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I got a lot of positive comments on the random snap featuring this car. So I thought a feature was in order to have a better look. The car is actually a 1984 version made to look like a model from 1966.

The owner replaced a lot of the original items on the car for older ones to match the '66 model like the front fenders, boot lid, and the frontlid. The lighting, gastank, rims and brakes are other items that have been exchanged for older ones.

The drop and the color aren't standard on the 1966 model but they sure make the car more interesting for us to look at. I have been catching up on my Volkswagen fetish lately and I'm still amazed to see cars like these that appear to be standard but are far from it.

The steel wheels are 15" with a custom red finish and chrome hubcap. They are wrapped with 145/65/15 white wall tires in the front and 175/65/15 in the rear.

Not sure if there any real Beetle enthusiast here but if there are they would have noticed the owner removed the rosters behind the rear windows.

The car has been lowered with an adjustable front axle, but they removed the shock absorbers. The rear has been dropped 3 splines as they say in the beetle community.

The interior is very Spartan, just the way I like it.

Just a speedometer, bucket seats and a steering wheel are all that is needed to make this a fun to drive.

And yes it does drive like this, maybe not as a daily but for those nice drives to and from the shows.

-Jeroen Willemsen

I must thank Ronald Veth for the use of his photo's



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this cars overall stance is perfect


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The front wheels are too far in and have no camber =[


looks awsome. but i really wanna put wider wheels on it. so they fill the arches!! =( always the same with beetles!


What kinda seats are those? Brand? Model? The car is awesome. No air ride?


Love it! Fusca Love!


Since it's an 1984 model, I guess it was built in Brazil or Mexico then? I got to drive a Mexican-made Beetle a couple of weeks ago, built in 2002. It drove really well. It felt just like a classic Beetle, but with the fuel injection and electronic ignition, it started right up and ran with no fuss. I'll have to get one!

And then lower it just a little (nowhere near as much as this one), put a set of Porsche 914 wheels on it, add chrome bumpers and headlight rims to make it look like an original '69-72, install a nice stereo, and I should be good to go.

The owner of this car was thorough; he even removed the outer gas door flap. But where is the fuel gauge on this car? Even the 1966 models had a fuel gauge.


Tnx Jeroen for posting this car !!


sweeeet these pics need more lighting i think this car sparkles


i don't like the tucking of the front wheels and flushing of the rear wheels

much beetles have that, and i know it isn't possible otherwise, but it looks odd to me :(


i not into beetles but that doesnt keep me from appreciating this, really cool touches to the car, love the stance though the front has a weird positive camber look when seen from the rear...



thats because thats not how aircooled VW's work.


Absolutely STUNNING shots Jeroen !!!

I don't suppose you will be doing desktops of any of the images will you ?



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The car's from France I believe and the front wont get camber unless you do ALOT of customizing, they stick in so far so the car wont rub the tire on the inner fender lip. This is the beetle that inspired my family to slam our 70 (still in the development stages, lol).


Another car on list of "i need"


Drifto, the front suspension beam is narrowed looks like 3-4" to be able to tuck like that but it doesn't allow for much camber (typical stance). This bug is perfect, wheels set it off so well. Plus the fact that the owner put it in the work of converting an '84 to a '66 - dope.


that camber looks REDICULOUS


"The car has been lowered with an adjustable front axle, but they removed the shock absorbers"

So it has no suspension?? How does that work... is it like a solid front setup?

Lucky if has 65 profile tires for 'suspension' then haha


cool as.. love what he's done with it.. total retro cool.. aren't car enthusiasts mad as hell.. LOL


hrdnts a beetle has torsionbarsuspension drives real smooth without shocks but the wheels bounce on bad roads .

censport fuelgauge on late beetles is intigrated in the speedo


Very nice. love the white walls


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Hello Speedhunters!

Thanks for the kind words! I just sold the car, it will soon scrape the roads in Belgium, near Mechelen. I hope the new owner has as much fun with the car as I did!

To answer some of the questions above:

@ G-Zilla, seats are from an old Simca, not sure what model. And no airride on this baby!

@ Censport, this is indeed a Mexico bug. On some minor things you can still see this, door hinges etc. And indeed, a '66 is supposed to have a fuel gauge, as well as front blinkers.

@ a lot of people, the front needs tuck like this to still be able to drive. As you can see the fenders are really flat, you can't go deep, only right in the middle. The front has no camber at all, just the rear has extreme camber. Can't do much about this though, this just happens when you lower a bug!

@ Joe, this is a 5" narrowed beam.

@ HRDNTS, as aircooler says, a bug has torsionbars as springs, so when you remove your shocks, it gives you a smoother ride than with the shocks installed. When you are this low, your shocks are really short and don't give in anymore which gives you a very bumpy, harsh ride.

For more of our low riding bugs, visit!


Reinoud / LosCreepers


Reinoud, I couldn't help seeing you write that comment earlier today when I saw you were reading Speedhunters haha, I sat nex to you on the computer @ school. Awesome Bug dude, I saw it before a few months ago on some other website. Loved it back then and still love it now. It's a shame you sold it! Cheers!