Guest Blog: Darren Mcnamara >> Sorry Dad

Decided to go drive one of my Dads short track oval cars last weekend.

It's a 1 litre 16 valve Nissan Micra or March in Japan.

The car was misfiring in practice and the first race due to silly little problems from its conversion to carburettor from efi.

But we got it fixed for race 2 and while trying to keep as tight as possible to the slower car inside me, in turn 2 I clipped his heavily cambered front wheel and launched myself into the air!!!


Look at that inside wheel!

I just couldnt resist a wall clip eh….

Time to get out…

I really thought the car was destroyed but there actually was very little damage done, just suspension arms.


It was a lot of fun driving on the oval again, maybe I'll do it again next week.  I feel like I prematurely ended this outing.
Sorry about the car Dad…….

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