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Last weekend I checked out some flat-fours of the classic German variety at the VW Classic in Irvine – this weekend it was flat fours again, but of the modern Japanese variety.

Saturday was the annual Subaru Summer Solstice, better known as S3 – and I headed down to the Torrey Pines Gliderport in beautiful San Diego to have a look.

Rolling up to ocean-side showgrounds, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount cars that had come out. Hood scoops as far as the eye can see…

And cars were still lining up to get in. Here see a group of Imprezas that made the trip down Interstate 15 from Las Vegas.

WRX Wagon plus blazing orange TE's. One of my favorites of the day.

All of the big names in the Subaru community came out to show their cars and products. There's the AQ Motorsports time attack car.

And the wicked sand monster from Crawford Performance. Subaru-powered of course.

Black on black on black. The fact that it's on Rotas doesn't even bother me.

The vast majority of the cars were Imprezas of some sort, but a few Legacy owners also came out. Interesting look with the blue on purple here.

This bug-eye wagon slammed on BBS RS's has popped up at a few different events I've been to. Very clean.

This Impreza looks awesome, but it must have taken some skill navigating this thing up the dirt hill to where the show was.

World Rally Blue buddies. The overall atmosphere of the event was very laid back, with people simply hanging out and talking cars. The best type of gathering in my opinion.

Something about the bulging lines of the STI make it look great in flat black.

Can't forget about the GC8. The two-door version is still one of the coolest looking Subarus of all time.

Seeing this hopped up Forrester brought back memories of muddy construction areas and the Forrester my friend borrowed from his mom back in high school…

It's a bit hard to think of captions for endless Impreza pictures. Here's another black one one Gramlights.

And another on some unidentified concave wheels.

Low and flush Legacy sedan – one of the hottest I've ever seen here in the US.

Having trouble deciding which badass set of wheels to throw on? Why not use both of them?

Just another slice of the hundreds of cars that came out.

The pleasant sea breeze,  a scenic backdrop, and tons of Subarus. Not a bad
way to spend a Saturday.

-Mike Garrett



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wat? no sonic yellow imprezas?


Saw all these guys on the 5 heading North as I was going to the Del Mar Fair.

Can't beat the sound of a bunch of EJ's on the freeway.



so many nice scoobys, love the last Legacy Sedan!


Wow my subie with work wheels made the page, subie ftw!


moar turbo Forresters


whats eith the hate on Rota wheels?


very naice. i'll always have a place in my heart for the warble of a tuned subaru exhaust


The "GC8" as you call it, is in fact a GM6.


Great pics of a great event.

I'd love to get some of these in high res for wallpapers?


Black on black is HOOOOTTTT!


Hi Mike! Thank you for coming out and taking picture of our event! As one of the founders of S3, I would like to express our gratitude for showcasing our event! We had over 280 Subaru's out there and we hope to make next year, bigger and better!


Awesome event!


i dont know y but i love the 2 tone subbie.....


any rally inspired subys? these are way too "hella flush" for me


aww...i was there...

dont even see my car in the background xD


Didn't see any yellows! I was bummed too.

My red RS is in the back of the pic of the 2-tone forester. That forester was sick.


Whats wrong with Rotas?


the white bugeye wagon on the bbs, is brothers, nice. a lot of nice cars i do so


man that looks like a mean day,we should do one in new zealand.


unidentified wheels are XXR 522's on chromium black.


oh sweet... that's my car... another unidentified wheel :3


The matte blue car & first black-on-black car are doing it for me.


i dont see what everyone has against rota, i still love them, they make cool wheels. o and those " unknown concave wheels were a set of xxr 522's i believe


I believe those "concave wheels" are Rota grids?


Cool coverage


The wagon with the fluro TE's looks great, as does the matte black pignose!


I believe the "undentified concave wheels" are sportmax xxr 522. Never seen them on a Suby but it looks good. I want more GC8 pics!


San Diego scores!

Some nice Subies here!


the noise must have been ridiculous.. love the matt finish on the stealthy looking Impreza - 3rd pic from the top..


More info on the 3 door flat blue Imprezza. There never was a 3 door in the version right??


Rota are for pussy... Varstoen are for dick head.. Shame on you you cheap skate.. No excuse for rocking fake wheels..

What's wrong with rotas??.. Are you cool if a steal your design and sell it for shit ??

I had a subbie.. always tracked it on the weekends.. It rock stock wheels to its death and its still cooler than your candy paint subie with hellaflush stance rocking roof rack and Fake wheels.. No excuse for FAKE.. Faking the funk are for fucker..



If you guys go to their site you'll see that lots of their wheel designs are copies off already existent designs


Another event to remember!

Glad to see SpeedHunters out there.


those are some of the most slick subs iv ever seen if not the most thumbs up


The "thing" about Rota's is they dont really make cool wheels. They just copy them. And remake them i lesser quality, cheap. Most don't care, but some of us prefer the real thing, and quality you can trust. And choose to support the manufacturers that actually come up with the good designs that Rota and others steal.

There is ALWAYS a reason why something is cheap.


Check out the East coast Subies. Wicked Beet Meet 2010 http://www.flickr.com/photos/drew84/sets/72157624267706978/


That black bugeye is so hot He's rockin 2 sets of FAKE WHEELS...oh and must be hellaflush, its so WrongFitment.


At neal, the flat blue is mine and still has all 4 doors...thanks for the shout outs.


I miss my old peanut-eyed beast! Nice pics!


concave wheel are XXR 522's i got the same set on my veedub with 0 offset =)


Cool event, some really nice cars which weren't featured on this, Voltex cars, varis widebody w/ bee R wheels etc. There was 1 sonic yellow wagon at the event, and I think that was the only yellow suby out there. Thanks for visiting Mike & SH :)


There's nothing I hate more than an e-thug (u know who you are). Listen, to each his own. Some people can't afford the good stuff. Besides if all you're doing is posing or stylin' and profiling than Rock the sh!t out those Rota's! However, you (joelmaniac) should know that Rota has forever been a "knock off" brand and are notorious for breaking when you need them most. So unless you're looking for a reliable wheel for the track, let'm rock the sh!t out dem Rota's.


i went to go surfing and this was randomly in the same parking lot. I walked through and checked it out, pretty cool stuff.


AHH! so awesome! 04-05's FTMFW!!!!!


The black bugeye rocking the 2 sets of fake wheels u say was in fact rocking 2 sets of real wheels...I was at the even and saw these first hand!

Owner of the black bugeye your car is sick!


Woah, that black one with Gram Lights is HOT!! Oh wait thats MINE!! Awesome event, awesome cars, Some seriously sick Scoobies out there. BTW Its true the black bugeye had REAL wheels. CE28s in back and I think BBS in front. It was my fave car there I stood there staring at it for a good 5 min. So clean! Cant wait till next year :-)


the unidentified wheels look like the greddy gullflames....