The video does NOT do the sound justice. I literally had goosebumps after hearing this in person for the first time on Saturday!

- Carl Jarrett



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Are you nuts?! This is Insane!!!!


HOLY SHIZNET That sounds bad arse!


WTF!?!?!? That is without a doubt the most insane car!!!! Is it a straight piped, ITB rotary or what?


Q motor eh esse???


it really doesnt. hearing that thing in person is insane


i bet ur ears were ringing after that. that thing is pure BAD @$$!! i think ive seen a video of this same RX8 but it was just plain gunmetal. id probably sh** myself if i heard it in person


Sweet baby jesus and the orphans, I just listened to this through headphones - not recommended!


Sounds like the 1991 Mazdaspeed Inc. 787B


Definitely sounds like the old 787B. 4 rotors of awesome


Herd this thing in person @ fd nj, the wall, it was insane esp seeing the fuel being squirted into the itb velocity stacks


its so f**kin loud


ITB, slide throttles, straight exhaust dumped straight to the ground, and its LOUD. Look closely at the intake trumpets and you can see the injectors misting fuel into them..



sounds super sweet


Aren't they the best?! Watching FOURRE going down the 1/4 at Meremere is one of the best things I've ever seen/heard!


I was standing right up against the fence when this thing backfired about 4 times and it might have been the most insane sound and feeling I've ever experienced. You could literally feel it in your chest. So nuts! Was without a doubt the coolest sounding car there.


Holy crap.


I was about 15-20ft away from that thing as it hit full throttle at a clipping point...deafening. Too bad it ate the wall later i the day =(


3 words.



I am sorry Carl but I don't see any fuel get dumped into the ITB's....I'm not saying ain't happening. I know it does, the car is just too far away to see the fuel get dumped.

This video shows better:

Sick car nonetheless.


yikes! the beginning was quiet so i turned my speakers up....baaaaad idea!

...but i couldnt bring myself to turn the volume down! SICK!


wow. greatest engine sounds I have ever heard. they put a lot of money into that beast


that sound same like make mike rx7 4 rotor....when the first time i hear it at formula drift 2009 at malaysia...the sound is crazy as hell!!!!and love it so much!!!

this 4 rotor rotary engine is extremely rare. its never produced any production versions, (except the 13J and R26B racing engines).

everything had to be custom made if you want it


It is Mazda R26B rotary that has been peripheral port to the engine to make it sound like a "F1" car... I think BMI racing bought the engine from aussie or new zealand...


Nice footage good captures I love it keep up the good work.


nice sounds, they sound awesome drifting, check out Mad Mike's FD from the D1NZ New Zealand Drift Championship 2009, 2008, 2007


niceeee sounds good but come to barbados some time check out the mazda rx3 here this thing sounds crazy


my ears are ringing from the computer!!!!!


hahaha thats nothing,search up mad mike RX7 quad rota in new zealand,it sounds 10 times better and if you heard it before you saw it youd think it was a F1 car


Wasn't this car built for Time Attack? Why is it trying to drift now? What happened to the original plan?


not as nice sounding as mad mikes quad rotor

its missing the high pitched whine


"The video does NOT do the sound justice. I literally had goosebumps after hearing this in person for the first time on Saturday!"

It's exactly what I could say for Patrick Soderlund BMW Z4 during 24 hours of Nurburgring. The engine sound was extreme, clearly the best of all 250 cars, you could even recognize it eyes shut when it came near you. It was absolutly amazing ! I didn't expect that at all when I was thinking of the car before actually see it.

But the video Speedhunters made about this car does NOT do any justice to that brutal sound. Maybe FIA GT3 championship have some sound regulations that ADAC 24h of Nurb don't have... I really looking forward to hear and drive this car in NFS Shift (2 ?).

Thank you for this cool video by the way Carl Jarrett. And maybe thanks again for your answer ;)


@daniel It sounds the way it does because of the power pulse of a 2 rotor engine has the same pulse of a V6. I would imagine a 4 rotor would have a similar pulse to a V12.


try pit near this car ... seriously hurts. the sound is piercing! it's a track environmnet ... yet this car noise level is too much. even bmi crew wear ear phones all the time. most of the other teams will agree. makes it diffucult to work.


hearing this in person is WAY better! but it still sounds awesome in the video


I never heard so much praise just for the sound of the car. Definitely not unlike a motorcycle. Mazda, are you listening?


incredible sounding car, but i have a question. Whats with the treatment done to the underside of the hood? is this functional? anyone have info?


Alex the squirt is betwen 1:02 and 1:03. U can barely see the mist. Here in PR there are rotaries everywere and someone should built a 4 rotor here. I bet Mazda can make a supercar with that... Why dont they?????


A big THANK YOU to Carl for putting this up, and also a big thanks to all the great comments. We have put a lot of time and effort into this car - yes it was originally set up for time attack (we had to move the engine 14" forward etc).

The engine was built here in CA, Adam worked in conjunction with Jeff McCall of Rotary Power USA

We are a small team being Adam - Crew Chief, engineer, tuner etc, myself Sarah - I wire the car, handle the data, help with fabrication, and take care of the marketing, and also Brian Wilkerson who is steering this beast around the track.

The support is over whelming from everyone, including our fans, family and fellow racers at the track, and it has also been a great opportunity to have Snap-on on board with us for the Seattle round and the Las Vegas round.

If you have any questions about us or the car please don't hesitate in contacting us!

All the best,


BMI Racing