Announcement>>team Nfs: Time Attack Extreme

Unlimited Class Racing… what image springs to mind when I mention these words?

Older people in the Speedhunters audience will likely think back to the glorious Can Am era; a fearsome class of racing cars from the 60s and early 70s which saw the fastest race cars on the planet governed by next-to-no rules.

Can Am has long since been regulated to history, and it’s rather unlikely that a race series of the sort will ever surface again. Economic, health and safety considerations have put a halt to race series which are free from pesky rulebook considerations.

…unless you consider the worlds of Unlimited Time Attack and Pikes Peak machines. In these two arenas, crazed car builders are still encouraged to create insane speed contraptions. And I’m rather pleased to announce that the madness is going to be escalated to a whole new level with the debut of Chris Rado‘s new Team NFS World Racing AWD Scion tC.

Yes the little beast is finally going to be hitting the track!

This car has been a few years in the making and was first discussed when Chris and I were kicking around ideas for a Need for Speed LIVE Brands Hatch event two year ago. Rado really wanted a machine to take on the world’s fastest time attack cars, so an all new AWD Scion project would be needed. The event project didn’t come to fruition, but the AWD Scion tC was going to become a reality. Chris would make sure of that.

This is how the car looked when we first previewed it on Speedhunters over a year ago. The drivetrain and suspension were laid out, but the shell was still in need of a proper “metal reduction” diet.

Mike Garrett did a shop tour of World Racing this past March, but the AWD car was nowhere to be seen.

It turns out that it was being worked on at a second location around a hundred miles outside of Los Angeles.

This is how the mocked up car looked in May, when Mike checked in on its progress.

Fast forward to last month and things are starting to look like the real deal.

The body work wasn’t complete at this late stage….

But you can see what a wild machine it is.

Last week Linhbergh spent some time with the World Racing team as they set aside the need to sleep in order to finish up the car.

The Scion is going to make its competitive debut this weekend at Road Atlanta.

Here are the final parts coming together. Note the gold plated firewall….

… and the vertical exhaust.

Voila finished!

I was speaking to Chris on the phone yesterday and he’s pretty excited to finally have two more wheels of driven power! His plan is to be putting down in excess of 1100 crankshaft HP with this thing, so AWD is a complete necessity.

Some of you may recall that the old 1980’s turbo F1 cars had so much power that they would run extreme amounts of wing, to the point of stalling the air. But gobs of horsepower means that Prost and Senna’s machines could power their way through the resultant drag and generate large amounts of downforce.

From what I can tell, this is the approach that Rado and company are taking. Tons of Power + Tons of Downforce = Tons of Grip = Speed.

Something like that... anyway Chris has promised he’ll write up a proper driver blog about the design and build process of the newest member of Team Need for Speed in a few weeks. He has big plans for this car in 2011 and beyond with the goal being to take it to do battle with the world’s top Time Attack cars.

Let the insanity begin!

:Rod Chong



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That's the most mental thing I've seen in a long long long time, even more mental that a whole wing of a mental ward.


YEEEES I absolutely adore THIS BEAST!!!

Please give us MORE updates as frequently as possible!



Wow! That is insane no doubt! Hopefully the team and driver can dial this beast in.


I like it


WOW... left field on that one!!! Time Attack is getting better everyday :D


love it. Great work SpeedHunters for covering this. These guys are pushing limits and have for YEARS. Chris and Crew have made major breakthroughs in racing for a longtime now and often don't get enough credit for it.

Is this thing nutty.... YES.

Does it push the mind to accept something that you would usually not...... YES.

Will it work...... Time will tell. But they sure have a great track record so far huh?

Great work Rado and crew. I am sitting here behind my computer applauding you for pushing boundaries once again.

Smiling from ear to ear.

Can't wait to catch up soon. SEMA? I think you owe me dinner.... seems like you should...



i have been following the progress of this car for a long time! Its so great to see the finished product! I cant wait to see what sort of damage this thing does on a track!


I like it, but it looks way too low and that lip looks way too stretched out, even for a track car, that looks like too much


Reminds me of the old Pikes Peak Celica


Does this mean that SH will start covering Redline events again? Once that midwest boy started flying out to California to clean the clocks of the west coast drivers, SH stopped covering time attack events in north america. If Rado looses to the midwest boy, will SH report it or just continue to ignore north american time attack?


