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The SUGO weekend produced this ultra-rare in Japan machine – I've never even seen one! As most of you know, the Scion brand is aimed at the North American market and no Scion-branded vehicles have ever been marketed in Japan. 

This current tC sports one of hundreds of available body kits for the model, this one from Kaminari. 

Treatments such as the functional air ducts above the front wheels were an excellent touch.

 I tried to locate the owner and get him to move the car so I could get a view around the rear of the car – alas, nothing doing. 

The car's stance is certainly very appealing, and the huge rotors add to the aggression of the 10-spoke matte black wheels.

Left hand drive, the whole bit. Not something you usually see in Japan.

 – Len Clarke 



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kinda usdm but not. good find.


Looks nice!


Bigger wheels !


It's funny-- As a Scion owner, I'm personally sick of the vehicles, however I'm always amazed to find that there are a good handful of fellow car enthusiasts who have the opportunity to own cars such as FD's, Evo's, various Subaru's, etc, who sometimes become rather fond of them as an outside viewer.


Perfect...i love it!!it just needs to be right hand drive!!!


its the only tC in Japan and at least its not weak, could use different tail lights though


and this is why im starting to hate the JDM scene


Jesus anyone knows what are those wheels? Sure hot!!!


stylish,generally beautiful.


I wonder how popular it is in Japan to import USDM Japanese cars to Japan. I remember a couple years back reading about a Mitsubishi Eclipse (2g) that was imported into Japan. Not a big fan of this Scion but it's interesting seeing a Japanese take on the tC.


Scions are gay


Yeah, they are just ugly. And that is way too fast and furious riced up.


i like it ! wonder why wee don´t have these cars over here in germany !


Yawn...perhaps Toyota should've made the tC a JDM model as well.


A semi-feature on a stock !

Len, does the Scion sport Project Mu brakes? Maybe you could have mention that......


not a fan of the tc but that is a sick kit


If this car were photographed in Cali or anywhere in North America for that matter no one on this site would give a shit, they'd just complain about it being ricey and not fit for speedhunters but because it's in Japan it's cool? Retarded.


it's not true at all that no Scion vehicle was ever marketed in japan. the Scion xB, aka Toyota bB was on sale in japan a full FIVE years before Scion existed as a brand in the USA. Same deal with the original xA, started in 2002. Also, the current (second) generation xB is on sale in japan, as well as the xD. Alright, no Scion-BRANDED vehicle has ever been sold there, but really that's just a new grille and some badges, they're the same cars.


Wheels look like tenzo rims!


People in Japan have been re-importing japanese cars sold in the US for a while, to the japanese people its like importing a JDM car to the US.


@ Ryan- The tail lights are probably the only ones offered in a TC that have a yellow indicator for the turn signal, red brake light and white reverse light. As indicated by Japanese road laws. Alot of American/European cars imported have the ugly "Euro/Altezza" lights but thats there only choice

@Jrunkey- I've seen alot of american cars here in Japan. The 2001-2005 Honda Civics were never sold as 2 doors in Japan, I saw one that was a 2dr that was converted back to RHD using the 4dr's dash.

The 2 gen Eclipses are all over, even the 1st gen DSM's.


The only USDM Japanese car's that I have seen imported to Japan are 2nd gen Eclipse. Most car's that are imported here are European, H2's, Old Chevy's and Astro's.


Most Tc's stateside are just annoying. Not the cars, but what some of the owners think they are capable of with those things. Its like they become Smokey Nagata thinking their cars are 800hp+. I do know some Tc owners that are not like this and actually have pretty clean cars, so its not everyone, thank god. As for this car, the brakes are nice. The fitment on that kit is awful, although he's probably going for a USDM theme car, in that case, he did an awesome job.


Awesome! I always was excited to see usdm stuff when I was visiting over there.


tails are OEM TYC

and wheels looks like Tenzo Type M...

either way...soo gay


JDM fanboys make me sick. JDM or not, this car is beautiful. Period.


There are at least two other tC's in Japan. One is a demo car and the other is privately owned. It was on ScionLife for a while.


You guys are amazing sometimes. The whole point of the feature wasn't about it being rice or not, it was about the exclusivity of the car in Japan. Guess what you Americans don't want you can ship to Japan lol


Please tell me there is forced induction under that hood. Otherwise, it's ricer trash.


There's a scion tc here in curacao, the netherlands antilles with the same car only USDM but had the same body kit and allot of upgrades in his engine !


Im sorry but this is not even close to cool anymore to my standards, anyone can make the same car in the U.S.