Driver Blog: Fredric Aasbo>> Formula D Seattle

Dear fellow Speedhunters,

Thanks for tuning in! I am Fredric Aasbø, a 24 year old Norwegian drifter competing at select Formula Drift rounds this year, trying to get a program going for the full 2011 season. Here’s my driver blog from Formula Drift Round 4, doing what I love the most!

After watching Formula Drift round 2 and 3 from the sideline (a.k.a. the awesome Driftstream) back in Norway with our friends, my wing man Steffen and I finally made it back to the US and Formula DRIFT Round 4: Throwdown at Evergreen Speedway, Monroe, WA. We got a fourth place finish at Round 1, Long Beach, and that was the raddest experience I have ever had!

I know a lot of people wanted us to even surpass that result this time around, and as much as I deeply appreciate all the nice comments and encouragement we were given, there was no way we could expect to just slide in from the side and go all the way up there in the world’s most competitive drifting field. Our small team entered the FD Round 4: Seattle event like we always do: To have a lot of FUN and learn as much as we can.

After Long Beach, we got rid of the stock JDM twin turbos in favor of a new, simple Comp single turbo kit. I am very glad we did so, because the stock twin turbo compressors had started to melt due to all the boost we had to force through them! We installed the kit over a short week at partner shop and Supra specialists FSR Motorsport Creations in Montclair, CA, and we got ready just in time to take off for the long trip all the way up to Seattle. I could not wait to test out the new kit and see if I could get the hang of the slightly banked Evergreen course. I was told it had a long portion of on-throttle action and that proved just right – I loved it!! However, as the event kicked off, our hinders started showing up.

With the newfound power, we noticed the clutch started slipping a little bit. When we had finally got all the way to Seattle, there was no way we could afford having the clutch go out! We started making phone calls. Mr. Kiyo Enari at Carbonetic USA and Japan Auto owner Tom Ole Svendsen decided to step up for us, giving us a deal on the awesome Carbonetic three disc clutch kit – thank you!!! Our friend and US helper Devin (standing in the back of the picture in the South Bay Skaters shirt) had already booked his flight from L.A. to Seattle that same night… In Devin’s usual “I can do that, no problem!” style, he kindly went and picked up the clutch kit in South L.A., packed it in a suitcase and brought it with him on the flight. Thank you, Devin!! My wing man Steffen, local mechanic Marc (thanks, Marc!) and I jumped on the car to replace the clutch throughout the night.

The Evergreen track is simply awesome. It starts off with a fairly long launch straight, followed by a fifth gear looong, sweeping right hand bank. Coming off the bank, judges wanted to see full throttle action and at the same time have drivers creep in and taking an inside line leading up to the second outer clip and left hand turn. The final turn is a hairpin right, followed by an outside clip. I went out there having Steffen on the radio, testing at a decent pace and trying to get the hang of the course little by little.

It’s funny how you can tell the speed by how much the front bumper is flexing. Looks like the exit of the first bank is quite fast, haha!

This is it – months of preparation culminating in two qualifying runs. I think every drifter out there knows what I am talking about when I say that qualifying is very tense. You have 2 x 20 seconds to do your best – one slip, and you’ll be out in a heartbeat. For me, this is what I live for. I am nowhere near the top FD guys when it comes to qualifying run performances, but I am out there doing my best.

I think Rod Chong’s awesome pan picture really captures what I feel about my first qualification run: I went in full throttle with fairly good angle, but I was too low on the bank and I dropped down too early. the rest of the run was all too soft. Your qualifying run is definitely one of those instances where you don’t want to be soft. I knew it wouldn’t cut it!

You can tell I dove in a little to early…

… aligning up okay for the next outer clip. However – my run really lacked some flair!

I got back to the grid, went through the course once again in my head, preparing myself for the second run. All or nothing!

Once again I entered the bank as fast as I could. Launch in second, make it grip, third, fourth, fifth, flick, full throttle, hold it, hold it, hold it…

This time around I got to stick to the wall a lot better! I held it to the floor for as long as I could, and let off for a small second to avoid loosing the line down the power alley.

Reapplying throttle through the power alley, I managed to whip it hard into the next left hander. YEAH! However, it was a little too hard… I misshifted into fifth rather than third, kicking the guts out of the Carbonetic clutch, trying to maintain the drift, but to no avail. I straightened out. Boom, there goes my Seattle trip and view of competing in the finals, I thought.