I'd love to see what it would throw down at Tsukuba.


The team is on our way to Road Atlanta to the NASA Hotlanta event. Come out and see the 2010 Team NFS person if you are in the area!


Fuck yeah, this better be in Sydney for Superlap 2011!


Very sick indeed! Can't wait to see the car in action at Sebring the weekend of August 14-15!!


Dank can't wait to see it throwdown with Tarzan! I hope it happens!


wallpaper please!


This thang will eat the cusco impreza and the Sun Evo.. HKS shit dont come close to this




I'm a history buff and a total gear head and this is the sort of stuff that has the potential to do one of two things, completely change the game or fail and cost huge amounts of money and time. Those are the risks at this level of racing. I'm happy to see, but not all that surprised, that World Racing are the ones taking on this challenge. They have the balls to try what many won't. Way to go guys. I'll keep eyes out for updates on how the car runs.


i can not wait to see this car this weekend and to snap a few photos of it.


dope, gorgeous machine, cant wait to see how it does


this is pure sex! goodluck to Team NFS!


Awesome car is Awesome.


Tons of Downforce = Speed? Could be right and wrong at the same time


Man, that is awesome.


this is about as awesome as the drift scion tc. it's a shame toyota thinks north america doesn't deserve a rear wheel drive car. they seem to make good ones. i have an MR-S. tha last of the affordables.


nfs is going to the top to grab the bar and throw it.


about that question..

Scion is a Toyota right? so if it takes the win then toyota wins, so japanese still wins right? i mean the other time attacks there are that are AWD are the Evos and the GTRs.. soo Scion TC vs. Nissan Skyline GTR... mmmmmmmmmmm... id go for the Skyline OR the Evo... but i cannot deny that THAT Scion is an interesting piece of work, GREAT JOB, specially with that mounstrous front spoiler its got, kinda off, but FUNCTIONAL..


Wallpaper! Wallpaper! WALLPAPER!!!!


Its a disgusting looking car and I don't mean that in a good way. Luckily for Team NFS, Rado has never gotten his version of this abomination to run consistently. While this may be in the "spirit" of the old Can-Am series, the only thing this car has in common with the Can-Am cars is that it taking advantage of the lack of rules against such an abomination which is that front spoiler.


Hoooooly shiiiiit... no offense to the livery designers but this car looks AMAZING in plain black... so evil and hardcore looking. Still looks fantastic with the livery too.


love it! Finally put together and ready to go!


Who is the brains behind this build? Looks like some pretty serious aero flaws to me... with my vast knowledge and experience.


WOAH ! This car has an awesome look ! O_O


I love it! I would only say one thing however, I would love to see it on wider wheels, with a little flushness. Granted, hardly practical, but with more dish, this thing would look even better imo!


JTFC, that is regoddamndiculous, I'm interested in the details, is it engine swapped or is that the 2.4? whose transaxel can take that abuse? Looks like a Subaru/Nissan type rear diff.


NSF A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORLD RACING A+++++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRIS "THE MAN" RADO A+++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


video and desktops please


There REALLY should be some rules/agreement to prevent front mounted wings and other stupid looking lips.


wow, a n i thought i was building a time attack car, i guess ill stay in the street class


I like the vote thing should have it on the mustang project . To me YES they will but its just matter of having a BIG WALLET. Chris Rado's getting faster & faster SCARY !!! be safe !!!!


oops ..... if u reload the page you can vote again....just vote 3 times


Damn. . . .


can we have the last pic as a wallpaper?




got enough wing? but holy crap 1100 horses...


Can-Am has not long since been regulated to history. It has however been RELEGATED.


What is going on this weekend at Road Atlanta?


The team is on our way to Road Atlanta to the NASA Hotlanta event. Come out and see the 2010 Team NFS Scion tC if you are in the area!


i bet it will be like the 80's indy cars just like it said. time attack is become amazing and the progression of the cars are getting better every year to me. i cant wait to see what he does next.


This driver has a real hard-on for those front wings. I wonder if he is ever going to step away from that?


please upload desktop background size photos for pic #2 ASAP :D


Midwest boy??


