Preview>> Vintage Races At Mission Raceway

On July 16th to 18th I'll be heading to Mission Raceway to cover the Vintage Races held by the Vintage Racing Club of BC.

I haven't been to any of the local vintage events before but by the looks of it, there are some pretty cool cars that come out from all over BC, Washington, Oregon, and possibly further.

If you're anything like me, and dig the vintage cars as well, you definitely don't want to miss this event. Mission offers a great opportunity to get really close to the cars that some venues don't.

I also hope to bring you guys some features on the more interesting cars, so look forward to that as well as coverage of the weekends festivities.

Thanks to Paul Bonner for the photos! 


Mission Raceway Park

- Carl Jarrett



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that camaro is amazing! wallpaper, please?



Yellow Dino = DROOL!


You should do a spotlight on that track, that first picture is incredable.


liking that yellow Dino... plus the fisrt pic of the Camaro looks deadly..


If you like this car, there was the RMU Classic on Spa francorchamp in Belgium.


That's a great GV '76B March, is there any more information about that specific car/owner? IIRC they ran two under the Direct Film banner in 1976 season, curious if among all the March 76B's imported either of the originals survive.


DAMN IT how could i live soo close and not hear about this?


Nice vintage event !

Thanks for the pictures !!


Camaro is the Beast!! Desktop pleazzeeee


I will try to get as much info on these cars as I can, watch out for it after the event!


what...Gilles villeneuve is back !!


Mission Raceway is truly the best motor sport venue on the west coast. We were drag racing last weekend there and set the Pro Mod track record (6.011 @ 238.79 MPH). I love going to this track every year.


We hope you will join us if you can, and pass this on to folks who might like to attend. All the information is on our website. Last year's event when we clebrated Westwood50 when these photos were taken by Paul Bonner, marking the year that track opened, we had over 100 Vintage and Historic Racing cars competing and many more on display. The X Villenuve car shown here was a featured car, Gillles having raced at Westwood in his Canadian Championship quest that led to F1. Racing ars from the entire Pacific North West attend. Featured race this year is the Victory Lane Formula Vee race which is open to all Formula Vees and is part of the Victory Lane Canadian US series.


love the z 28 and the miata cobra's


That RAWLSON CR 11 Cam-Am sure sounds sweet, goes like heck too.

Just Google Rawlson CR11.

Someone said the car was FOR SALE.


I wish I knew this was going on, I'd have loved to be there. I used to go drag racing at Mission all of the time when I was involved with Jr. Dragsters, and I always wanted to drive the road course. I used to take the track golf carts around bits of it, which is as close to racing on it as I've gotten unfortunately.

I hope to see more in-depth coverage of this event!


Looks like a good time!

Ill be bringing my Veilside GTR out to spectate.


Great pics, always cool to see vintage cars stretching their legs at the track.