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Sunday gone saw the Irish chapter of the Ford RS Owners Club converge on the forecourt and in the showroom of Boland Motors, a Ford main dealer based in Wexford, Ireland. This is the second year running that the RSOC have held their meet in the sleepy south east town. The venue is all but cleared out of the new Ford cars, in their place is a range of fast and classic Fords spanning some forty years.

One of the highlights of the show was this recently completed MKI Escort. The owner has spent the last four years having the car built to the spec you see before you and whilst it still may have one or two minor things still to be sorted, there is no doubting the quality of the build.

At it's heart is a normally aspirated Ford YB Cosworth unit. The engine was mapped by Trackday Performance who we featured not so long ago. I'm currently trying to secure a feature on this as we definitely don't feature enough Fords around these parts !

From a more recent decade was this stunning Escort RS Cosworth.

The attention to detail under the bonnet was something very special indeed.

The Compomotive wheels and AP Racing brake combination is a favourite with a lot of Cosworth owners. It's not too hard to see why.

The iconic 'Whale Tail' spoiler of a row of Cosworth powered Fords.

Inside the showroom was this pair. On the left, a stunning Lotus Cortina and beside it was parked an ultra rare RS500 Sierra Cosworth.

Parked further down was this threesome of a MKII RS2000, a scarily mint MKII RS1800 and in the corner …

… was this last of its kind and original Ford Escort MKI Touring Car. You'll probably of seen countless replicas of this car, but this is the real deal. Rumours suggest that there are only two left in existence. This is one and the other is no where to be found.

Inside the above mentioned MKII RS1800.

Ender the bonnet is the infamous Ford BDA engine.

Also sharing the showroom floor were these two immaculate RS Turbo Escorts.

Cosworths, Cosworths everywhere …

The Sierra Cosworth in both RS and Sapphire variants were also well represented. Check out the Subaru taunting '555' registration on the silver car.

You can see why the Sierra RS Cosworth was an icon of the eighties. Its domination on the race track aside, the shape alone has become synonymous with concept of fast cars.

Even the four door Sapphire variant retains that sense of a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Hell, there were even some US models represented.

The MKI Focus RS still remains a personal favourite of mine. The subtle but aggressive styling, the great handling and its rarity make this a great alternative to the usual choices for a FWD hatch.

It may not of carried an RS badge but this Ford Ka with Escort Cosworth wheels and sprayed in Ford Imperial Blue was a sweet head turner.

This RS Focus was built as a tribute to the late, great Colin McRae.

The new RS Focus was also in attendance.

As the day drew to a close, we were left reflect on another successful RSOC meet at the Bolands venue. It's only the second year the meet has run here and has proved to be a success on both accounts. It's a credit to the members of the RSOC for organising it and to the Ford main dealer for clearing out his premises for the event.

Would you like to see more Ford coverage on Speedhunters ?

Here's looking to the 2011 meet !




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What a fantastic article......thanks Paddy.

I missd the show myself but another club member kindly drove my car to the event (Colin McRae replica), looking forward to 2011 already!


supprised there was no rs200's there


seriously cool. Lots of memories from my childhood. My dad had a few of these growing up (road cars of course!)


I love sapphire cosworths my dad has only recently decided on buying one and god there fast!


Another reason to love Ireland! effin love it


Ah homologation cars...it doesn't get much better than this does it?

Yes to more Ford coverage :-)


my god...

ford paradise!!!!

thanks for the article ... because I have a ford escort!


Really enjoyed this post, nice one!


one day i will own a RS500 cosworth


ford is stupid for not selling this in the united states... really realy really stupid


this is how heaven looks like


"Highlights" is misspelt in the second paragraph. Great article though. :)


"Cosworths, Cosworths everywhere ..."



Your comment about the shape of the Sierra reminds me of an old episode of Top Gear where Jezza is interviewing the man who designed it, and he talks about how he tried to echo the shapes of the 928. Fast cars indeed.


Great coverage of the event Paddy. It was a to quality day with top quality cars. Lets see more Fords featured on Speedhunters.


98 escorts are my favourite


Yes, i want to see more Ford RS Coverage !

Very Great Story and Pictures


Fantastic pics Paddy, any more of the XR4i ?


Great venue, great cars, great article!!!!!!!! :)


bout time u put dese pics up, lol, savage pics paddy. love the Ka


Sweet. Lovely Fords, I just want to jump in them and drive very fast!


Paddy. How about a special about this MK1 touring car. Would be great !!


well done paddy.... great pics. Hope to see my car on speedhunters some day


OH how i miss my '78 Ford Escort MK2 :( Crashed it about 2 months ago and had to let it go. Life goes on, i'll definatelly get my ass into another one in the future. Escorts rock, Cortina's rock, Focii rock! Get MORE Fords on Speedhunters!! There are hundreds of EPIC Escorts in the UK - check out http://www.turbosport.co.uk for a forum to find a few owners.


Makes my Fiesta ST look so average :(


I had a chance to buy a beaten up Mk1 long time ago but didtn do anything cause i was still in school, if given the same chance now i would gladly buy without hesitation


Love the Mk 2"s!!!! Ehanks for posting..


Ive watched your progress over the past years and its fantastic to see a young talent as yourself putting quality articles out for so many to enjoy .the pics are amazing,Great coverage of a great event.Well done Paddy.I know now why your Dad is so proud !!!Nice pic of his mk1 in the final frame .Cheers bud


Speedhunters needs more Fords.

lets get some more RS's, XR's, Zetec S's and ST's on the go

i thought this was a community? all im seeing is Jap cars and the odd VAG car.


"It may not of..."

Really? Look, I know this isn't like a real book or magazine but can we at least try to not make the most basic mistakes in the English language?


Yes would definately like to see some more coverage of Fords on Speedhunters! Especially the older generation ones, just seeing the rareness and attention to detail on some of these cars from a past era but with timeless looks and style is a real treat! Heck why not feature a few oldschool Toyota's as well! ;) Could maybe do a classic rally car icons feature too?


wow some fantastic examples here, love the early Mk1's.. the Mk2 always looked good going sideways in my opinion (Rallying i mean) does anyown remember the Mk2 Harrier?? i wasnt an RS i don't think so anyway but still looked good in fine fettle.. i even love the latest incarnation of the the Focus RS.. it looks mean as hell and keeps the family trait of looking in a word... awesome! thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Paddy - fantastic camerawork, particularly the narrow dof!


Thanks for the pics of my mk1 Paddy but it is finished ! there are no more jobs to do. All the resoivers ,wiring etc is in but hidden under engine and dash.............lovely pics


TOP job Paddy,super pics,massive display super quality FORDS.Pics say it all


After the positive feedback we received on last months RSOC meet , I took to the road and seas on Saturday