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Every time I head down to the South of Japan I make it a point to stop by Sunline Racing (SLR) and take a look at what Sato-san has been up to. Last time I was there I had a chance to grab a few shots of his GT-R demo car, one of the fastest R35s in Japan. 

I have always liked how SLR does things, they concentrate on enhancing a car's performance from the areas where it matters the most. This red R35 is the prefect example. The exterior has been kept simple…

…with the only addition being the big carbon fiber GT-wing at the rear. The wing is there to give much more downforce when Sato-san takes the car on tracks like Okayama. 

The first stage of modifications to the VR38DETT include a superb sounding titanium exhaust system…

…and a pair of Blitz blow off valves. The actuators on the stock IHI turbines have been replaced while freer flowing outlet pipes boost response. The rest of the tuning has been done on the engine management side of things with an Access Port where Sato-san continuously refines the mapping. By raising the boost to 1.1 bar via a Blitz boost controller the car now develops 630 HP.

The GT-R sits on specially developed SLR Trace adjustable dampers and a set of Rays 20-inch Volk Racing 2-piece GT-30s. Braking has been upgraded with Endless bigger diameter rotors all round. A special Traction Control Differential made by OS Giken completes the list of modifications.

The heavy electrically adjustable and heated seats have been ditched in favor of lightweight Bride carbon-Kevlar buckets…

…and a very nice Nardi steering wheel. Sato-san has also replaced the stock paddles with a set of beautifully made carbon ones, giving the car a more track-focused feel.

The Blitz boost controller has been cleanly fitted to the dash, within easy reach from the driver's seat.

Sato-san has recently fitted a carbon fiber roof to the R35, a part that helps lower the center of gravity of the big Nissan. SLR have just opened the US side of the business so all these cool parts are now available in the US too.

Sunline Racing USA

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Great example of a tuned GTR


Minimalistic and I like it. Very "clean", refined look about it.


sick and simple




i love the fact this thing is tuned on an access port. Definitely shows the true power that unit holds. Clean and simple, still retaining all the luxuries this car offers from the factory while the owner can still see and feel the benefits of there modifications.


Love it. What a well done GTR-35!


Perfeição !


Very nice feature! Loving the stock body/rim/GT wing of the GTR.

Desktops please for images 1 & 3. Thanks


Desktops please!! :)


Dang. Understated beefiness is the way to go. This R35 proves you don't need a $10,000 paint job, demon camber or obnoxious amounts of bolt-on body pieces to make a truly unique track day killer...


o hell yes!


I'm so in love!


All good, but the wing has to go.

I wish the rear bumper was higher too, Super GT style.


It's really a monster !!!!


Thanks for deleting my comments every time I post. I guess we have to all agree otherwise our post gets trashed, is that it? lol


For a recap, my original post stated that this R35 was simple and understatedly awesome. I also explained that you don't need a bunch of body cladding and useless winglets to get a really clean, aggressive look. That's all.


Maybe next time I could do something that justifies moderation, like throwing out the odd racist slur here and there? Or I could just throw up the same "awesome!" or "beautiful!" single-word posts that everyone else uses?


I know this will just get tossed, too, but I wanted you to at least hear my side. Oh well...


Simple, Elegant, and purposeful... I love it, the red stitching on the steering wheel and seats plus the CF paddles are just great touches!


Very Nice..this needs to be compared to MCR Skyline


I am surprised that on such a high performance, expensive machine, they felt the oem LSD and giant ceramic rotors weren't good enough. Unless the ceramic ones are an option and their car didn't come with it..

I don't think the nardi steering wheel flows with the interior, but the seats are an upgrade.

I think wheels could have been much MUCH better looking, but at least they are volks. Not complaining about their quality just not attractive to me IMO.


Wicked car!

SLR do it right... Except the GT Wing... Hah!


this is an example of a modified GTR that doesnt look too ricer. Clean and simple, yet distinct from stock. I like!



You must be feeling pretty stupid right about now after your little rant. I know it takes forever for the comments to go up, but I think you give yourself too much credit for "upsetting" the dudes at Speedhunters with your comments.






As I was nerding out on GT-R related goodness at R's Meeting last Sunday I heard an announcement