the interior is stripped to bare essentials. What more do you want, its even oldschool cool and JDM, give it some love! Also refreshing to see one more build that is done on a budget for the every day guy to enjoy in a life without sponsors and trailerqueen dreams.



go cry about it somewhere else.

great car. i do appreciate the build of this car. hope to see more things done to this car in the future.


This thing is kick ass. Makes me want one


Love this car! This is what i needed going to work on my car now im inspired.


170 x 70 x R10.....LOL imagine the head scratching that occured when he oredered those tires...i thought i had a hard time getting 13" rubbers


this is my car and thanks for all the love guys for who ever dosent understand the car. it is not done yet it is getting resorted and didnt make it for the show. and as for the headers if you do your research this is how they use to run the headers in the 70s time attack 600s. that is what im going for on this car the 70s feel. thanks to speed hunters for the love. i go on this site at lest 10 times a day.

Fernando Castellanos

What engine is in this car? (anyone)


Me likey. To all the haters, why don't you go watch your lameo nsx video again...


That thing is cool as hell!


Good job Nick ! Like that little beast. Stuff a B16 and call it a day :D


Awesome car nick. Hayterz gon Hayte.


Wow, haven't seen one of those in ages. Used to have one in highschool, It was always interesting to come out to my car after school, because I never knew where my car would be: people used to pick it up and move it around. It actually was a fun car, took it off roading, if we got stuck could always just push it out.