Random Snap>> If You’re Going To Do Something Right…

…do it head first. Or in Ken Block's case, nose first! 




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sounds like fun


Sorry Ford,

Ken Block's mojo was all used up on Subaru, and STi.

People won't suddenly forget Subaru, and ford doesn't sell performance hatchbacks to Americans.

No speedhunter will buy your hatchback, unless you sell it with a turbo. So.... do you think rally fans will buy mustangs?


I'm so glad Ken got rid of his stupid Jap-mobile Suck-a-roo for some good ol' American Iron!!! Wooo Go U.S.A!!!


The Ford Focus is the car for modern America; economical, and fun. I wouldn't mind it, They're perky little fellers.


@ Squigly - American iron? A Fiesta? I hope to god you are being sarcastic @_@


Everyone is having this problem on the X games track in LA this year, the track was not set up very well.


@ SquiglySpootch : then it's pretty ironic how the Fiesta is European car lol


WAIT FIESTA!? americaaaaan irrrrronn?

"The Ford Fiesta is a front wheel drive subcompact/supermini car manufactured and marketed by the Ford Motor Company and built in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, China, India and South Africa. The model is marketed worldwide, including Japan, Australasia and the Americas."



We have fiestas here in the uk. They are not great cars. The top end model is a 2.0 with only 150bhp! At the end of the day it dosn't matter what car hes in does it its not like they are anything like the original it was based on


Oh sweet Jebus! Get off Ford's case, Dan. Have you ever driven the Fiesta? Probably not and if did, that isn't the reaction you'd have to it. It's a fun little car that can outpace many cars twice it's weight (a Golf comes to mind).

That track is very very disappointing. A lot of right turns and randomly placed terrain elevation changes. and SUPER narrow. Who thought of this?


This is how Ken Block Facepalms...

He's over rated any how. Those stupid video's he does are nothing but multiple take edits. Tanner Foust > Ken Block


I agree with you Stenger, Tanner Foust FTW!!!


I'll be first in line if they sell a 4wd turbo fiesta made in the U.S.A., but currently they're using component parts from Mexico, UK and Japan, to push an American brand name. Endgame is that enthusiasts lose out.

The Fiesta we can buy is only "quick", to really slow people.

Google "homologation cars", and research a bit about WRC, and you'll find the agreements made with Ford and Peugeot, demanding rules changes so they won't have to sell the drivetrain layout they race with.

Many 4wd Subarus are built in America, while the Ford fiesta is Mexican.

There's a sucker born every minute.


If Ford was smart they would start selling the Focus RS500 or the Focus S2000 in the states, and use it as their flagship Rally car instead of the Fiesta. But whatever, I am not a CEO or a business major. Just a car guy that hates to see the states get jipped out of awesome cars. Hell we should of had the Fiat 500 when it came out in Europe. Only reason we are getting it in the states is because Fiat saved Chrysler's ass, and Chrysler's "economy" car is the well played out PT Cruiser.