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A big luxury sedan is probably the last place you'd expect to find a set of forged Nismo wheels, but you can't argue with the results.

This Y34 Gloria (AKA Infiniti M45) was built by a shop in Kumamoto-ken known as Motor House East.

-Mike Garrett



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Love the concept - But those rear wheels look really.... really....not awesome.


best one i have seen so far!


What offset are those wheels? I've never seen them with a dish like that, at least not mine.



Love the Nismo LMGT4's.

Ride height and flushness is sic!


love the slammed look of this one... we never had the Infiniti in any form in the UK.. pity




mike, your my hero.


White rims on silver. No thanks. But otherwise it's a nice car.


Some dumba$$ is going to claim "That guy races that car". OK, fine, tell us what the temperature variation is across the face of the tire! What is the reading on the inside, center, and outside. If that guy really races that car, he'll know that and be able to justify the camber settings based on the temperature readings. I'll bet ten thousand dollars that there is more than a 50 degree temperature variation across the face of the tire tread, the car accelerates and brakes atrociously, and this, as with all hella stupid cars, have no business on the road, much less the track.


Yo that Infinite is a hot car


Fitting at the back-wheel looks horrible!


wow..... im converting to european cars


Yea the fronts looks god, the height looks good but the rears look silly.

Less camber and more arch work is needed.


ugh i cant wait to buy a y34


too much :/


Real Racer, dont take yourself so seriously. this guy im sure has his car built up and set up exactly the way he wants. with that kind of money, he can do whatever he wants. who are you to judge him, or whoever this future "claimer" is. live a little man, let other people do the same.


The car looks amazing, i don't see glorias too often in the vip or tuning scene its great to see a few from time to time. Great picture, if there is more pictures of this car that would be great!


@ Real Racer

He races that car


you have to be kidding me if your giving reasons why thats not a race car

anybody whose been in the car scene for 2 minutes knows that the point of vip cars is to be ballin not measure your camber for the track


Looks nice. Love the wheels. The rear camber isn't my cup of tea at all, but the car is still nice looking.



It looks like you were the first "dumba$$" to say that.


Hella Flush is to the world of Automotive Tuning, what parachute pants and single sequin gloves were to the world of clothing fashion. When this fad finally plays itself out, there will be no revivals and everyone will look back and wonder how people could be so stupid.

And that is not VIP. VIP is about riding like a king. That car rides (and drives and functions) like crap.

Someone use the lever on the bowl above the seat, and flush this fad down the drain.


"Hella Flush that turd down the toilet. We don't pay you to play in the john. And wash your hands before you get your ass back to work, the customers don't want your shit all over their food, french fry boy."


What VIP has evolved to, and in the minds of most is full size 4-door luxury sedans dumped (often bagged) on either A) ridiculous fitting wheels on stock body achieved through hella camber or B) not so ridiculous sizing, however wheels are tucked into the arches to get very low ( a lot of nissan and toyota sedans have a lower rear arch than front, therefore to avoid having a muscle rake this is often the only option). I think the car looks cool, he's probably bagged, if not he was very tedious about setting his coilovers. It wouldn't function at a track, but I doubt its what he does with it.

As far as the comment about riding like a king, the Y comes with hella luxury ammenities. As well, have you ever ridden in a dumped, full size sedan that bagged/coilovered? It's still pretty damn comfortable, especially on bags.

Just cuz a car isn't you're style doesnt mean its stupid and that you know everything about everything