News>>the 512 Project

In just over a week from now our friends from Fatlace will be traveling to the Lone Star State to host one of the most unique automotive events of the year.

Done as a Fatlace/Stanceworks collaboration, the 512 Project will be held on the track at the Driveway Austin racing circuit with stanced out cars from all over the USA scheduled to be there.

Want to attend? Check out more at the 512 Project website.

-Mike Garrett



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sounds interesting mike, look forward to coverage!


stanceworks ?? wtf what next? usa take somthing others in the world have been doing for years and years and claim it classic


@ Peter. GTFU..


I have said it before, but what a fucking ridiculous idea. Yay lets take sporty cars, slam them undriveable then hardpark on a track. What the fuck America!?


Nice, my boys black boosted 350Z


Atleast you fellas got the balls to run these type of offsets as they look tuff.

In AUS all 350Z I have seen are just rolling on stockies or some shit wheels and no where near tight / hellaflush fitment and right height.


It's going down, you should come Mike!


please pleaseeeeeee wallpaper tomorrow is my birthday june 18 jaja pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


I will be there. It'll be nice to have Fatlace here in Austin


Can you desktop this pic? Loves it :)


"...the event will be happening ON the track. The cars will be parked up and down the sides of this unique motor sport creation..."


What a waste of track pavement and track time.


What's next, a fashion show on a football field?


So they're just having a car show, on a track, parking cars, on a racing track...OMG STOP THE PRESSES!


Pretty funny that this event will be held on a track since none of these "stanced" cars ever see the track


ok... i wait with baited breath...


Sorry, but it is one thing to host a show in a parking lot... which is used to house parked cars. But why rent a racetrack to hardpark a bunch of cars that couldn't turn a lap at speed if they wanted to? Kind of a disservice to the Driveway members that could be using the track for what it was built for...


Shame none of the cars can be driven hard on the track....


@ peter. the stanceworks guys did not 'claim' it.


This is going to be a great meet, you guys just wait. And for you guys commenting on some of these cars never seeing a track or cars that couldn't turn a lap at speeds if they wanted to. Really don't know any of these cars. I know for a fact most of these cars could prb lap some of you guys, like that black turbo Z in the pic, he is not slow by any means. Also some of these cars drift, so before you start stating facts that you know nothing about. Why don't you do some research on the people you talking about.




So a bunch of posers park on a race track instead of in a carpark and that is special?


i see my GS300 BRG doin big things


WTF. I don't get it. A car show on the track? That's the whole point? Why don't they use a parking lot somewhere and then let other cars actually use the track.


Really looking forward to this event. Everyone is talking about it here down here in the south.


Austin Texas woot! You just have to the the right people to see cars like this.


guys like seventhskyline are the pansy pussys that ride on suncken wheels and stock suspension and think there on to something


'hellaflush' means shit house performance. If you want your 'sports car' to go around corners, shoving your wheels into the arches isn't going to do it. 'Stance' looks good in photo's, but that's about it.


oh yes, lets taunt these poor, already ruined sportscars by parking them somewhere they'll never be able to be used properly. i wish the minivan craze would pick up stateside so people would stop destroying decent vehicles.


Hmm... will the cars like, clear the track at some point and use the track for a trackday? If so that's pretty cool, although they're paying to have use of the entire track the whole time anyway.... I'd rather use it as a track.

If they're not using it as a trackday at all, then this is a absolutely retarded idea.


Fuck thats retarded... "Hella"fail..... sigh


So unless these cars are going to be bashing into each other, why are they on a track again? Im all for style and stance, etc.... but um thats like taking some 64 impalas on daytons and sending them to the nurbergring,

maybe they are going to run against each other and prove everyone wrong, smashing their bodykits, and denting their 19" deep dish wheels.... that would be sick..........


Austin? Why the hell go there when Dallas is bigger, has more tracks, more fans, more money, more interest, more enthusiasts....Austin is just the capital, not the biggest city. God damn it, when are these promoters and planners going to start pitching the D/FW area? Seriously, there's nothing but stoner hippies and hipsters in Austin.


Some of you are absolutely ignorant. See the white 350z? The one that lower than the rest? With the most agressive fitment? That car IS tracked, that low. You would know that if you actually browsed this site or looked at any of the coverage from mineral wells events. stfugtfo


Let's hope there are no bumps on the track or all these HellaFlush things will HellaRub their HellaFenders to HellaOblivion.



Some_guy: Sup bro, what did you do last weekend?

Uber_Hard_Parker: I drove on a track man!

Some_guy: Cool, got any pictures?

Uber_Hard_Parker: Yeah, *shows picture of hard parking*

Some_guy: Wtf, these are all pictures of your car just sitting there on the race-track.

Uber_Hard_Parker: Fuck you man, I was ON the track, that counts as track time!


lol @ everyone crying over show cars displayed on a race track. get over it


Mad Mike can drift his slammed and fully functional rx8!

Am I right?..YES!

As a consequence,I believe that these blokes can drift or race , too!

Please...SPEEDHUNTERS crew cover this event!


*Image of car parked on a sidewalk* - "Hey! People could be WALKING there!"

*Image of hot girl posing on the beach* - "Hey, People could be SWIMMING there - That bikini wouldn't function at all in the water!"

It's photography. It's art. These comments are retarded...


notice how most haters come from Australia...someone piss in all your cheerios this morning, mates?


