Event>>the Vw Classic Pt.2

It seems like VW's (especially the classic ones) are vehicles that can unite all sorts of car enthusiasts. Everyone from hot rodders to stance freaks to hardcore drag heads can appreciate a properly-done V-dub.

On that note, here's some more action from the VW Classic, held on Sunday in Irvine.

Another flawless Cal Look Bug, owned by a member of the Der Kleiner Panzers Car Club.

This accessorized Caddy was representing nicely for the water-cooled crowd.

Mooneyes USA was out selling goods, and displaying this Squareback on a set of full-polished Speedmaster wheels.

One of the most ridiculous drag VW's I've ever seen, built by the folks at Ron Lummus Racing.

Talk about an insane engine setup.

A ratted out and slammed Beetle might not be the most original thing these days, but they are still a lot of fun to look at.

This dumped crew cab pickup came all the way out from Arizona for the show.

I'm finding that retro VW drag cars are just as cool any American drag machine from the same era.

On the subject of retro, this Bug looks like it hasn't been touched since 1976. Check the scoops on the rear quarter panels, and the hi-po "Torque Twister Pos-A-Traction" tires.

Nope, it's not a VW, but a Tatra – a car that heavily influenced the original Beetle.

An immaculate split window Beetle on BRM's. It really doesn't get much better than this.

This red on black bus looks hot, scratches and all.

Another scraping late model Jetta, this one on Work Euroline SL's.

California dreaming.

The rare and always desirable 23-window bus, ready for some cross-country road trips.

Stance Squad. Clever.

The VW pickup – how could something so utilitarian be so cool?

Period correct wheels look great on VW's, but so do late model Porsche rollers – as modeled by this Fastback.

That does it for my general coverage of the VW Classic, but stay tuned from some cool VW spotlights I grabbed from the show, fitting with our monthly theme.

-Mike Garrett



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Ron Lummus Racing Bug...WTF!!!!!!!


Will we get some wallpapers from this?


I love it Mike! I dig your stuff always! My first car was a '72 standard Bug done up in Cal Look style. Brings back fond memories! Thank you!


win beyond words!


Nice stuff! Any photos of that low slung machine riding on whitewalls parked in front of the red Arizona crew cab?



There's nothin' else we can do


So many awesome VWs! I bet it was hard to choose what to show. Can't wait to see the spotlights!

BTW, is that the first time a Tatra has been seen on Speedhunters?


the stance squad beetle rims looks like lamborghini LP560 rims also called cordelia mesh / basket weave rims.


more pic's of the tatra please


incredible Mike .. any chance of any wallpapers ?


RLR drag bug is super cool. Love all those watercooled VWs and the Tatra too. Still have yet to see a new shape Beetle that I like though.....


First MK5 Jetta with some Work Euroline SL wheels awsome look great looking car any more pictures?


Stance squad, Nice.