Random Snap>> Super Gt Cerumo Lexus Sc430

Hey all, for my first in a series of SUPER GT Random Snaps, I chose this image of the Team Cerumo Lexus SC430. 

In the hands of Richard Lyons and Yuji Tachikawa, the car is a potent force in GT500, coming 2nd in the series in 2008, just 4 points away from the utterly dominant GT-R of Satoshi Motoyama and Benoit Treluyer. 2009 was a tough year for the team, but already this season they've recorded a 2nd place (at Okayama) and a fourth last time out at Fuji.

Taken at Autopolis' 'Jet Coaster' (roller coaster), this the 2nd of two hairpins at the circuit, and is particularly demanding as it comes at the top of a hill, before cresting and shooting directly back down again – unbelievably cool! 

In the background is the circuit's famous amphitheatre-like grandstand, nearly empty during the Sunday morning warm-up session.

Although the series isn't visiting the track this season, I'll be doing a feature on Autopolis later in the year. It's a superb track and I'm sure we'll see it back on the calendar soon.

 – Len Clarke 



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That is a seriously awesome shot!!


I love this SC430. It looks so evil with the dark Zent livery. Too bad they're changing to the LF-A


Great shot :)


O sweet merciful crap!


SC430's are sexxy =)