Sounds like a pretty sick time to me, too bad I live in frickin Ohio...Why the fuck does it matter where it's at? Seems to me that there will be a ton of great looking rides there,


what's with all the flaming against this event? You don't like it, don't come! Not your style? Ook then that's fine, but G T F Off of here with your negativity.


At first i thought that these hellaflush cars will do a trackday, then i read the part that they're just going to park on the track itself. hmmm.

still looking forward for this show though. :)


Austin Driveway must be having a very difficult time filling their venue with _real_ events.


Sounds like a great event... Instead of walking a few hundred metres around an exhibition or carpark you have to walk several miles around a racetrack to see a few dozen slightly modified cars that will probably never see the racetrack ever again.

And I thought Autosalon was full of wankers...


@ peter - God forbid we start putting flat faced 17" wheels and venetian blinds on our classic Japanese cars!

@ ryoga - Dallas smells like asshole. I'd rather smell patchouli and weed than Texas' armpit/taint. I live in Fort Worth and I STILL hate driving the ~30 minutes over there for anything. Toll roads, gas that is priced $0.60 more per gallon than anywhere else, shitty traffic with shittier drivers... Dallas is NOT a car-friendly place.

I'm not really a supporter of function over form but there are a lot of non-"stanced" cars that will make it out there as well and I may be one of them... It's an opportunity to get out and see new things, meet new people and fuck up someone else's house for a change.


Sounds like a chance to autocross...


PLEASEEE have this as a wallpaper!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEE :)


lets the haters hate, i know what these cars are capable of and they most of not all are daily driven.. some of them do track, honestly let the haters hate and biggups to you guys congrats on the event


Thanks for all the comments. As many of you know this is our first event with Stanceworks and I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to have it on a track since most of the time when we're on it, we're racing. Since the track is privately owned and only the owner gets to tear up the track, we thought we'd ask to host an event on it.

Hope to see you all there and lookout in November for another track/drift day we're hosting at Thunderhill Raceway in California.


Everyone who attends this so called event should look down at the track surface and remember that if they got those hunks of junk out of the way, real men in real cars would be driving on that track at 130 MPH. Is this Speed Hunters or Look Hunters?


Ok, I stand corrected that all the cars aren't hella hardpark hypebeasts.Still hold to my opinion that this is a pretty wack idea for an event, but it suits the scene I guess. I see Driveway Austin actually hosts lots of motorsport events though if their calendar is anything to go by, not just the owner's private practice sessions?

Will look forward to seeing pics from the thunderhill event.

O RLY, cologio?

You can check out my sunken wheels and stock suspension here.



I'll be at this event and my car is track worthy. I do understand that most of these show cars are not. I wanted to attend to bring some race inspired German attitude to the scene. I drive a 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32. It's lowered slightly with Bilstien PSS9's and rolling on Volk wheels with Nitto tires. It'll do a 20 minute track session with no problems. Just dynoed the car today and it layed down 225 hp and 222 lbs. torque onto and AWD DynoJet. Look for me in Austin next week.


everyone as an opinion but come on, don't just be judging a book by its cover. Didn't you guys learn that in grade school? Seriously go to the event, meet the people and SEE the rides up close then judge them and say what your saying...... Don't just "think" cause they have lower stances means they can't drive or track. I'm no expert or pro racer or anything, but just with common sense I would think most of you guys would just love to see these rides. Sure we all have different tastes but at least they aren't primed mustangs or hondas or junk with massive UNLESS wings and ricer mods renting out a track... At least these rides have respectable drivers and they are respectable rides, 350z and lexus, ALL respectable and clean..... Keep judging and hating, but do it with some knowledge first so you don't look so ignorant.... Good luck Stanceworks collaboration, wish I had kept my lexus GS and slammed it, nice work guys.


F**k USA and their shitty trends. Just a bunch of posers trying to look cool and "JDM" (That's an over used term too. Use it when it's necessary)

"Yo dawg, sup. Check out my hellaflush Impreza. It's so rad... those rims are the perfect fitment"

F**k off.


Well, maybe my race inspired GOLF might be outta place at the 512 Project but it will definitely earn me a SWEET parking spot. Also, I plan on doing a track event at this location sometime this year. This show gives my a chance to see the facility. Maybe meet other drivers and possibly the owner. I call it networking.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion without question. I do want to say that I define a "car enthusiast" as someone who appreciates all aspects of car culture. This is what we are about at StanceWorks. The same motivation and enthusiasm is what's fueling this event. I invite anyone from anywhere to come out to the event to see for themselves the type of comradery that the atmosphere produces. More then the cars, it's about the community and bringing enthusiasts together. Hope to see everyone out there and thanks to SpeedHunter's for the promo!


Don't blame this hella crap on the US. It was brought here from Europe, but the Neets and the Dutch. It's transplanted Eurotrash.


@ txftw, brg ben, mark fatlace, lol, .:Rajuncajun37:

Please provide a list of the races that the above pictured cars have participated in, the name ot the sanctioning race body, and a link to the race results posted on the internet on the sanctioning body's website, in order to prove that any of those vehicles can be and are raced.

Otherwise, shut your mouth and stop trying to pass off a bowel movement as gold.


@ real racer ok...Give me a second to recover all the info you are asking be back in a sec! LMAO


Flush, the new rice!


So curious as to why the fuck you bother commenting if you arent going? Does this meet appeal to you? Obviously not... so step the fuck off.

And to the DFW guy... We *In Houston* dont mind driving to Austin for this huge event and most Dallas folks dont either. Get with the caravan and drive your ass down. If people are driving from Cali and the East coast then you can drive 2-3 hours.