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As I type this I'm sitting in the abnormal Seattle heat listening to the booming sounds of the NFS Electro Lounge at Evergreen Speedway. Today was practice and qualifying at Formula Drift Rd. Four, and as usual it's time to show some of the day's highlights.

The Brostang Express is steaming right along, as points leader Vaughn Gittin Jr. claimed the top qualifying spot with a 90.6 point run.

And right behind him in second place is Justin Pawlak, whose 88.5-points were good for the top spot until Vaughn's final run.

No surprise here. Ryan Tuerck qualifies third overall with an 87.1.

Darren McNamara takes fourth with an 86.5.

While the defending champ Chris Forsberg winds up right behind him in fifth with an 86.3.

Taka Aono had a fine day, putting his 86 in the sixth spot with an 84.6-point run.

Tyler McQuarrie always does well at Evergreen Speedway, and it showed in his 83.5-point run, good for seventh.

A mistake on his first run meant the second was do or die for Tanner Foust. He got it together and ran an 83, good for eighth.

Ninth goes to Sam Hubinette, who drove the big Dodge to an 82.8-point run.

And rounding out the Top 10, Michihiro Takatori who ran an 82.3.

Both of the Team NFS boys made into the show as well. Matt Powers in 20th with a 72.6

…and Mad Mike in 24th with a 71.9.

Fan favorite Fredric Aasbo had a solid 74.2-point run, good for 16th overall.

Ian Fournier's R32 Skyline looked positively awesome out there, but unfortunately he didn't have quite enough to make it into the Top 32.

Finally, a great shot of the  Dai Yoshihara on the bank, as captured by Rod.

OK, time to check out evening practice a bit, then head back to the hotel for a shower.

More on the way.

Complete Qualifying Results from Formula Drift.

1 V. Gittin 25 90.6
2 J. Pawlak 13 88.5
3 R. Tuerck 44 87.1
4 D. McNamara 8 86.5
5 C. Forsberg 64 86.3
6 T. Aono 86 84.6
7 T. McQuarrie 17 83.5
8 T. Foust 34 83
9 S. Hubinette 77 82.8
10 M. Takatori 5 82.3
11 C. Grunewald 79 80.7
12 D. Yoshihara 9 79.7
13 R. Millen 6 78.4
14 J. Maeng 51 76.8
15 K. Gushi 33 74.4
16 F. Aasbo 151 74.2
17 P. Mordaunt 90 74.1
18 C. Parkhouse 562 73.4
19 M. Essa 101 72.7
20 M. Powers 665 72.6
21 R. Nishida 31 72.6
22 N. Konstantinov 403 72.4
23 R. Petty 808 72
24 M. Whiddet 111 71.9
25 F. Wang 30 70.9
26 D. Kearney 43 69.7
27 C. Ng 84 65.5
28 E. O’Sullivan 25 65
29 S. Verdier 12 65
30 K. Mohan 99 65
31 B. Wilkerson 55 63
32 A. Pfeiffer 88 62.5

-Mike Garrett



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Time to tell Jarod that Molotov Coctail. Aint the best nick name for Konstantinov. He should hit wikipedia to find out why.


big ups to Taka!


First shot is really awesome!




My money is on JR. Taka Aono would be great to see podium!


First shot as a wallpaper please! That 32 is gorgeous.


matt powers is a joke


ROTFL: due to the relative ease of production they are frequently used by non-professionally equipped fighters and others who cannot afford, manufacture, or obtain hand grenades


I like it I like the engine!!


Thanks for the great quick coverage guys!


Konstantinovs 180sx Is still running a Stock Nissan CAT. Its the first time he has driven in on that track in 4 months and never with the power he has now.


What happened with Dai?


matt powers needs sr20 power in his s14:DD


desktop the first one its awsome


So excited for tomorrow!!!!


Your a joke. Matt kicks ass


Beautiful pics


***Ive got to admit i talk alot of shit about MAD MIKE, but i got to give him credit in seattle, i watched him on the live stream in practice and qual and i have to say i think they were the best laps i have ever seen from him, maybe it was the wing the whole time haha, jk, anyways, good luck and hope this keeps up for you MIKE, i guess your gonna make me eat my words now!!


go taka!!!! hopefully his transmission stays together


can i get a wallpaper of the first photo? great shot!


Tuerck all the way! He needs a podium, lets go.


First pic >> DESKTOP please. Awsome shot


first shot wallpaper please!


Im glad to see petty in the Top 32 after that crash, hoping nothing big was thrown out of whack.


Go Mad Mike........you can do it...........I know you can.


NIKOLAY!!!!!!!!congrats!wish I could olhave gone tonsupprt out local NW boys but had to work:-(

Nikolay deff. Has the sickest car out their!


NIKOLAY!!!!!!!!congrats!wish I could olhave gone tonsupprt out local NW boys but had to work:-(

Nikolay deff. Has the sickest car out their!



who's that?


Congrats to Niko to making top 32 and sweet 16! Just got edged out to make it into the final 8...Nikolay representing the PNW strong and doing it with very little seat time in his new setup!! keep on rockin buddy!


Hardcore drift action and nice 1st pic.


Nikolay Konstantinov drove the pistacio 240 with rb26. Made the top 16 and was nearly edge out by Charles eng


love the first pic of the 'wall-kiss'.. with all the tyre shrapnel.. now thats Speedhunters magic.. excellent photo's..