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Easton Chang is probably one of the most reknowned automotive photographers on the planet. From his humble beginnings of that DC2 Type R rev counter image to his latest commercial shoot for Jaguar, the Australian snapper has influenced so many of us. Speaking for myself, Easton has been one of my idols for as long as I can remember. Looking through his portfolio is an eye opening experience. There are only a handful of automotive photographers on this earth that can boast a portfolio as strong as his. Enough of my ramblings, Easton has took some time to talk us through some of his own favourite images.

Above : This was my ultimate experience in automotive heaven. Clinging onto suction cups on the roof of an Audi R8, I basically had front row seats to this symphony of automotive machinery as we lapped Winton Raceway, listening to the simultaneous roar of the Audi's V8, the Lambo's V10 and the Porsche's inline 6.

Much of my best work is in Street Machine because of the creative freedom, the types of cars I'm shooting as well as the amazing locations the owners sometimes possess to shoot the cars with. This is one of my favourite locations as it has so much automotive history within it, like a time capsule.

My first gig shooting for one of my favourite magazines CAR, this shot almost made cover if it wern't for the fact that the Brits don't care that much for our HSV. This shot was to break new grounds, and I ended up breaking my camera.

Personal self portrait, no further comments!

This was a recent shot of my friend's newest purchase, a brand new 911 Carrera. I was happy with how the 911's rear profile is shown, and the texture of the location conveys the look of perfect german engineering.

 Hiding in the back tray of a ute, I revealed myself on the Harbour Bridge and snapped this shot of the Pagani Zonda with a clear stretch of road in front of it! The only Zonda in Australia, it was a moment I will never forget.

My first commissioned shoot for Jaguar involved shooting the ultra-secret, ultra-expensive prototype XFR in the beautiful French Alps. On roads I can't pronounce properly but were absolutely beautiful to shoot in, this was my favourite shot from the series.

The most expensive car (and possibly favourite car) I have shot is this Koenigsegg CCX, the only car to top the Pagani Zonda from the pedestal. It was an absolutely gorgeous car to look at, and I literally stood on a raised hoist in a workshop to capture the best angle I could find on this car. I was glad I didn't waste such an opportunity to shoot this beast.

A shot where everything seems to work out for me, I had been dying to do this shot for years and it had always been sitting in the back of my mind, waiting for the opportunity to present itself. When the opportunity came I seized it and helped spearhead my career even further.

Jaguar shipped me out of Oz again to shoot their new special edition XKR's, this time to an exotic racetrack in Spain. This shot was incredibly challenging to produce, but I feel conveys the point of the car perfectly.

I just want to say a big thanks to Easton for taking his time to liaise with us and all of us at Speedhunters would like to wish him the best of luck in the future !


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Wow, what a coincidence~ The 911 Carrera is my friend's ride~ yes great pics! Check it out here


Amazing you sell prints?


GREAT WORK dude, keep it up.


lol thats kool the place that pick up is in is my mates house


desktop for all the pics!..


how in the world was that "self potrait" taken? :S


Those fotos are sick...!!! Amazing work dude


the Koenigsegg is secretly my favorite supercar in the world. Beautiful pictures, you can definitely see the quality of work you do and the level that your skill is on. Great read, even greater eye candy!!!


So... when do we get these 10 pics on the desktop section?


Can you do one of those portraits of me?

Would give my left arm to have a similar one of myself :-o It's insane! They all are!!


Nice pics, dude, like that one with the mustang and koenigsegg...

eeer... porche, an inline 6 ? xD


"reknowned?" Good writeup otherwise!! :-P


man these r awesome shots.


Porsche's flat 6** no inline back there


Love the shot of the Mustang. All great pics. Kudos to your art.


you need to do a write up on jeff ludes


Your photos are revolutionary and just as aspiring as Ansel Adams.


Easton Chang, one of my most favorite and most influential automotive photographers. Keep up the amazing work man.


nice pictures, do you sell them??


Easton inspired me long before I even decided to pick up a camera. Breathtaking work.




LOVE the pic of you hangin on to the back of that car...and I very much want to hear the story behind it :):)


you should be 'gainfully' employed.. (in fact you must be) and enjoying the fruits of your excellent work.. keep doing it 10/10..


What I'd like to know is, how many people request more pictures and actually know your work from EVL R34? Because I mean, as soon as I saw your name on the front page that image came back into my head, and I'm sure many others know it well.




Love Eastons work, and that last XK shot is a classic, local legend Al Clarke also produced a video for Jaguar on the same shoot in Spain...



"and the Porsche's inline 6."

Ruh roh. Otherwise incredible pictures, I remember the HSV from CAR (best automotive magazine).


awesome photos, just plain awesome...


Easton Chang is #1 in my list of automotive photographers. His work is unparalleled and he captures what the automobile is about. I took up digital photography back in 2003 when I began collecting diecast replicas and Easton's work continues to inspire me. I would be very interested to see what's in your camera bag and how and why you edit certain photos the way you do.

My Flickr page has a few of my recent photo shoots.


possible to get the silver mustang as desktop? awesome pic


some one knows what kind of model pickup?




Easton, could you please come over to Luxembourg and take pictures of my cars too?!!! ;D You are a very talented artist!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE desktop for the mustang !!!!!!!!! :D


Ha! Self portrait seems like Marty McFly mistakenly hitches a ride on a drift car.


Small world, i have worked on that Carrera (NLT997). Was picked up from Porsche Sydney South, easily spotted in one of the pics!

Nice car :-)


desktop picture 9 plz...


Nice one Easton!

I've had the pleasure of working with Easton on Jag shoots, superb guy and amazing skills.


I rember I had some desktops of your work about 4 years ago (a silver S15 and an NSX), I didnt even know who you were.... but the photos were awesome. Im going to go hunt for more pix now..... I love CCX!


Wow Easton! Those are amazing shots man! Keep up the brilliant work.


Desktop for the classic Chevy Truck PLEEEAAASE!!!!!!!!!!!


Many of you will be familiar with Easton Chang, the automotive photographer whose work regularly graces