Car Spotlight>> Nathan’s Autech S15

Leaving Brisbane at 3:00AM in the complete darkness and almost sub-zero temperatures we set path toward the Gold Coast on lookout for a suitable location. After a couple of hours driving we slowly made our way over the Queensland / New South Wales border, heading up into the Northern NSW hinterland. We took some time driving around the mountains, letting unknown roads take us wherever. Finally finding a nice area where we could park the car and take some photos. As the sun started to shoot over the foggy horizon, I immediately got
the camera out and started to fire those shutters away. This time of
the morning and afternoon is by far my favorite time to take photos as
the light is so well layered. There are no hot spots at all
that overpower your photographs.

Unlike most S15 Silvias this one is powered by a naturally aspirated Autech SR20DE. With Australian laws when you first get your license your on you're 'P Plates' for 3 or so years. On your 'P' plates you have many restrictions such as; not being able to drive a turbocharged car, or anything over a V6, no engine mods and strictly a car not over 200kw. And many more, but with these in mind, this car is literally perfect for a young driver.

Importing the car from Japan to Australia, the car hasn't changed very much from when it left the motherland. Just an upgraded seat and some new rear wheels the car is a very suitable daily car.

The car looked right at home sitting amongst the mountains.

The sun looked really nice rising through the trees behind the mountains, so I got Nathan to drive the car around a few times whilst I took some rolling shots. The car looks just as magnificent driving as it does static.

I really love the reflections the tall trees and the soft sun light gives the car when you bump the shutter down.


…And the rear, so sexy!

What mainly sets this car off are the wheels. Recently purchased are the Work CR KAI's for the rear 18×9.5 +20 with no spacer which sits well flush to the guards.

On the front, originally from Japan is the older model of the Volk TE37, 17×7.5 0. Which to me are an amazing wheels, very subtle! The same coloured mismatched wheels look great.

Whilst the sun was still low, I thought of moving locations to get some variety. The hinterland area is so beautiful, there are so many gorgeous locations you could shoot! We managed to cross a dirt road which led right down the middle of a crop of Cain fields.

By this time of the morning, the sun was rising quickly, I love the soft glow it left on the cains.

Now its time to have a look at that N/A SR20! Oh, and this is Nathan.

I have to say on the drive down, the car is not short on power or response for that matter. I would love to own one of these cars. The sound of the N/A SR20 is to die for, its like no other!

The engine is almost standard apart from an M's Pod filter and a modified S15 Spec R exhaust.

Same goes for the interior, besides a Cusco gear knob and a Blitz gauge.

I'll leave you with this final image of the S15 trailing home through the long fields of the Northern NSW hinterland.

It was a pleasure shooting Nathan's S15, I admire clean street cars such as this.

Modification List:

Autech SR20
Modified S15 Spec R Exhaust
M's Pod filter

Heavy duty clutch
Autech lightweight flywheel
Cusco 2-Way Diff
Front R33 Brakes
Rear R34 Brakes

Ohlin Coilovers
Cusco front strut brace
Cusco adjustable tension rods
Cusco rear adjustable upper arms
Cusco adjustable toe control rods
Tein tie rods and rod ends with spacer

Cusco gear knob
Blitz gauge

OEM side skirts
OEM rear boot wing
Flared guards
17×7.5 0 Volk TE37's – Front
18×9.5 +20 Work CR KAI's – Rear

- Casey Dhnaram



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my second car had an NA SR20 that I had tuned. Great engine!! At the time, in 1994, it came on the SE-R and the NX2000 in the US market I believe.

Nice coverage.


Wow! Please make some wallpapers out of these pictures they are absolutely stunning!


Stunning, and I mean stunning shots Casey.


I was lucky enough to own a 94 Sentra SE-R with the SR20 engine. Funnest most reliable car I have ever owned. I miss it every day.....:(


ita a prettiest jap car!

beautifful fotos!)


not bad, suble car and I can totally dig the NA SR20de!!!!!


awesome pics! And I can imagine a NA S15 is an ideal daily driver, so smooth!


weri nice photo


great work dude, sick pics. sick car


AMAZING SHOTS.....I want to leave work and get my camera out tonight!


its spelt cane casey


great looking car!!

wallpaper please photo11 from the top..


Nice s15 , in 15th photo looks like a miniature car between some grass , cool!


N/A sr20's are very easy to find in the usa. I own a 96 200sx ser and it came with one from factory. They can be found in the 91-94 sentra sers, 91-94 nx 2000's, 94-2002 g20s, 95-98 200sx sers, and in the 98-99 se-l sentras. There is also a jdm engine called the sr20ve which has variable valve timming, it is a very popular motor with the n/a guys. For anyone interested check out we are a decent sized community!


If only it had those Work Emotions front and back, hot damn.


Holy Cow. I think I just had an eye-gasm. Great use of natural light!


Truely amazing photography Casey.

Love the execution of the kiss philosophy, Nathan. Keep It Simple Stupid.


can some of these please go intot eh desktop section!?!!?!!?!!? :)


love those wings


simple and clean i do like that!


Nice, would love to see the 7th pic as a wallpaper


But remember Autech version has 200HP from N/A. nice pics.


These are BEAUTIFUL shots!!!!!


Great pics.

Technically, this car is still illegal (pod filter, low) in Australia though, lol.


Great shots mate! Some serious rear camber on that bad boy too...


Great pix' !!!


the CR Kai's are killin it. bronze te37's look like hot mess, especially since they dont even begin to match the Kai's.

also 18's on the rear of 240's look like hot mess too.

other than the funk with the wheels (aka, get some more CR Kai's for the front), the car is beautiful :)

then again so is nearly every s15 :)


Love the front and back gravel photo's.

What Blitz Gauge is it?


wallpaper of picture #5 please... well a wallpaper of any of these pics will do, theyre so damn beautiful hahaa


He's got a bulb out on the rear!

Anyway great shots really gritty and meaningful


Engine bay appears to be slightly tucked. Looks real clean and functional. Nice!


can we get wallpapers of these? they're all beautiful photos!


Those pictures are amazing, thank you!


Wow, way to ruin a beautiful Sylvia with mismatched wheels. Why can't you people just pick one set of wheels and run them? If you simply must run mismatched wheels, why not run one set on one side of the car and another on the opposite? I would understand if you were off to the track and had a set of race slicks with different wheels that you throw on just for the race, but there's no excuse for this on a purely street machine. Change the wheels to a uniform set and you'll have one hell of a ride....


Photos are stunning! Can some become wallpapers, please??


PLEEEEEASE make some of these wallpapers


Nice! We need wallpapers...




I guess i'll be doing some wallpapers then?


wallpaper please!!!!!!!! im dying!!!


harsh laws here in nz i owned a 220kw gtir pulsar with cage and screamer when i was on my l license which means you have to have somebody with a full license to accompany you lol i was 17 lol and then owned a 4g63 cyborg with 255kws when i was 19 lol


it's cane not cain. nice pics and write up.


amazing car.

amazing photos.

amazing scenery.




Shit yea, nice work Nathan, and shots are spot on Casey good stuff.


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Taking his influence is never a bad thing.




it is an s15 to have