Car Spotlight>>slammed Type 3 Ghia

As I walked through the VW Classic last Sunday, I made sure to keep an eye out for cars to feature as part of our Spotlight Month. Just a couple minutes after walking through the gate, I came across the coupe you see above, enticed by its ground-scraping stance.

But what was it?

After a few seconds of my mind digging through its automotive archives, I remembered that it was a Type 3 or "T34" Karmann Ghia.

Like the original Karmann Ghia, the T34 is a Ghia-styled coupe built on the VW's larger Type 3 chassis. There aren't many of these cars around, so I was surprised to see one modified to this level.

A glance into the immaculate interior shows what I believe are airbag controls, mounted in front of the shifter.

An airbag setup would help to explain the ridiculous stance. This is the anti-flush.

Large Fuchs style alloys with low profile rubber match the car well.

Aside from all the custom work put into this car, the original Ghia styling still looks great to this day.

For more on this car, check out the website of its builder – Kustom Coachwerks out of Grand Junction, Colorado.

-Mike Garrett



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T34 is the codename of a Russian WW2 tank. And this probably ain't fater than that tank. I know it looks very cool, but the website is slowly turning into Stancehunters instead of Speedhunters.


nice, love the sunken battleship look


WOW................. I like!


Ah, KCW, that explains a lot! Love the rear custom treatment. Love the interior. "Anti-Flush" that's perfect!


those wheels are everywhere yet i cant find them!!


agreed..Stancehunters instead of Speedhunters..


VW T34 Karmann Ghia Razoredge. Type1 headlights look awful...


I have to agree with Yossarian. Do a spotlight on something that can get out of its own way.


This is a car website. we all love cars here. If you dont like it then dont read it.

No biggie.

And stance is in right now so . . . whatever. people like shit that is SLAMMED!!!!


It isn't bagged.


Not bad.

And Yossarian, I've seen racing stuff being posted recently, so it's not all "Stancehunters" ;)


I love Razor Ghias. Great post guys.

Have you got any pics of the matte black Razor with spiked hood?


The controls on the floor are the headlight and wiper controls and ignition key, relocated there to make the dash as clean as possible. Also, this car is static dropped, not on bags. It is an extremely custom car, with not a whole lot of the original T34 styling left. Here is the build thread of the car so you can all see what exactly was done to it.


Those are Type 2 (bus/transporter/beetle headlights)

Cant tell interior parts used.

Removed aux/fog/driving lights


that isnt air ride. its just that low.


hmmm interesting.. a little different from the norm..


I would rock an old VW any day. Any pics of it at ride hieght?


shieldsyo said:

Any pics of it at ride hieght?

Yeah, you're looking at them. ;-)


i think this car looks great. i am diggin that interior. stancehunters! that was clever.


this sucks kcw killed the lovely styling


I like it, good to see people doing custom VW's still, we don't all have to restore them to stock




Also, to Mr Yossarian, in addition to the fact (previously mentioned) that there are still racing stories being published on a regular basis, the stance and aesthetic value of the cars featured on this site has been a HUGE factor since day one! remember you're reading a blog where the majority of content is drifting stories, you're going to have to expect a certain amount of form over function. That said, many of the cars featured exhibit both, but just try to be open minded maybe and you'll find you might enjoy some of the stuff!


Yeah I kinda agree. We already have sites for stanced cars; Stanceworks, Hellaflush etc etc and I think Speedhunters needs to avoid posting so much content that we'd see on those sites. I mean don't ignore the stanced scene totally because it's big at the moment but focus more on other aspects of car culture. Oh and @BlueSlug I enjoy the stuff posted, just don't want Speedhunters to turn into Stanceworks or the like. See what I mean?


first time this car took to the streets for it's first drive after being completed i was in it. ...