Event>>the Vw Classic Pt.1

Every summer in Orange county, Volkswagen enthusiasts of all types get together for a massive gathering known as the VW Classic Weekend. For an entire weekend VWs swarm Orange County for a number of events, with the highlight being a giant car show at the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine.

On Sunday morning I headed down to Irvine to take a look at this mecca of SoCal VW culture.

While on the subject of SoCal, it doesn't get much more SoCal than a slammed two-tone Bug sporting a roof rack and a surf board. Yep, VW guys have been on the roof rack trend since before most of us were born…

Why stay at a hotel for the show, when you can just spend the night in your VW van? The Keep Drifting Fun boys know all about this.

Among the hundreds and hundreds of cars that came out, every type of Volkswagen could be found. There was everything from serious drag cars, like this Type III Notchback…

…to slammed cruisers, like this Beetle wearing a set of what look to be 16" Fuch style wheels.

This drag machine looks like it came straight out of one of the old Bug-In events at the long-closed Orange County International Raceway. Love chop top and retro paintwork.

Seeing as this an Orange County VW event, there were dozens of traditional Cal-Look style bugs on hand, many of them from the famous DKP car club.

Plenty of "rat style" VW's were out there as well, such as this "green on white on rust" transporter.

Cross a VW Vanagon with a Porsche 911 and you get something like this. I love it.

The Classic is dominated by air-cooled VW's, but there were plenty of water pumpers on hand. This Corrado on Work VS-XX's was fantastic.

Another VW doing the JDM wheel thing, with this late model Jetta dropped over a set of Work Eurolines.

Long live the Karmann Ghia. This one looks pretty sweet on modern Porsche rims.

Nothing says retro cool like a Meyers Manx buggy, VW-powered of course.

I don't think I've ever talked to anyone who doesn't like Type III VW's. Here's three fine examples of the breed.

This Squareback looks surprisingly good, dropped on 17's. Typically, cars like this don't look good on big wheels, but it works here.

Definitely one of the lowest Type III's I've ever seen, with a super narrow setup up front for maximum slammage.

Early model Panel van, rusted, low and looking like it should.

Besides all the Bugs, Ghias, Type III's, and vans, there were also lots of rare VW models on hand, like this super clean Brasilia, from you guessed it…Brazil.

A rag top Bug sitting over a set of polished Empi five-spoke wheels. Iconic as it gets in the VW scene.

I'll be back soon with more from the VW Classic, including a few spotlights on my favorite cars of the day.

-Mike Garrett



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jetta looks hot on those MAE Crown Jewel knock-offs ....i mean Work Eurolines.....


You can't deny that oldschool VWs are always cool. They seem to be all things to all men.


i'm kicking myself in the nuts for not going to this.


that vanagon reminds me of factory built Porsche B32 from the 80s. The B32 featured a 3.2L F6 from the 911 "G" series outputting 231PS...


Excellennnnnnt! <3 VW, i'll always love aircooled, and other Karmann-built models are excellent as well :)


Brasilias were sold in Mexico also. Dunno if they were brazilian made though.


Lol at the german numberplate


Is that a Ghia in the bottom right of the first pic with the candy gold paint? Any pics of it?


They got nothing on the 24 Hours of Lemons Judge Mobile built by Angry Hamster Racing



AWESOME photos mike.


Niiiiiice! Can't wait for the rest!


Squareback = I'm in love!


What rims are those on the Greenish Squareback (photo #15), they are pretty dope.


Ese Brasilia tiene placas de México !!!



Fuchs are 17's and the DDS car is a relic harking back to an era of Gassers killing V8's at Lions..


love it.. love it all..


Bugs never came with flip-out winscreens, did they?


Brazilia´s were designed and manufacturer in Brazil, so they might be called BDM´s :P They were exported to many countries in south america and to portugal.

One of my uncle´s owned one back in the late 80´s early 90´s, until it caught fire in the highway...

About the Vanagon, Oettiinger in Germany developed a flat-6 Vanagon, but it wasnt what you think: you might be thinking "they shoved a 911 engine in the back"... Well, no. Aparently, VW comissioned Oettinger to develop a 6cilinder version of their flat 4, and they did it by cutting one engine in half and joining it to another. VW canned the idea, but Oettinger gave it a shot anyway. If I recall it made something between 170 to 230hp... dont recall it very well. Google is your friend, someone go look it up, :D


The two tone blue and white bug with the rack and surfboard is me. way cool guys. thanks