Sitting in between the two Need 4 Speed homeboys and all around top guys Matt and Mike at the autograph session, all kinds of thoughts and emotions were flying through my head. I was smiling and chuckling from Matt’s “I only sign faces” and Mike’s “YEEEEAH!!” comments, exhausted from the last couple of weeks and at the same time relieved. My wing man Steffen and I had been going at it full throttle on our shoestring budget for the last three weeks trying to get everything together prior to FD Seattle, and it turned out it had paid off. WE WERE IN FOR THE MAIN COMPETITION!! My first qualification run and the one where I did not mess up had put us in the 16th qualification spot, in the middle of the Top 32 wolf pack!!

I got a good nights sleep after the Autograph session. The car was finally good to go, so it was time to man up and get ready to rock for the next day finals.

We were set to meet Pat Mordaunt in the Top 32, and I couldn’t wait to get started for the morning practice! Pat asked me if I wanted to practice with him, and so we did! Here we are, chasing each other. Pat is a great driver with the future in front of him, and in this run I am a little shallow behind him. To say I was looking forward to the battle is an underestimation. I couldn’t wait!

I also battled several other drivers during practice, and here’s a sequence with Joon “Gentle” Maeng. Joon is one of the many characters I am very fortunate to have met through drifting. Joon is probably the most generous guy I have ever met, and at the same time he has an extremely competitive spirit which I got to know last year when I beat him in a round of Billiard. I suck in Billiard and it was by default, since he put the 8-ball down the wrong hole… And this is exactly how I feel for him in his 2010 season so far – he has just not had his share of luck, but Gentle-Maeng will get there eventually! Best of luck, Buddy!!

I really like this sequence by Linhbergh. The setting, lighting and atmosphere really shows the cat and mouse game that drifting really is: The agile, rapid mouse leading the course, with big, fat Lucifer lurking in the background doing his best to chase down the goods.

In Top 32, I were in the second battle out. The heat was on, and I lined up against Pat. Thumbs up from both of us, and we headed out full throttle!

I led the first run and took a calm start to give him a pace as I did not really know Pat’s launch speed.  From then on, I managed to put on a decent run, being close to the outer clips. The first outer bank is so much fun to drive, it literally shoots you out! I love it!

I kept my foot planted through the Power Alley. Yeehaw!

Pat followed close. Albeit being a little bit shallower at certain points he matched the pace and my line in an awesome way!!

Then, it was Pat’s turn to lead. My goal was to get closer to him through the course. I spun once following him in practice due to the speed differences coming down from the first bank, and this time I wanted to stay close without hitting him. Just barely sweep him, if I could.

I was lit, though, and blasting through the Power Alley I gained speed and got close to him. Then Pat spun!! A crash was unavoidable, and my door hit his front fender. That was the first of many hits to come this weekend.

As much as I was happy to move on, I felt sorry for Pat spinning out. I admire Pat for being a very straight up guy and fair player, giving it all he’s got time after time! He gave me a couple of super sweet tasting Tuna bits that morning, and I owe you Bro. Best of luck for the next rounds,

At the opening ceremony, I was so happy that we had finally gotten where I had always dreamt of being – in the Formula Drift Top 16!! I brought along Marc Luzuriaga, our mechanic and helper for the weekend that came to us after I posted up an online “Help needed – fun guaranteed!” post at We rolled out with Nikolay Konstantinov – the local hero that helped us out the night before lending us a torque wrench to swap out the clutch. Nikolay told me he had followed our way to the fourth place finish at Long Beach, and right now he was trying to hold back his tears standing there at the Top 16 opening ceremony. It was his first FD round ever, and it sounded like all of his family, friends, and even Mother Russia itself was up there in the grandstands cheering him on. THAT’s the kind of moments that makes it all worth it!

However, Nikolay and I quickly understood we had to man up for what was next to come. We felt like two boy scouts being sent to war, armed with zipties, duct tape and maybe a seasoned AK47 up our sleeve.

And war was exactly what we got.

In Top 16, I was to meet Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his Monster Energy Falken Tires Ford Mustang – the man that currently sits in the #1 spot in championship standings.

JR also qualified at the #1 spot at this event.

JR has had three consecutive podiums this season – one victory and two second place finishes. The only guy that had beaten the JR Mustang power package this season, was Falken teammate Daijiro Yoshihara.

My wing man and spotter Steffen was so anxious and nervous for this battle that he had to look away during portions of the runs.