What are the chances of them taking this car to Pikes Peak next year? Will this car be doing the World Time Attack or any events in Japan?


What's the engine and drivetrain in that thing?


this car is up there with the Brabham BT46, the vacuum suction traction F1 car of the late 70's


"Mommy, daddy, can I borrow some money? I have to buy a snow blow."


typical american style... add alot of power and then a lot of df and a lot of this and that.. at the end the car is still not balanced and will never be able to beat some of the fast cars out there. This is a great way to show that Rado is made out of money.... and as we all know money doesnt mean sh1t (example: sierra sierra)


What happened to them showing up at the World Time Attack? They flaked out? Whats going to happen to the FWD machine and their drag cars?


That is the definition of an extreme track car


That front wing **could** prove counterproductive. Static pressure buildup on the splitter now has a surface to push upwards... Not to mention the stagnancy of the air in front of the front bumper kills aerofoil efficiency (even w/o the splitter).

First Scion I've ever wanted tho. And good God they know how to make power with those camry engines.


Dear lord, this thing is a MONSTER! This is innovation...not a tiny step, a freakin MAJOR one. I can guarantee the Cusco and HKS teams are looking at this....and getting nervous. Can't wait to see it up against Sierra Sierra!!


With the fwing setup like that, it looks like a F1-car. AWESOME!!!


This is obscene...This is madness... This is Spartaaaaaaaa!!!


!!!!!!!!!TAKE IT TSUKUBA!!!!!!!!i think it will give the Japaneses a BIG surprise!

im really curious to how this car will do


now that's some extreme aero on a great car. How is the engine mounted? transversely or longitudaly? As I cant' see it with so many pipes in the engine bay :)


awesome. And does this mean redline time attack will be getting coverage on hear since i have missed it too. Has rado used a windtunnel for the aero work or did he just use cfd for it? And this car is definately in the spirit of can am. But rod there are unlimited forms of racing still about such as britsh hillclimbing and sprinting. And various sports saloon/sedan chamopionships across the world. in britain we have loads. here are just a few unlimited class series her in the uk

irish sports saloons

quaife intermarque challenge

castle combe special gts

brscc oss

barc nw sports saloons

welsh sports saloons.


Why does World Racing need to go to Sydney?!

Between Sierra Sierra, World Racing and FXMD, there are enough quality cars here in the States, that the Japanese teams come over here. And not just one of the teams, but as many as can make it.

Just wait until you guys find out the venue, event and date we have in store for our Season Finale in 2011 and every year thereafter. If the Japanese don't show up I'll be VERY surprised and downright disappointed!

We'll know how well sorted this car is after this weekend's event at Road Atlanta. If they can post good times, then we'll all be in for a treat at Sebring. Even in the heat, I suspect the car will lay down an impressive number! Time for a statement to be made!


Dear TNFS: you rock, love kc.


I just wish scion would actually build an all wheel drive turbo TC. This car will be making waves next year in time attack.


If this encourages Toyota/Scion to bring back an all-trac turbo, then it's really great.

I've enjoyed seeing the Fwing push the limits of fwd.

Don't like that Scion would sponsor a 4wd turbo car, and not sell one.


I'm glad to see the car construction is finished and it's every bit as radical as we have come to expect from WORLD racing. Chris Rado is one of the nice guy's in the sport and a real innovator. The WORLD team have pushed the limits again but bear in mind this is a new car with a lot of innovative engineering. As far as I am aware it has not seen the track yet so it will take time to iron out the "New car" glitches and start to get the best out of the car.

Chris will also be on a steep learning curve driving a completely new car. It's going to take a while to get everything dialed-in. The Atlanta race will, I'm sure, be a shakedown and an opportunity to get some set-up time on the chassis. Sebring?? Probably more of the same, so I'm not expecting anything crazy in terms of results for the first couple of events.

Once the car and driver are dialed-in all bets are off. This car could be a game-changer1


Ehhh... another fine example of throw as much money as you can at something and even then... it probably wont be as fast as some of the other cars built for other series... Rolex, ALMS, WC, BTCC, etc

Takes alot more then just downforce, and power to go fast... also seems silly to spend that much money and not take the car to Sidney or Japan, there are no real TA racing here in the states.


