Poll>>two Flavors Of S14

This week we featured two drastically versions of the same car – the S14 Nissan Silvia (or 240SX for us Yanks).

Since we want to encourage as much user participation as possible, we figured we'd do a poll where you guys can take your pick between the two Nissans.

Linhbergh shared a fully-built race car built to tackle Pike's Peak.

While Casey took a look at a daily drifter from Australia.

The same car built for two very different things. As if the versatility of the S-chassis wasn't proven enough already…

So let us know which one lights your fire. The pink race car?

Or the purple street machine?

Be heard!

-Mike Garrett



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Really like the stock look of the purple S14. The Pike's Peak S14 is not bad either, but I'm going for Tayno's street drifter...


I prefer the street car. For me the looks of a car are very important.. Maybe even more important then the performance, as you can't drive fast on the streets here anyway. Even though the PP machine might drive an awful lot better, it just doesn't look good IMO.


I must said that you musthave courage to do a s14 for pikes peak, and that could be the reason to choose that one, but i see the s14 in the "Daily Driter" and I found it just aweosome, I havn't words to describe the last pictures of him

(sorry for my bad english, I am 16 and live in chile, I`m not a really good at the english class, but i'm a car lover) ;)


Can't get away from the true purpose for a Silvia: going sideways :)


I must say the Pikes Peak is awesome. that's my vote! there are drifters a dozen, not many have the guts to do a pikes peak build.


i'm not enjoying these polls cause i like every option


The street car gets my vote mainly because of the stock body and clean look, although I would have liked to vote for both of them because they both function the way they were built to.


Gotta vote the street car. Love the TE37s, the stance, and how clean it is. Fantastic.


Beacuse SR20 OWNZ!

(And Casey pics are better :P)



I live both of them but the Pikes Peak S14 gets my vote! it is totally different than any other S14. you always link the car to drifting ..... how many do you link to a pikes peak race car!


pink race car wins for not having sideskirts, and double wins for not having janky oem side skirts.

still the purple one is sexx for the lowness, but the day I see a clean 240 without sideskirts and with a full rear bumper (aka NOT a race car) i'll die.....cuz it'll probably be MY 240, since everyone else goes for the standard drift look, or the "who cares what it looks like cuz it's my race car" look.


prefer the drift S14... more of a sleeper look :D


I kind of think that this is going to be a bit biased...most people on the internet these days like the hellaflush look. But I think if both cars went past on a race track the attention would be paid more to the race car. Each of them in their own environment serve a purpose...I like both cars...but my personal passion lies in track days and hill climbs.


Of course the drift car is gonna win..Im mean, I LOVE drifting and all, but its seems to me like the bulk of readers on speedhunters will end up choosing the pretty drift S14 over the fast as hell Pike's Peak S14, because many of the people that come to speedhunters are biased towards drift cars.


Pink s14 is beast, but that purple s14 is cleeeeaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn.


was always a fan of kouki s14's... so daily driver it is :)


I prefer the street, probably because that's what I'd personally go for if I had an S14. I can definitely appreciate the pink S14 for it's function over form, but that drifter's form is mighty nice...


I like the pink race car


I think it would help if we could see the pikes peak S14 in action but the drifter lights my fire.


Ok, so can anyone tell me wy the pink S14 has the majority of the rear bumber cut off?

Because to me it seems a little pointless having the front splitter and rear spoiler but no full flat floor or a venturi tunnel/diffuser at the back when you could. I'm not an expert in aerodynamics, I'm just intruiged..


Seems quite a few prefer the drift Silvia rather than the Pikes Peaks one. Humm I for one do care how the car looks but between these 2 I'll have to go with the Pink Pikes Peaks Silvia. I'll take road course setup over drift setup any day IMHO!


How can you compare them, like oranges and apples. I love both as they both fulfill a purpose. If it was 2 street s14 than it could be a different story -)


As for looks, same body, but its the front end is that does it for me. Plus the purple is a new type of sexy...


tayno's s14a ftw!!!


With the crazy ,low slammed flush trend , I have to say its hand down the daily drifter thats where its at .


The true purpose of a Silvia was grip, not drift.

The kouki looks better but I would definitely prefer a pikes peak car to a drifter.


theres just something about the purple s2 that sets it apart from the s1 pikes peak s14. I gotta admit a s2 looks much better than a s1, especially when its that clean :D


To have a S14a driftcar as a daily is more hardcore than a Track S14. That's why i voted for the Drift Daily S14a.


tha daily drifter looks sweet and fast.


daily just is too beast. but neither makes too much sense on the streets of nyc, but having that daily drifter would b proper...


The pikes peak one!!


There's a place in my heart and it will always be for "proper" racecars. I agree with Joe. I simply cannot follow the herd of "street drifters".


drifting a 240sx is about as original and exciting as drag racing a 60s bowtie. nice daily driven drift car but ol kent stuffer gets my vote any day of the week.


daily drifter. the pikes peak car looks like a wall missile. i'm sure its fast and it was made to be expendable (god forbid the driver crashing and getting injured) ... but i just like the cosmetic look of the kouki vs the zenki. now if they built a kouki for pikes peak that would be cool!


Its not the looks that had my vote, cause then the purple would win as much as I hate kouki s14s. Its more the build that went in to the pikes peak car that makes it just a bit better imo, everyone has had an sr, but a ka thats well built or a full race built s14 for climb and not drift, that seems win


Go Tayno!


s-chassis ? they are born to go sideways .. the look sexy almost stock ... no racer... it's a drift machine!


pink s14, but the trendy fan boys will say the daily :/


oh and yea i didnt say my pick Pink S14 ftw


I voted for the pink car...I might be a little biased. :) Love the looks of the purple drifter, though.