“One thing is for sure,” he told me, “I will not get old from this drifting lark.”

I gave it all I had. And a little more, bashing the rear quarters in the process and putting the world renown “Toyota Quality” saying to test.

My jaws were bolted together – It’s stupid, I know, but it happens when I am focused.

I had the time of my life – literally being pushed up against the fence, with nowhere to go but full throttle forward. The only thing to do when a Monster is chasing you!!

I really like the above picture. Thinking about it in hindsight, it gives me quite a bit of goosebumps. I don’t remember much of what went through my head during the runs, but if this picture does not give you a slight sense of intimidation – then I don’t know what does.

I knew I had straightened out in my chase lap from a slight misshift, and it turned out JRs runs were not pristine either. Apparently I had harder transitions, weighing up for my mistake. The judges called for a One More Time, JR called for a 5 minute break to have ASD adjust his rear end, and me? I was at the verge of fainting out.

You know how most days feels like just another day at the office? Well, for me, this day felt like pretty much the exact opposite – to put it mildly.

We headed back out, and this time it was no longer pedal to the metal – it was pedal through the metal. I had nothing to loose!

“Imagine this is at Gatebil back in Norway, and you are just enjoying yourself!” Steffen told me over the radio. And so I did.

We were here to have fun, and learn – and in all seriousness – what is better than going full throttle in balls out cars, chasing the top guy and the driver you admire the most? I’ll answer that one for you: NOTHING.

JR set up for a straight up gangster hard transition into the left hander, and following him I remember thinking “oh boy, this is drifting!!”

Unfortunately, his transition never stopped. JR rotated, rotated some more and spun in front of me.

I remember closing my eyes. I were too close and had nowhere to go. Boom! I knew the hit was hard and when trying to drive from the spot, my right rear wheel rubbed hard and the car drove sideways like a Nascar. I could hear Steffen jabbing along on the radio, half shocked and half trying to inform Devin and Marc and have them ready in the pits with a couple of sledgehammers and pry bars. It was evident we had to bend back the right side door and the rear fender to be able to go out for the next run. Ash and Jason came to the spot helping us out, and the next couple of minutes saw some real tense body prep being carried out… Both JR and I eventually got ready, we lined back up – and took off.

I was alive!

And so was JR!

I gave him a little room round the last clip and he was right there, proving why he has become the top Formula Drift contender.

I could hear and feel the presence of something black besides me.

I floored it all the way through the course exit like there was no tomorrow, and I was through.

Actually, Team Japan Auto FSR, and WE MOVED ON TO THE TOP 8!!! While Jarod deemed me “Champ Killer”, I got speechless. And I still am!

A huge shout out goes to the entire Falken Team, including JR himself. Right before our Top 16 battles we needed to weld back together our Wastegate outlet as it had come loose. Falken stepped up for us without hesitiation, lending us their TIG welder and the tools we needed so we could head out there battling their top guy. There should be medals for that kind of spirit.

We were in Top 8. That’s top 8 out of 43 drivers and teams participating, and only the cream of the crop plus our ragged car and team were left. We were up against Tanner, and if the battle against JR wasn’t intimidating, well – this was!

“Houston, we have a problem”

“What is the problem?”


“…it’s hard to see.”

One thing I really admire Tanner for, is he’s ability to adapt. He can adapt to any car, any driver and any course, and I feel so fortunate to be able to go up against a guy of his caliber. I learnt so much from battling him in Long Beach!

And I learnt a LOT from battling him at Evergreen.

I had one major mistake in my chase run, where I dropped down from the bank too early.

My second mistake was in my lead lap, where i overshot the exit from the bank, going way wide into the Power Alley.

But I have to say – it’s better to overshoot, than not shoot at all.

Prior to heading up to Seattle, Ian Sai-Ngarm, owner of our second home FSR Motorsport Creations, told me good luck in his very own, patriotic way, “In football, players leave it all on the field. In drifting, you leave it all on the walls.”

Well Ian, I can assure you a followed you on that one!

We did not move on from battling Tanner Foust in the Rockstar Energy Drink Scion tC, but we had one judge vote for a One More Time. Tanner eventually moved on to win the event – a great job and a well deserved win in my eyes!

Tanner came up to me prior to the race and he said he had met many friends of mine the weekend before at the Swedish round of the European Rallycross Championship. I think it’s great how a world of gear heads and racing enthusiasts can bond together just like that!!

