Car Spotlight>> 6666 Customs Rocket Bunny S13

It's funny how the internet works. When I mentioned to Miura-san of TRA Kyoto, the same shop that creates the Rocket Bunny line-up of body parts, that his ghetto S13 Silvia has become an internet sensations he just couldn't comprehend why. To him it's just his daily driver, which actually gets used more by his wife to run errands and drive to and from the TRA Kyoto offices. Yet, this seemingly "boro-boro" or "beaten up" Silvia, has inspired many fanatics of the S-chassis around the world.

Miura-san works out of the small Top Resin Art (T.R.A) laboratory just outside the city of Kyoto and specializes in the design and creation of body parts for an incredibly vast variety of cars. On top of his own Rocket Bunny, 6666 Customs, Number 6 and of course TRA Kyoto brands Miura-san comes up with the designs and actually makes aero parts for well known Japanese aero specialists making him a very busy man. What sets Miura-san apart from any other aero maker in Japan is that he not only does all of his designs on CAD before hand, but has his own milling machine which shapes the negatives out of polystyrene to create individual parts. This process assures his products are of the uppermost quality and symmetry.

But lets get back to the S13. With all the aero parts available on the Japanese market this particular 6666 Customs kit just stands way out from anything else out there. Miura-san’s main influence comes from his lifestyle, he used to be a true bosozoku, spending his free nights terrorizing the streets of Osaka and Kyoto cities.  After a brief period running around in a crazy bike gang in his teens he moved on to racing ED Civics around the Osaka Kanjo, the loop of highway that runs around the city, a sort of smaller version of Tokyo’s C1 highway. You can see the series of air horns in front of the intercooler, which in true bosozoku style play the Godfather theme!

This car is the definition of stance! It literally sits 1-inch from the ground with front and rear tires scraping the inside of the wheel arches at the slightest bump.

Under the bonnet the boro-boro style continues with a pretty functional looking engine set up. The SR20DET develops around 420 HP thanks to the top mounted Blitz K3T turbo. The engine has been upgraded with oversized Nissan pistons and the head ported for extra flow. Fueling is handled by an in-tank Nismo fuel pump and Sard 800 cc/min injectors.

The piping connecting the Nakaoki front intercooler is all custom.

The interior is lined with heat-reflecting material and fitted with a generic brand bucket seat and steering wheel. A custom cage has been bolted in place for extra safety while the illuminated dice are just the right kind of bosozoku addition you would want to see in a car like this.

One of my favorite parts of this kit, on top of the riveted rear overfenders, is the rear duck tail rear spoiler, again fixed onto the bodywork with exposed rivets.

The wheels are a detail that just makes this car. These are Pro Comp Series 8179 truck wheels, usually seen in Japan on vans like the Toyota Hiace! They are fitted in 8Jx16" size at the front and 10Jx16" at the rear, both running Goodyear Eagle rubber (205/45/ZR16 front and 225/50/ZR16 rear).

Miura-san has built the car for drifting so it's been fitted with a Nismo 2-way LSD and a Nismo Copper Mix single plate clutch to handle brutal clutch-kicks.

Miura-san has been so busy with his contract work as of late that he hasn't had a chance to dedicate more of his time to expanding the 6666 Customs and Rocket Bunny parts line up. I for one would love to see what he would come up with for the S15 Silvia or some other cool drift-oriented cars like JZX90/100 or even R32 Skylines!

TRA Kyoto

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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picture #2 wallpaper please


Love Rocket Bunny! And theyre NWS homepage!! LOL...


Wow. Truck wheels.


Are these real beadlock wheels ????


Win !!!


very cool finally getting some real info on this car. great post.


YES. now how about the other two cars....


Finally...its been a long wait but i knew it was only a matter of time till you did a spotlight on such a dope car


Got stuck on their website for a while, i bet that thing is bad for their business. :/


I bet his r32 designs would be mean as shit!


The definition of stance? umm wut?


Great feature on one sick S13! Thanks Dino!


Cool, never knew this thing ran a K3T... just finishing up my SW20 build around my Blitz K3T turbo setup.


dont forget to add NSFW on that link to the TRA website!


i love this car more than anything...


Dear Speedhunters,

Please remember that there are other car manufacturers besides Nissan and VW. Kay-thanks-bye.


that is one bad ass silvia.. where does he drift it?


I think this car is a RUDE PERFORMANCE CAR!.


This is my favorite s-13 of all time.


i remember when this car had the wheels that looked llike gold SSR wheels, that was a while ago, is this the same car?


man, i couldnt stop crying, this as got to be one of the coolest s13's ive ever seen! simple, and those truck rims look sick on it


Racing window net and 420hp to run errands? Definitely married the right girl! This bodykit is AWESOME...It's the same one being used by Dairo in the Formula D series right?


Absolutely love this car.


he zip tied his radiator?


I want that wing style but gor my FC3S... very cool .... Nascar style almost, I like it!


ya bead lock with strech lol

Nah there not bead locks.


Classic! I loved this car so much, I built it in Forza 2 last year.


Porn? wtf??


I always love TRA-Kyoto's work, especially Muira-san's EF civic. im diggin the air horns too.


rocket bunny aero for the s15?? now i have something to dream about tonight hahaa


Nice job Dino!


Friggin TUFF S13!

Love it.


i love this car! but idk i still like his old mesh wheels better. IMHO


body kits always feel like cheating to get low. but that thing pulls it off well! nice.




Interesting home page!!

Definitely do a kit for the S15 next pleeeeaaase!!!! :)


I love the rocket bunny cars <333


Are bead locked wheels going to be the next hella stage of hella flush?? Maybe truck wheels on cars? I guess we shall wait and see...


Wow speed hunters is on a roll with sick S chasis cars being featured.

Yes its the same kit Dai has on his s13 but it will never come close to the original....(sorry Dai)


One more thing.I think it looked better on the BBS RS's it was sporting a while back...back when it was featured in one of those mags....import tuner?


Getting your hand on one of the original rocket bunny kits is almost as impossible as getting laid with kim kardasian.. Tried to acquire a set for my s13 once.. after 6 month of trying.. i gave up..


where can i get the red pig sticker from?? someone let me know thanks in advance

Great ride by the way!


Do they have a aero kit from the S14 Kouki???


i love the idea of truck wheels on an import. mad props for doing something new instead of just throwing on the same wheels everyone else uses.


loved this car since i first saw it, PURE AWESOME-NESS

oh, and, um, 'interesting' link there ;)


Damn good work, you got to love the rocketbunny kits.


Soooo Hot


WTF is boro about this car? It looks relatively clean and functional, its built by a freaking body shop!

Lost in Translation?


It looked better with iyhe silver mesh rims he had on it before.


What boro? Apart from the cracks in the front bar it looks clean, shiny and functional.

Its built by a bodywork shop FFS!

Don't just jizz random JDM terms, model numbers etc, take 2 minutes to proofread before you click post.


I liked the BBS RS's he had on before with the amazing stagger! (I think they look better then what he's rockin now, even though those are some pretty tight rims)


It's always hard to choose a favorite car because there are so many that fit the bill. The problem


It's always hard to choose a favorite car because there are so many that fit the bill. The problem