@Plan B: The back of the car isn't finished yet. It was cut up that far to have a large diffuser and additional boy mods under the rear. Just haven't gotten that far yet! Same thing with the flat bottom. It's in the plan, just hasn't been realized yet. The car will look a bit different for the 2011 race, and should look significantly different by 2012.

Also, for those who have asked, there are videos on you tube from PP and during testing.


I already have a daily drifter s14.. so I picked the pink one. Just because i'm Jealous that I dont have one like that :)

p.s. iheartmyzenkiforever<3


purple drift car... steeeeezzz monster


I love em both , but i gotta go with the Kouki .


I love them both.. Cuz.. both rock legit wheels.. Both are winner in my book.. I love to drive them all.. Guys that rock these wheels all winners.. But still have to give the win to the Kouki S14.. Cuz i kinda have a soft spot for kouki S14..


Tough call. I voted for the Kouki since the question was, "which do you prefer?" and the clean look of the stock-body purple Kouki with bronze wheels really speaks to me. And I'm more of a sideways guy at heart. BUT, I must admit that the pink Zenki is a very original build. Would like to know what kind of motor its running in that thing and how well it does running at Pike's.


damnn, tough call indeed. as a build i admire the pink s14 since it way cool htey choose s chassis for pike peak, but i prefer the kouki since ima drifter and looks are very important


one look into the build thread of the hillclimb machine, one pic of the tube frame frontend wit the integrated splitter, and I know why I choose it here


that kouki is hawt no doubt but at the end of the day its stock, lowered on wheels anyone can do that, and the essence of the s chsis is going sideways and going sideways evolved on dirt before anywhere else. the baddest of drifters still wont mess with pikes peak try going sideways at 120 with a 1300ft drop off the side instead of your friendly cement walls. rally drivers still hold the crown when it comes to going side ways hence rod millen vs rhys millen at irwindale :)


Street drifter, no doubt


i think s-chassis cars used for other things other than drifting are overlooked, i vote for the pink one


Anyone can drift around a flat track. You have to put on your man hat to drift 1000 ft drops. Come on , stop being wussies! Vote like men !


(donno why my comment didnt show up so heres a repost)

the kouki is a stcok s14 theres really nothing special about it, it just looks really clean anyone can put te37s on a s14 with spacers and lower it. ive followed the build for the pink car for a while and theres alot of engineering and work put into that car. and yes the s chasis is meant to go sideways but there is no more of a sideways sport than rally the pioneered going sideways. take the most bad of the bad drifter and they usually wont mess with pikes peak im mean going side ways at 120 in a 1000whp car with a 1300ft drop is alot more intense than sliding along a cement wall. rally drivers still own the sideways crown

i mean look at rhys millen vs his dad rod millen at irwindale years ago.


Well, I generally like S14 Zenki more than the Kouki version. but in this case I'd prefer the daily drifter. In my opinion, the best S14 is Matt Powers' :) It's the perfect drift car, and those TE37s are perfect!

PS: TE37 look good on this daily drifter, too. ;)


i love the pikes car because hes ka-t all the way and he was a icon on the http://www.ka-t.org website love it i have a white on pink 180sx


Street drifter all the way, Taynos car is super hot!


I just voted and it is legit 50/50 haha


i really like the stickers in the boot, of tayno's s14 that's why i vote him


im more of a drifting fan but i love it when cars like corollas and s-chassis are used for grip racing, it just shows that these cars can work under any conditions :D


Pink FTW!


Gotta give some love to Ken's car. Not too many have the guts to come out to Pikes Peak and race....lets see some more of you guys build a car and come on out in 2011!


NOS Energy Drink Evo Hillclimb Driver


damn. crazy how its 50% !!


Both cars are perfect in there own way. The Pike's Peak climber shows that there is more then just drift in a S14, and I truly love a propper-build racecar.

The streetdrifter shows a lot of people that stickers and bodykits can be cool, but OEM is the way to go!! Proper low and good wheels will make a great car.

Personally, I will go for the streetcar, but mostly because that's where my interests are, when it comes to cars. Daily driven vehicles that can drift with fuy.


I really dont like pink, so choosing the Pikes Peak car was a long shot to begin with, but the different set of rear wheels on the "street" car really irk me. Sure you can tell me they have your drifts tires on them, but in reality it just looks like you did a half assed job and ran out of money. Pikes peak for being a complete car, and awesome machine.


I really love that fact that the Pike's Peak S14 is running on a very unique ka24de-t set up, but I just can't get enough of how tough the Kouki S14 looks. For me and many other readers that put a lot of time into their own daily drivers that are our only "all purpose" vehicles, it is awesome to see a very tough looking street car that can put good power down. On a closing note, the S14 Kouki OEM Lip kit is really bad ass looking!

The purple s14 kouki for me.


you guys are clueless. daily driver drifting vs properly engineered race car.. and I bet you ken's spent less because he spent it wisely. and to the idiots who keep saying the s14 is meant to go sideways, you're total goons.


Better styling / fun factor = purple S14

Better all out race car =pink S14

Can I pick both? I want to pick both dammit!

Both are so good in their own way!


Daily Drifter gets my vote.

Clean style with a hint of 'Sleeper' look.

Love the wheels and fitment, nice stance, wicked front end and one of the best I have seen.


I'm young and reckless & love adrenaline, I love that s14 daily drifter, not to much but enough to stand out & Pikes I have to give him respect becuase the car was dedicated to a loved one.


haha. Nice. 50/50%.


When i voted 1 vote separated the two after 3487 votes.

but have to vote pikes peak car.