I really appreciate all of the nice comments we have been getting from people greeting us and saying they enjoy having us compete in FD. To be honest – the encouragement we have been receiving from people is so overwhelming that I don’t really know what to say other than A MILLION THANKS!!!

I can assure you right away – for me, there is no better feeling than holding your foot down on full throttle, running some of the most sticky tires around, in fifth gear, on the edge next to a concrete wall, going sideways, next to another maniac, well, actually one of the worlds best drivers in his field, going deaf from the engines screaming and on top of that not being able to see anything due to tire smoke everywhere – and you are still holding your foot planted to the floor.

That’s when I feel alive.

We may not have the best car, we may not be the best team and I am certainly not be the best driver. But we do have a Japan Auto FSR Supra, and you can be assured we are putting our hearts into it and giving it all we’ve got. In respect of all our sponsors, friends and family that have helped us out along the way – thank you, I love you all.






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O_O that bumper is flexing !! how did u enter that corner ... 300 MPH + or what ?! INSANE!! i love it



GO TEAM AAAASSSSSSBOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Fredric is just an insane driver! With those crazy transitions and flat out style I really hope we get to see more of him in Formula D! Best wishes from Ireland!


My favorite driver! Good work out there!


great Aasbo, your my favorite FD driver this year, and you are so young too, your ripping it so keep it up. hope to see you in vegas

you should blog here more often!!!


Holy CRAPPP!!!! What do you do when there's nothing but smoke in front of you! That's a scary piture, the one with Tanner Foust leading...Best of Luck to ya!


Skulle tro du var amerikansk, eller har u brukt en uke på å skrive det:) Helt rått sier jeg bare.

Hold stumt gutter.


Dude good luck to you.

Hope to see you at Sonoma.

I wish there was more people like you, Joon, and Patrick in Formula Drift roster..



Great performance, and a great blog, really enjoyed that, BEST of luck in Vegas. :)


I wanna see this guy driving that BMI 4 rotor RX-8 .....


peoples hero.

good job out there


WOW!!!!! I was rooting for you at evergreen fredric!!! I loved every second of that FD Seattle experience. and your one of the most exciting drivers to watch. And with the raw HEART you have for our sport i wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself getting closer to the top spot.

Keep it up man.


Fredric the Gangsta!


I reckon that you can be the best driver in the not very distant future!

Keep trying harder...keep the gangsta entries and aggressive style that make you so unique!

Keep the Supra,too!

I hope you get a major sponsorship in order to attend the whole formula d schedule!


No Fredric, you really are one of the best drivers tou there if not the best!!!



We were rooting for you back in Norway, Fredric. Although it hurt to see you not moving on from the Great 8, But we still, all of us, remained in awe from yuor driving and how you knocked out JR.

You rock, Fredric. Hold stumt!


im sorry, but i HAVE to ask this do u pronounce your name?

lookin forward to your next event!


Nothing wrong with crying.


Seriously? Nobody got a shot of Aasbo on the wall?


Congrats man! It was a fun battle, sorry I spun and handed you the win. No one likes to win that way and I know you would have much rather won in a good straight up battle. I look forward to battling again this year. You are a great driver with a great spirit, I am happy that you enjoy Formula Drift and hope to continue seeing you out there! Keep it up!


Great runs, we support you bro!!


I got tears in my eyes reading this!


Legend. Period.


HOLD STUMT!! Vil være med over en gang, kan holde Steffen i hånda!



I wish you all the best, and It's nice to see a driver from Norway who is competing with the best ones in the world! I hope I can follow you with my camera in the states one day! :)

See you soon!


If you can make to sonoma I will be siked,


Amazing job Aasbo! Keep up the great driving! It was fun driving with you during practice @ Evergreen Speedway! I want a Billiard rematch. No more 8-ball down the wrong hole. :) Much respect for your dedication to the sport of drifting!


Jøss. Jaggu har gutten blitt amerikansk også:)

Flink å skrive/formulere deg:)

Artig å lese.



Great job out there! The pictures that show your front bumper flexing at high speed make it look like the car has a very happy facial expression. While we cant see your face, these pictures show how much fun both you and the car are having out there giving it your best! Keep up the good work.


incredible that you had essentially no time to adjust to the new powerband and 150 extra ponies, and pulled it off better than you admit....if formula d used a drift box like d1, you would have had JR a lot sooner, and possibly even foust....just like you did with JR in Seattle, dont give them any choice but to crown you victorious in vegas!


