Event>> M.i.v.w 2010 Part 2

Are you ready for another dose of Volkswagens? Let's begin with my second part of the coverage of the M.I.V.W event. In the opening shot we can see the Golf 6 that's been built by G-werks with the gorgeous Rotiform BLQ wheels, the wheels went from silver to white to give it even more impact.

Another shot of the mk5 from TUK Customs just because I can. This car has so much presence on the show floor I had to stop and look at it every time I walked past it.

This Dutch built mk1 is a very special car and it deserves a feature of its own. So be on the lookout in the next few days.

One of the many mk3s on the show ground. This particular version had a set of Porsche Boxter wheels with a matte black finish. Behind the wheels are also a set of Porsche brakes. I really like the modification with the Vento headlights, it really freshens up the front end.

Here is a more traditional look for the mk3. If I had to choose I would take the first one with the Porsche wheels.

You gotta represent right? I spotted this sticker…

…mk6 on airbags. This car was one of the first cars in Holland with bags. The car rolls on a set of 3 piece 18" RH wheels with a AMG centers.

A typical scene at these kind of events. The vibe was great and everybody had a great time.

Inside the VW community are a lot of lifestylers (is that even a word?) Caps, tattoos and wayfarers seems to be the popular choice of accessories.

Talking about a mirror effect.

I even got a minute to talk with Elliott Roberts, the editor of Performance VW. He came to visit the event with his side project Wheel Whores. He even gave me on of these t-shirts that were almost sold out at the event.

Back to cars with this immaculate mk1 in a absolute show and shine condition. I wonder if the owner even drives this thing.

Just take a look at this shiny engine bay. And yes that is a fully chromed 1.6 liter Oettinger engine. Also notice the filling cap for the cooling liquid on the strutbar.

Everything that hadn't been painted orange got the chrome treatment including the brackets for the exhaust.

One of the hangars was reserved for the aircooled versions of the Volkswagens. They weren't as popular as their watercooled counterparts but I did find some very nice examples.

Like this all black and chrome beetle on classic Fuchs wheels.

No flashy paintjobs on these old beauties.

I really liked this Beetle with its white wall wheels and side view mirrors on the fenders. It had all the right details.

I spotted this Seat on my way to the show & shine hangar. It had one of my favorite sets of wheels, the Schmidt Modern Lines.

Your favorite company car with a set of Rotiform BLQ's, a perfect combination.


Another shot of the mk5 with the chrome HRE wheels running on bags. Inside the interior a purple bomb exploded, everything was covered in the same hue.

This mk5 right next to it had a blue theme inside the interior.

Again a perfect execution.

I'll be back soon with my third and last installment of the M.I.V.W event.

-Jeroen Willemsen


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Awesome counterfeit WFSU sticker


dope cars. dope pics - love it


I'm usually not a fan of reupholstered interiors and almost never a fan of ones where they change it to some bright color, but I must say that last VW's interior is actually ok. The color is dialed back just enough where it's actually tasteful and as you said, perfect execution, as if it were some limited edition version straight from the factory. Love the clean bugs in pic 17.


more bug coverage!!!


that black and blue mk5 has the same sticker combo




I have to say that I'm not a big fan of these styles... =/ I only saw a handful of cars that I liked, I highly disapprove of fitting factory wheels of a different manufacturer to a car. The front wheels on the aircooled VW's always seem to be too far into the fenders and too close to the body, it looks wrong... Something just bothers me about seeing an Audi steering wheel in a Golf with VW badges everywhere else!


Doesn't that gray VW Mk.3 with the Porsche Boxster wheels and brakes hide a V6 from the R32 Mk.4 under it's bonnet ? 'Cause a very similar car was featured in Max Power magazine a while back


What's up with that filling cap on the strut bar of the orange Mk1 Golf????


Fake splits can fucx off


@TheRXT - yes it has


lol yeah i got a kick out of the WFSU sticker... Holland is a *little* far away from Florida ;) That site has been expanding its borders quite a bit lately though


and the Oettinger 16v :O super rare and super awesome


To the people who dont get the whole different manufacturer wheels thing, VW AUDI PORSCHE BENTLY, all the same. Its a way of staying OEM but not.


Chrome plated brake rotors.....Does this seem like a bad idea to anyone else....


This site has sparked my interest in VW. The Porsche parts are a great idea, because they bring performance along with the look.


so an entire car culture should quit what they're doing, because some unknown 15 year old kid like you "disapproves"? To disapprove, you'd need to be a judge at the event. Nobody requires your approval except you bro.


full pic of mk3 on first pic please....