Waooo. Love this picturres! I also want a wallpaper!!!! Agree with Jon


Can't wait to get BOOSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow, thats cool how hes on team NFS now. that front spoiler looks wayyy better than the old one. it flows the car now


I think this car is going to shock alot of people. I think alot of people fail to realize that Christian ran out of teams to beat in FWD. It is the desire for fresh competition (i believe) . And while some can hate on the fact that they have a good (and very well deserved) budget for this car...... arent you excited at the prospect of seeing the car compete with the fastest AWD cars? Rado is bringning the fight to them. Remember that. And as far as the huge power and downforce, ABSOLUTELY! This is an unlimited class car!

Mike@ Kognition


wallpaper plz with uncovered engine :)


So is this monster leaving the USA then?


the way I see it almost all the weight of the engine, turbo and transmission sits on or in front of the front axle. That's ok for acceleration, but can lead to difficult handling under braking, especially combined with the extra downforce those wings provide. Will be interesting to see his on track.


Its good but we have to remember the Ausie BNR34 with a lot of power and was not the car on the top.


Man that machine is SICK. I'll be at Road Atlanta this weekend too. The current NASA TTR record is 1:25.30.


Chris! Always the Innovator! LAPD cant catch this one LOL! When are we gonna put the hydraulic wheeliebars-u can actually used that again to move the wings- Kick ASS Bro- "you're still my idol"


Wow, NFS is covering everything. All thats left is a drag car if drag racing comes back.


If you need to be that over exagerated on the wing then why not just go to a different chassis? Is it because the sponsor made them use a Scion? if that is the case at what point does the driver and team step in a say "that is not a good idea" ...are they trying to do a replica of the Suzuki Escudo?


If this runs the same tires as the Japanese I have doubts whether they can beat the Cyber Evo... Street legal tires FTW!


"Unlimited Class Racing... what image springs to mind when I mention these words? "

Pikes peak!

That exhaust looks badass!

Only thing that looks strange here is that the car looks a bit front heavy.

Gonna be sick watching this tho..


Awesome car up until the front end...remove it and it would be sick


OH and in like 10 years this car will surely go in a museum of sorts, just because its so sick.


Dry carbon fiber is a super strong/ stiff composite, but those huge front canards are gonna flex like noodles at speed; defending the purpose of down-force-I'm sure Mr. Rado knows that.


I admire all the work done to this car really do. But c`mon does it really have to use that big front spoiler? With all the new technics and stuff out there, i really think there are some other options available.


Nice job! The car looks awesome

they say they are going to keep paving more sections of Pikes Peak (hint hint)


Now if only he could learn how to drive ... watch videos .. slow for corners .. scramble boost on the strait aways. Hence the massive power to beat everyone when it could be accomplished with less + real driver.

Now .. I saw a comment about Speedhunters covering TA .. Look closely at what SH covers it's all things they sponsor or whatever. Not bitching I do like the coverage. .but it's not a level view sadly.


I was put here to innovate, I was put here to create, more importantly I was put here to go fast.... I'm not here to judge weather something is this or that my only concern is for ultimate capability of speed and striving to attain it. For those who don't approve of our methods please understand this isn't your normal racing car so no need to compare to other forms of racing. What we have created is only meant to be a projectile to achieve speeds and laptimes others have only dreamed of. Maybe it will work and maybe it won't but I can assure you that I am willing to lay my life on the line in this quest for Ultimate Speed... We are just in the early stages of the car so I hope all of you will enjoy the process and the show of making this a reality. I'd also like to thank everyone for their continued support without you we couldn't make these things happen..


Rest assured that more than just money went in to this build. Data that we learned from the front wheel car was directly applied in this application including, bit not limited to the front aero package. Gary Kubo has also been developing an update to the engine package to handle even more extreme boost pressure. At the end of the day it's all about going fast by any an all means necessary!



Why go to Sydney? Because thats where the best in the world showed up to go head to head at an INCREDIBLE facility.

Also, are/nt the Time Attack cars supposed to be based on real cars?

This thing is beautiful but it does not exist.


Is more like a Pikes Peak car.


I cant understand how some of you are hating on Chris and his team. Really makes no sense at all.

This guy has been pushing the envelope for 10 years or more and keeps building cars that make real fabricators and tuners take notice.