This is all crazy mann!!! Var helt sinnsykt å følge deg live! Espen & Meg klemte nesten hendene av hverandre når du kjørte mot JR & Tanner. Og jeg tror jeg fikk biti sØstra di i skuldra,,unnskyld=) RESPECT til denne mannen!!! The heat is on (F)


When I was standing inline and "speedzone" with Eric we litterally jumped for joy when we saw that you made it to the great 8 again. Give me a heads up when your back in socal, still looking forward to some lessons in the drift.


Man you have made such an impact. I was at this event. I am a fan. You really drive hard and with a TON of style. GOOD LUCK!!! Hopefully your phone will be ringing with some major sponsors soon! Ha! Rad.


TOTALLY BAD ASS! as always, big congrats and respect to you and your crew man! you have awesome skills! I really hope you get a full MAJOR SPONSOR that can really help you guys run a full FD schedule. I even wish that TOYOTA would fully sponsor you! hope to see and help you guys in FD Sonoma!


wow what a great blog. keep it up man. you are one of the best drivers out there. you are there battling top FD drivers at your own. immagine what you can achieve with a proper sponsorship and a complete crew.



You are such an awesome guy Mr Asbo. I really hope you get what you need to do a full schedule next season. That way I can scream "AAAASSSSBBOOOOOO" at every event! Good luck sir!


Fredric i must say that this is properly the best drivers blog i have read om SH. Really hope that you can get everything up and running for a complete 2011 season...

Held og lykke fra Danmark


There is alot of really good drifters, but not alot of great STYLE! and thats what i like to see as a viewer and fan. None of that "Im faster than the other guy". Its not a drag race, is drift, is about the style and skills.

U r better in Ur rad Supra than any of those guys in those load mustangs and LS swaps.

keep it real, keep it fun to watch

PS. keep the supra! just make it better


Jeg bare må si det fredrik, du er en så sinnsykt Down To earth man som det kan gå ann.

Når du kjører der borte, er hele miljøet med og heier!

GO Fredric :)

PS, do u remember this? ? ;)


Oh yes! I can't wait for the next installment.


Guys, I don't think you know how special it feels to be allowed to go out there and do what you love, and then receive so much encouragement and positive feedback from guys like you. I really hope that one day I will be able to give back to all of you that have had faith in us and helped us pursue our dreams!

JR: Thanks a lot of for the nice comments!! It felt so awesome getting to drive with you and as much as I felt sorry for you when you spun I know you'll grow on it and get back even more badass. I wish you all the best for the rest of the season - this is your time, and you truly deserve it!!

Joon: Thank you, and right back at you! I am up for a billiard rematch, if we get to Vegas I'm sure we'll find a billiard table or two, haha! Take care Joon, hope to see you soon :D

Ealoken: AWESOME, of course I remember! The exhaust system fell off the car upon entering the ferry to Finland - one of the joys of not having a tow vehicle and trailer. :) For some reason I have a weak spot for cars with no exhaust system. Actually, I have a dream of building a modern day drift hot rod one day, and I can tell you right away - it will be pretty loud.


Awesome blog Aasbø! You are a crowd pleaser for sure!

You make us norwegian gear heads proud! ;)

Hold stumt og all lykke til videre!

Det er så deilig å være norsk og følge med på deg!


Great blog Fredric! Down to earth in person and devil on the track!! It was fantastic to follow you at gatebil on Driftstream! Hope that you can "side" some in Norway also soon=)! Because the shots i get on the last hours at gatebil are just NUTS!!! Maybe i have to go to the US from now on!!=) Lykke til Fredric, detta fortjener du!!=)..


Fredric. Just have ta say that I am really proud to know you as a great sportsman, Norwegian and a neigborhoud clown! Tho show such joy and happiness doing your sport, and sharing the joy with friends and spectators in the way you do I will be surprised if you don`t get a factory seat in the next two years! If I had the funds, I would have been there for you at once!!

With enormous respect I salute you!

Best wishes for all the upcoming events, Baard

PS: For all you Americans that have had the Fredric AAAAASBOOOOOOOOOOOO experience, here atre some Youtube links with Fredric back in Norway:


I´m from Sweden but i cheer for you! Are you going to rudskogen i september? Would be fun to see you live ;D


here a shoot out from holland.great drifting,and a sweet car.hope to see more of you here.


Your an inspiration man!!!! keep it up, never lift!