Gallery>> Ae86 Day At Daikoku Pa – Pt.1

The AE86 day celebrations might have ended but it sure doesn't mean we can't keep enjoying some more hachiroku goodness this week too. Late last Friday evening I was packed up and ready to head out for the long drive up to Ebisu Circuit for the D1 Grand Prix, but I thought it would have been a pity not to take the detour and head to Daikoku Parking Area (PA) to check out the usual small AE86 gathering that goes on every year on the 6th of August.

I arrived a little early and had to wait quite a while before the first few cars began showing up.

Being a Friday night, one of the busiest nights at the PA, tons of other cars began pulling in and parking in their own little groups. These kept me entertained for a while as I waited more buzzing 4AGs to arrive.

An AE86 and AE111 parked next to each other. The AE111 (1999) is the final generation of the Levin powered by the 20 valve version of the 4AG that so many people try to source for their hachirokus.

You just can't go wrong with the Initial D look! 

I see this Trueno every year at this meeting and it's obviously cared for very well as it's absolutely perfect in every detail…

…from the carbon hood…

…to the Watanabe wheels.

 This was the first car I went to look at, attracting me in part by its curious mix of color, obviously a work in progress…

…but primarily due to the beautiful set of TE37Vs that it was sitting on.

I'm sure Rays have really stepped up production over the last few months as I've been seeing more and more of them fitted to a variety of cars.

The matte bronze spokes combined with the chunky diamond-cut lip is nothing short of perfection!

Slowly more cars joined the meeting, all flaunting their unique styles.

I spotted this black Trueno parked far away from the main group so headed over to take a closer look…

…asking the owner to allow me to take a few shots of his engine bay. Almost all stock; nothing wrong with that!

Not an AE86 I know, but another modern day vintage car from Toyota, a lonely Z20 Soarer sitting all alone in the space usually reserve for show cars.

This Trueno belongs to the Speedhunters reader who back in February tipped me off about the Tsuzuki PA meeting some of you may remember. This time I was able to take a better look at his ride…

…a car he obviously looks after very well and has owned for quite some time. Inside he has fitted a series of Defi gauges around the stock instrumentation, preferring not to scatter them unevenly and randomly around the cabin like on the pillars or air vents. Other small touches are the Nardi Classic steering wheel and TRD shifter. What you can't see is the period correct Eva IMSA bucket seat.

Under the hood real otakus will spot the classic original steel N2 headers, an item that is virtually impossible to find these days. The owner can't recall if they are TRD or Trust, but since Trust supplied TRD they are exactly the same.

The engine is an AE92 kouki 4AG fitted with WISECO high-comp pistons, Toda Racing high-lift camshafts and inner shim lifters. The engine was converted to run carbs, which allowed a lot of wiring, not to mention the ECU, to be scrapped. These are Mikuni TMR side valve items similar to the popular Keihin FCRs but with slightly bigger diameter throttles.

The car has also been spot and seam welded throughout. 

AE92 Levin, of course like the AE111 we saw earlier, front wheel drive with transversely mounted 4AGs. These cars still have a lot of appeal for many enthusiasts in Japan!

After 9 pm the parking began to fill up nicely…

…but you will have to wait for Part 2 to see more cool cars like this monster, apparently one of the fastest AE86 on the Shuto! 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Ahh... that Initial D style AE brings back a lot of memories...


I have to stop coming to this site... Everytime i see an article like this i go mad with envy =P

Great shots.


Amazing pictures, how do you achieve this "toy" effect?




Sweet, lots of other cool stuff there as well by the looks of things, even some Ferraris and Lamborghinis lurking in the shadows, nice to see.



get part 2 up ASAP!!

need to see that purple monster soon!


It's meetings like this that show the vibrant and dedicated scene towards these little cars. None of them are the fastest nor the prettiest but they ooze character and the love their owners have for them is obvious. Isn't that what any car scene is about at the end of the day?


Was that a Gallardo and the yellow NSX from Toyko Drift i seen in the background? More pictures!


Enough Already wrote:

"Get serious. Crapolla day lasts five weeks. Crapolla month lasted a year and a half. This subject is like the fart that will not dissipate.

Enough with the Crapollas already!"

SH is living up (or rather down) to the criticism.


Car spotlight for Initial D AE86 please?


...the corolla coverage is getting a BIT STALE. Don't get me wrong, I love ae86''s just a bit old after all these past days.


So this is AE Eighty - Eleven day?

Somebody find a calendar or a chassis number cahrt, because I've never heard of a AE811.


gah... MORE!!!


I spy a daihatsu copen in the second to last pic....woohooo!!!


thanks for posting this! sick 86s!


Initial D AE86. Omg, drool. THAT, is a proper Hachi. Spotlight would be awesome. But i'm surprised there weren't more cars.


Very good! some real nice examples, cant wait for pt2


I want more of front AE111!!


So jealous! Great shots!

People who complain of too much corolla coverage have never driven one. In my eyes the ae86 represents time when cars had soul and character. This is something that is missing from newer cars. I have never met an owner of another car that has the passion towards their car as true ae86 enthusiests do.

Keep up the good work guys!


@SMKurt i think its a rice out nsx


Excellent as always Dino. Thank you.


yeah, stop with the 86 hard and heavy coverage :)

the thing about them is that if you're into them they're interesting but if you're not there is precious little to grab ahold of.

86's are basically the nascar of JDM one ever puts motons on them or anything.

they're aesthetically boring (again, unless you're into them).

and usually they aren't that fast either :(

for all of us that aren't fans it's getting old


i like the green hachiroku look brutals.....


i like the green hachiroku look brutals.....

25 i wish i was in japan..


i just want to say thanks to whom ever posted my green ae86. japan is cool, i enjoy it.. my toy seem to stand out a little. the specs of this car is on frrom the groundup.. the engine just got installed from kani motorsports in ebina city.


I never get tired of seeing an Initial D AE86. Are there a lot of Takashi Ryosuke themed white FC3S in Japan? I wouldn't mind seeing pics of those.


Please Desktop first photo, amazing.


Guys, guys don't argue. The AE86 is a nice little toy. Unfortunately, it gets old to see OVER and OVER modified AE86's. I agree.

Sure, some of them are actually very clean and well put together (Beau Yates' being a fine example), but for the most part, it does get old pretty quick.

Speedhunters staff has NOT realize that it's all about QUALITY rather than QUANTITY. Instead of posting a butt load of AE86's, post only a few that are actually worth taking a look.

The other thing is: Dino probably ran out of ideas and posted these past batch of pics he had left over.


thanks SH , Ive been really looking forward to this post, roll on pt2...............


i was a bit shocked to read how people are, i guess you can say "tired" of seeing AE86's? I honestly never get tired of seeing them just like the TONS of S-chasis drift cars you see, couldn't you also say the same for that?


Verd, your hachi stands out like a picasso. I loves it.


It's back at Daikoku PA now for a final look at the AE86 Day meeting that went down last Friday.


That quiet looking Soarer is actually a top class Wangan car, capable of 300+km/h!


Tofu AE86 looks great!

Very well detailed.


Wow, that Initial D trueno is soooo awesome. looks amazingly perfectly exactly like it haha


9th pick from the bottom, the toyota z20. is that a veilside NSX? did ya get any pics of that.


the initial-d style ae86 is updated with the manga looks. takumi a few volumes recently chaged to an aggresive offset of watanabes. so yeah. that owner is making shigeno-san of initial-d proud right now. :D


Nice Lamborghini Gallardo behind the green AE86