Fredric Aasbo has become a fan favorite throughout the world with his raw talent and balls-to-the-walls driving style. But there's no place that has bigger fans than in his home country of Norway. Last weekend, his biggest supporters and fans gathered together to cheer on their champion, as he was crowned the "champ killer," via the DriftStream. It's been a while since I've seen a piece of film that has so much humanity. Professional drifters may sometimes seem to be selfish princes (or princesses), but at the end of the day, they're doing it for the fans. 




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Such a shame... Aasbo clearly deserved that win...


I've never posted here before, but I watched this and my heart dropped. Drifting is Community! Great stuff here.


Yeh Aasbo so diserved to win that! The same thing happened in long beach with JR, the most sponsored driver always gets the win. So annoying. But still Aasbos an incredible driver! Especially his crazy entrys and transitions!


Aasbo just can't get a break. for once his car still maintain an original chassis unlike the other heavily sponsored FD tube chassis feather weight monsters . More importantly he didn't fall into the dark side and get a V8 swap like most of the competition.


It's ok. I don't like Tanner much here either.


LMFAO @ "F**K Tanner!" and what sounded like "Tanner can suck dick!" comments. Aasbo is an animal.


This video touched my heart. I've never seen anything that moves so much in the drift community. Aasbo, you've just got a new fan from all the way over on the other side of the world here. =)

keep doin what you're doin.


I had a chance to chat with Aasbo at the event and he is a genuinely nice guy with a huge amount of talent. Someone needs to come up with some major sponsorship to allow him to do the entire series. I wish him the best of luck at future events...I'll be in Vegas as well!!


Goooooooooo DriftMonkeys,,, ;D


aasbo has a plase in all the norwegian harts! he has mad skilz in his driving and one day he will beat the rest in FD i hope he will be back in round 5 of LV!!! thanx to autoblogen this film will be a memo for all the drifter fans to how we cear for one or another!


similar to sam up there, i dont post on here ever, but this video had so much raw emotion and was so near and dear to my heart and interests that i felt it would be sacreligious to not let you speedhunters know that aasbo's coming, rear end first, all out... so watch out for that big red supra!


Had the exact same reaction as the guys at the gatebil event, ha should have won that one imo.