Car Spotlight>>vaughn’s Demo Car (on Te’s)

I'm gonna come out and say it – the main reason I'm doing a spotlight on the car is because of the wheels.

While this Mustang car looks very similar to Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s Formula D competition car, it's not. It's his demo/practice car, used for events like the drifting show him and JTP put on at Barrett Jackson last weekend.

The car sees action all over the United States, as it's hauled around in a transporter driven by Vaughn's dad, Vaughn Gittin Sr.

While this car could easily be competitive with the best in Formula D, there's a few differences between this and the comp car. For example, we have fiberglass body panels here, while the comp car is all carbon.

Except for the doors, which are steel in case the need for some rodeo drifting comes up…

Power has also been dialed back a bit from the competition car. While that one is built for short, full power blasts, this is one built to shred tire for hours on end.

A little scar from a wall scrape at East Coast Bash last month.

And then there's those wheels…

Monster Green TE37's 18×9 in the front and 18×10.5 in the rear. Tires are Falken Azenis RT615K's of course.

Yes, TE's look great on everything. This Mustang is no exception.

The only problem is now I want a set for my own car…

-Mike Garrett



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haha they look good ya. but what about his HRE relationship. which goes as far as HRE logos on this car while it sports TEs. im sure HRE loves it.


here in ohio i thought i saw the truck at a max and ermas resturaunt, is that right?! i should have took pictures but i didnt have the right equipment


I was going to complain about this car already getting enough spotlight so why give it a spotlight,

Then i read the first sentence

I approve


Wish they could F%#&iNG lower it!


I have to say Mike, I am a huge fan of the T37 wheel but his HRE looks so much better!


So if it's just a demo car, can it go lower please?


TE37s are THE universal rim.


wow just noticed the HRE logos... and i bet HRE loves it


here in ohio, i was driving by, and i think i saw this truck parked at a max and erma's resturaunt in my town! i totally think so




Too much gap


finally the car has better wheels! what the hell were those things he had on before anyways? the car sits much lower i think and doesnt look like an offroader like bfore.


I agree with Joey. The TE's are sick and do look good on ANY car, but the HRE Comp 90's in that antifreeze green color are far better looking and lighter!


Thanks too all the HRE coments, this car will probably not be on cool wheels come next event!!



Hell yeah.. this is the nicest stang ive seen.. Falken Azenis rules man.. just put a set on my Evo.. Right now, im the king of the road.. Azenis is way better than AD08..


TE's don't have enough lip to look great to me. give me madd concave spokes and phat lip :)

still though, who doesn't love green volks?


Thanks to Garret and SpeedHunters for your coverage of Vaughn Gittin Jr. and sharing great stories. Yes we are interested in Mustang Drifting and the Mustang RTR!




the wheels look a little small... maybe the 19s with lip action would be a better fit for that car body


shum shum fort


Absolutely love how the front wheel looks in the first shot!


So sick - I wouldn't expect those wheels to look that good on a Domestic car, but wow that looks so good.


Needs moar underhood shots.