It takes balls to put your money where your mouth is. I give CR much respect for taking it this far..

and again, from a motorsports point of view, anyone that hates this car or hates this or that about it, is really just jealous in some way. there is no way you can deny how bad ass this is. There is no way..


I think I'll be riding up to Road ATL tomorrow!


^^^^^...that damn iPhone4 and it's auto spell!!! LOL

Love having the Goo back!


looks like some Hotwheels cars i had.. lol


Nothing, & nobody, on earth is able to please everybody on earth. But anybody on earth who doesn't like this car is wasting space & oxygen. :-)

Go kick some ass guys. .


plz make the second pic as a wallpaper please:D:D::DD:D:D


This car is pure art, there are always going to be people saying what they don't approve of on the car and telling us other speedhunters how a professional race team with years in trial and error in time attack should do or build there car, funny really, but I have gobs of respect for the people that pour blood money and dedicate their lives for the sport. Chris, you and your team are on the right track, I can't wait to see this car in action good luck to you and the worldracing team, we can't please everyone right but we sure can beat them!


that car look like a beast!


Broken down all of the time?? I assume you are talking about the FWD car? If it was broken down so much it wouldn't have won every event it's been at and set lap records at every event...You (Alex) obviously have an axe to grind, I assume you are a wanna' be that gets bold behind the keyboard because if you had any idea what you are talking about you would know better.

Your envy is obvious. Get over it Kid!


Everyone hating has no concept of road racing. They're the same ones who hate because it won't win them any trophies in parking lot battles at the nearest mall. You've got to be seriously ignorant to not understand what's going on here.

Props to the build team and keep on setting lap records.


That car is insanely SICK! It will reset the bar on how to build time attack cars. Congrats to the W.E./Descendant Racing crew and best of luck. You guys know what's up. And as always..... ''Shake them haters off!''


its refreshing to see someone ignore the status quo and doing what it takes to win races, and change expectations.

the purists of the 60s hated the F1 cars of the 70s, but once they saw the performance, they realized how blind they'd been. This car will do the same, or atleast start the ball rolling for that to happen.

someone buy Chris and everyone at World Racing a beer (or 6).


Really Rado loves competition. as do his guys. This is so outside the box that its 3D. I personally love it and will be very interested to see it getting sorted over several events. These guys are serious, work super hard and support fans and other competitors whenever possible. As a ex class champ I can honestly say Im a fan of the car, and of how they do things. The sport is growing, and for spectators this is a neat part of the show.

This could get very interesting fast. I mean lets just say it becomes the best AWD, will any RWD have a chance? Or can a FX team take it to him on a long track like Willow or a Speedway like Fontana?


The Goo is back in action!!!


I have 2 attitudes with this car.

On One hand I love the innovation, going into the unknown, AMERICAN Spirit/Twist and aggressiveness of this car. I really respect WORLD RACING and Chris Rado for going out and ground up building the ultimate machine for the sport.

I think it will take the rest of the year to get it dialed in. and I'm def looking forward to seeing this thing at next years World Time Attack Event.

On the other hand. This car is bad for the scene as a hole because it distributes me what toyota is doing in multiple forms of motorsport and the world.

Their formula seems to be make the most bland boring cheap (and not as high quality) cars for the public as possible and in effect their becoming the biggest automaker in the world. with little to no soul. for the driver.

the lfa is a expensive commercial who their gonna give to collectors and stars to advertise.

they were in f1 and spent more money than anybody in history.

their is nascar spending more money than anybody in history.

their in nhra using hemi blocks and prob spending more money than anybody in history.

they built RWD Scions for Drift with Nascar motors.


Now they just funded the most impossible TA machine possible.

Meanwhile their not building anything remotely close to these beast for the common man.

The supra project (v6 370z cfighter) has been canceled.

The new 86 Project is looking like its gonna be a NA Subaru powered beauty, that gonna get eaten alive in a world of 300hp v6 mustangs, camaros, genesis, and Z cars.

and the real Scion was the biggest lie and true automotive enthusiast that Ive ever seen.

I fear that if this business plan of dominate motorsport with fake cars>build real cars actually succeeds others will follow.

and in the future we will be stuck with a bunch of bland slow cars.


It seems that each racing series has its era of craziness. Rally had Group B, Formula 1 had the crazy