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How is this for something different? It's always admirable to see small companies around the world trying to make it in the lucrative supercar market, and this is what the guys at Oullim Motors have come up with, the Spirra. 10 years in the making this Korean designed and built supercar has finally hit the market with the first examples leaving the factory this month. I haven't yet had the chance to drive this it so, for now, a short spotlight will have to suffice.

The Spirra ticks all the right boxes when it comes to satisfying basic traits most people desire in cars like this. The body is made out of carbon fiber and is fitted onto the tubular spaceframe chassis that helps keep weight low. The Spirra hits the scales at an impressive 2,646 pounds giving it power to weight figures that rank up with world's best sports cars.

With design being very much subjective I can only say that the designers seem to have kept to a simple shape that works well from all angles.

It certainly has presence out on the street!

The Spirra is offered in four different models starting with the base Spirra-N which is powered by the 2.7L V6 Hyundai-sourced motor rated at 175 HP. By adding turbochargers power levels can increase dramatically all the way to the top of the line 500HP Spirra-EX which can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 sec and hit a top speed of 315 km/h (195 mph).

The interior seems to offer good levels of comfort and ambience with leather covering most surfaces. That carbon fiber steering wheel looks pretty hot too!

Gadgets aren't forgotten with a large touchscreen navigation unit and audio system keeping occupants entertained.

How is that for a menacing rear end!

The large exhaust outlets are integrated into the black recesses on the rear bumper.

The top of the line Turbo and EX models come with 6-pot Brembo monoblock calipers at the front and 4-pots at the rear while the wheels are designed in house.

Back in 2008, during the final stages of the development, the Spirra competed in a season of the GTMasters championship to put the car through the harsh environment of endurance racing. 

Oullim Motors are initially concentrating on the home and Asian markets so we won't be seeing the Spirra in Europe and the US quite yet. It certainly looks like it is one potentially fierce machine and one I personally look forward to driving in the near future!

Official Spirra Website

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I first saw this car on Forza 2, then I researched it and its impressive and I personally like how it looks.


Compared to the Lexus LF-A, the Spirra_EX has 50 fewer hp as well as 300kg lighter in weight making this, possibly the fastest car to have ever come out of Asia.


looks pretty interesting, but what is the point of a base model 175hp only version of a carbon bodied wannabe supercar??


This definitely has a market in korea, they are so proud of products made here that this car should sell rather well with the more wealthy sect here.


quite the up-and-comer.


i can only assume that a 175hp version is to satisfy some legality or requirement in some korean law book.


Haha, custom built Hyundai motor. Thing is pure sex.


hmmm, that rear end its fierce alright, but they went with the typical supercar look in front.

looks pretty capable though, whats the weight distribution % on this car?


the look isn't original, Looks like a Koennisegg. I wonder how much it costs? Sub 200mph top speed ftl. Korean made ftl.


I want one. how much?


bum bum-- bum bum bum ?......???!

Somebody had to say it



Hand-built supercar..

Spirra-N : 2.7L V6 NA 175hp

Spirra-S : 2.7L V6 Turbo 330hp

Spirra-Turbo : 2.7L V6 Turbo (bigger turbo) 420hp

Spirra-EX : 2.7L V6 TT 500hp

Prices will be anywhere around $60k to $100k.

They are gonna release an EV version that features all electric soon so there will be total of 5 trims/versions.


Dare to come?


Korean built? So its a "go fast" Hyundai...ugh....


front and side remind me of a Koenigsegg. I prefer the Koenigsegg...


its like a Ferrari and a Koenigsegg gave birth to Spirra


The fisrt "Real car" of Korea :P


"hat carbon fiber steering wheel looks pretty hot too!"

i would imagine that carbon wheel would get quite hot in summer.


Looks promising. I'm normally the sort of person who wants to put spoilers on everything but this car works without one. It looks sleek and understated, not as "shouty" as a lot of Euro supercars. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, as they say ...



GT-R is still faster around a track than the LF-A


@ dbworms

*cough cough GTR!! cough*


Wow, what a great lookig car. I certainly prefer this to, say, the 458 Italia.


basically a KIA supercar, yeah that sounds like a great idea.. NOT


I'm Korean and have to say I've NEVER heard of this brand nor model. I'm just baffled at how this managed to get past me. The lines are just gorgeous and the material make-up is spot on. I want that carbon steering wheel in my Mazdaspeed3...


wow, i cant believe anyone can get 500 hp out of a hyundai motor. either way, it looks great, and it it sure as heck is alot better looking than tje LFA in my opinion. to all the haters(adz, MON5TAR), dont knock it till you try it, right? or at least till someone test drives it and tells you what its like


well even the N model is carbon bodied so the 175hp version is probably useful as a base for extensive engine modifications. it's an old hyundai v6 so how expensive can it be to race, break down, and fit a new one? I can also imagine the rear subframe is pretty easy to adapt for other engines as well.


spirra is in forza 2 .... dayum ... i now see that i havent played enough


The rear looks fantastic, but with a top speed of 300+ I wonder if the lack of a rear spoiler is a safe thing.


funny, I remember this car from Gran Turismo 4. Never knew that its been that long in the making, or that it was just released this year.


reminds me too much of the Gallardo


i quote Remix in everything. Thx to the Forza 2 team that put this wonderful piece of engineering in the game!


Indeed, for the performance presented, I'm also curious how much the car costs... (not adding the import taxes of course :P)


They should be more worried about their neighbors to the north.


Tesla Roadster?


I wonder how many people know that Oullim Motors was originally Proto Motors, and that the Spirra is a car that first appeared Gran Turismo 4 way back on the Playstation 2. Also, back then, and through much of its development life, it was powered by a NA 4.6 L FORD(!) V8, instead of a modified Hyundai V6.

Its funny to see how much the car has changed aesthetically from a few years ago in Forza and GT4 to what it is now. Its somewhat of an improvement; it looks more aggressive now, but it now also looks like a Koenigsegg CCX raped an Ascari A10. At least when it was a Proto Motors Spirra it looked original, now, not so much. Oh well, it still looks like its going to be a great car, and since its Korean, you know it'll probably be cheap.


Great rear end, lol


I love that interior.


With Hyundai stepping up its game Ollium and Hyundai they should find a way to bring this stateside. The Spirra-N trim would have to stay behind, but I could see the others selling here if the price was right. R8 dynamics for Corvette pricing sounds like a win to me.