Event>>all Star Bash X Pt.3

This weekend the quest for the Formula Drift Championship continues at Evergreen Speedway in what will surely be a heated contest.

Before I heading up to Washington, I need to finish up my look at the not so serious side of drifting with my last set of photos from All Star Bash X.

Somehow it was funny to see this slammed and widened S13 parked next to a lifted pickup. Only in SoCal…or maybe Texas.

Another view of the screaming four-door 'Rolla.

The nutso Subaru Legacy out of BC has generated quite a response, and for good reason. How often do you see a drift car like this?

V8-powered FC getting aggressive.

And speaking of aggressive, this lavender-colored 86 was definitely one of the hardest driven cars of the day.

You might remember this Z32 Fairlady from Linhbergh's car feature last fall.

Of course S13's and 14's dominated the event, but there was a good FC showing too, whether it was this white one…

…JTP's "old green"…

…or the purple Drift Union car.

So after I posted this picture, I started wondering to myself how many S-chassis photos we've posted since this site started. A lot.

Here's another to add to that list. The Just Driftmobile.

Old 5Zigen FN01RC's are still taking a beating on this S13.

Soarin' through the desert. Love this car.

So sparkly.

And right below that massive number of S-chassis photos we've posted over the past few years would be the number of 86's. Here's another.

Overall this S13 was one of coolest looking cars of the day, and that's saying a lot given the company out there.

Looking at this photo, you should be able to feel the lovely weather of
Rosamond, California.

TE37V's, just because.

Finally, another shot of Matt Powers, who should be making the journey up Interstate 5 to Seattle as I write this.

And with that, it's also time for me to get ready for Seattle. Hope you enjoyed my look at ASBX.

-Mike Garrett



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Any one got specs on the red S13?

Fat car


I love seeing grassroots drifting. So much more passion involved compared to the corporate zoo in FD.


More pics!! I want to see some of those hoodless pics cause it was dam hot!


matt power's car just doesnt fit anywhere does it???






That Red S13 Silvia looks mad as!


i dont know why, but this year's asb coverage seemed a little weak...


the last shot is so cool because you get to see the whole course twisting around behind matt's car.

well done mike!


it was so much fun out there this weekend totally worth the 4days of driving 4640KM (2883mi)

super good to meet every one too cant wait till next year


yea that violent running s13 is definately a head turner.

was that benson hsu back in his s13 with yuta riding shotty?

and the little mexi-can rolla is always tearing it up!VIVA MEXICO!lol.

anymore pics of the convertible s13 verts?would love to see them


That Subaru Legacy is the Bee's Knees!


lol it took so long for that thing to get on a full set of Viennas but so worth it. It's like the White Unicorn pt. II


i think the 1st pic sums up the whole event AND meets this month's THEME! Gorgeous shot


Hey Logan, I love your BC5 Leggy, do you mind sharing what front lip that is?


Grats to Articdragon for his Z32 ;p


that red s13 coupe is 100x sexier in person

by far my favorite car there.


It's great to see the Drift Union boys rocking it for B.C.



its for a 02/03 wrx that i cut up a bunch to make it "fit"

my last lip (the checkered one when the car was white) was for an 04/05 wrx


love the first pic.. it looks great.. thanks for the quality photo.'s



Ahh ok thx mate :D

I've got a BC5 aswell, and getting a lip is almost impossible :P

The 05-07 STi V-limited lip is supposed to fit nicely aswell, but I just thought yours looks alot more aggressive. So I just wanted to see if there's a way of getting one here in Denmark.


Green S13 had some of the weekest entries of the weekend As well as the Blue Vegas S13 and the VH45 Vert. I'm a Hater!!!!! I thought it was All Star Bash????