During the FIA GT 1 qualifying race at Paul Ricard, Sumo Power's twin Nissan GTRs dueled in a Godzilla grudge match. Mind you, this is still the qualifying race – not Saturday or Sunday's main event. Sumo car number #23, leading, was suffering from understeer. While #22, following, attempts to overtake its struggling twin. The in car footage gives you a perspective on the long straights and hair pins at Paul Ricard. Clip courtsey of SRO/FIA GT1.

More hotness from FIA GT @ Paul Ricard.



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I think it's bullshit ...GTR with 5.6 N/A engine , and RWD... race car with GTR body...


That was very cool without the play-by-play. Where did you get this 1080p footage ? Is it possible to watch, buy or download it somewhere ?


4 da name 4 da name u can do everything with the car, & 4 the GT1 Fia race approved, this is a great show, it's real that da GT1 GTR's sonds like C6 vette or a Mustang.


Arturas...the store-bought GTR is fast due to computer. This is a race car, and a GT1 car at that. First thing that went out the window was the computer. Don't like, Don't watch. I love it.


Well the audi r8's have rwd too in the gt3 form, and the super gt cars all have rwd in gt500. Its all built to "sanctioning" rules. This still shows that the gtr can handle and work the field just as well as any of those other supercars.