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I was glad to see that the Idlers Games coverage went down so well so I've prepared another selection of pictures from last Sunday's epic event at Tsukuba. I did focus quite a bit on the Porsche presence, as I personally have a thing for anything wearing the all-important Rauh Welt windshield sticker, but it would be a pity not to show more of the other cars that were also participating.

The event was split into various classes, each with its own qualifying session, followed later on in the day by a race with a proper grid start. 

Oh there you go, another Rauh Welt Porsche, I just can't help myself! 

This RS proved that simplicity is just as effective as any other type of style.

Lining up with the rest of the vintage class was this 2-door Corolla 1200 Deluxe station wagon, a very curious looking car that I have never seen before. The rear was mostly stripped out to help keep that weight low. It's really incredible what you bump into at events like this.

Another AE86 running the new TE37Vs, albeit in a much smaller offset and width than the ones we saw in the first part.

This Levin just screams grip! Not a single zip tie in sight!

It would be wrong not to give any love to all the little Minis that were present at the event, probably one of the most sought after import car in Japan. There are so many Mini tuners and resellers in Japan, probably more than I ever saw when I was living in the UK! 

Nissan Sunny on Watanabe wheels.

First chance I got to see some TE37Vs spinning around rather than on display! Now that the initial supply shortages are over I'm sure I will be seeing them fitted to all sorts of cars. 

The "Blossom Joker" in out in action. 

One of the classes is dedicated to all generations of Mazda Roadsters.  

I was very interested in taking a closer look at this FD3S after I saw it out in action. That massive rear wing, on top of being the biggest spoiler I've ever seen fitted to a street car…

…was actually electronically controlled to go into this position as soon as the driver gets on the brakes hard, effectively creating a massive air-brake. Think McLaren F1 and Bugatti Veyron. The owner told me he had designed and built the whole set-up himself! Very ingenious.

One way to get noticed!

S30 perfection.

The white RWB Porsche we saw in part 1 easily overtaking an Alfa Romeo 155 V6.

Ready to fly!

The vintage side of the paddock had quite the line up. 

The rarities didn't end with the Corolla station wagon, but included this spotless Autozam AZ-1…

…this race-ready Alfa Romeo Giulia…

…and Giulia Sprint.

I spent some time looking over this 1967 Honda S800 race car with its single seater layout and low windscreen.

Remember the military green RWV 930; well you will be pleased to know that the engine looks just as good and as functional as the interior. Before each track outing the yellow filters were removed from each of the six intake funnels.

Hope you all enjoyed this vast selection of legendary cars from the Idlers Games. I'll be covering many more of their events throughout the course of the year as I am well and truly hooked!

Idlers Club

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I need more Rauh Welt in my life...


Outstanding!!!You keep impressing us Dino!!!!

The orange 240z is immaculate!

Can we have a full feature of it or a desktop at least?


I want more..WE ALL Want more!!!

That lLevin rolling on V's is DESKTOP Worthy!


Desktop of that white Levin ON tr37V'S please


That #78 Levin is looking so tough with those TE37V's!

kinda reminds me of the crystal body yokohama ae86. (is that correct?)


don't appologize, I could spend all day looking at RWB porsches.. :)


All Darn lovly !, keep up the good work/coverage.


Please, please, please show some more 105 series Alfas on modern wheels.


WOW that blue levin is STUNNING!


It's really nice to see old Alfas out there, passionate people.


you seem to get the better stories of the bunch... or is it the pictures hahaa ut my favorite cr was deffinently the rx7 with the rx7 that resembled a maziora color coat, loved it


drool drool and drool some more


I think the idlers games coverage is the most mesmerizing in terms of raw awesomeness and car pressence of character. Each car posted could deserve a feature on its own!! Love these events


What a great group of cars. Mann I wish I could hear the sounds of all the engines. Porsche flat-sixes. High revving inline-4's in the AE86s, Italian Alfa's, Classic Nissan inline-six, rotaries. All good stuff. Thanks for the coverage Dino.


More features and pics of non-drift track/circuit spec Corollas and S-bodies wouudl be greatly appeciated,


I love that Bordeaux Porsche! I love anything Rauh-Welt!

And that air-brake setup is brilliant.


soem classic cars here.. love the AE86's.. but some cool Alfa's were representing.. love the Porsche's - nice coverage.. thanks


So much awesomeness!

The #78 Levin would be a great desktop.


More please.


the orange s30 truely is perfection... Loving the coverage. Good job as always.


Awesome coverage!

I'm loving RWB !


Wow nice coverage...i wonder where does RWB come up with those unique names.Blossom-joker..lol, i love it how they place it on their cars,UZI,Stella Artois,Bordeaux etc...and so much more...isnt the S30 the office Tomika Fairlady Z that was featured on Speedhunters a while back.sure looks the same


filters? those are tennis balls...:D