Car Spotlight>> Reiter Lamborghini Murcielago Strada

Tucked between the two big Reiter race trailers in the Brno GT1 paddock was this yellow devil: the special edition Reiter Murcielago Strada, German race team Reiter Engineering have taken their experience from the decade or so they've been developing GT1 and GT3 Lamborghini racing weapons and applied it to the road, providing a shopping list of parts to turn your already raging bull into a snarling minotaur.

Who wouldn't want to drive a big, fire-breathing GT1 car? Reiter's aim is to make the experience of driving the Murcielago Strada as close to the racing R-SV GT1: the idea is that you take your 'stock' Murcielago to Reiter Engineering along with an appropriately large sum of money and start thumbing through the parts catalogue. Choose everything available and you'll end up with something that looks, sounds and performs pretty close to the race-going version, minus the flame-throwing exhaust of the GT1. Which is probably no bad thing, although I can think of some uses for it on the average high street.

At the moment the Strada show car is a one-off: the model was unveiled at last year's Essen Motor Show, backing up Reiters's Gallardo GT3 Strada and R-GT specials of previous years.

The watchword for the Strada customisation is carbon. It's everywhere. What you gain in expense is balanced by the weight the car loses as a result and the associated performance boost. Slatted front louvres help reduce turbulence and increase downforce.

The enormous carbon rear wing is taken straight from the GT1 car: it spans almost two metres and generates over a 1,000kg of downforce! "Smaller wings are available on request" apparently. Other carbon options include the underfloor, front splitter and rear diffuser.

Out back, there's a new centrally-mounted, high-flow twin exhaust system which includes a silencer remote control for those moments when you have to consider the neighbours. Under the body, replace the word 'carbon' for 'race': the Strada has race-derived shock absorbers, anto-roll bars, coil springs, brake disks and callipers. 

The show car at Brno was fitted with more regular 'dial' spoke rims, but Reiter offer a version of the GT1's aluminium light-alloy Oz racing wheel modified for a regular five-stud mounting system, fitted with a road-legal version of Michelin's Sport Cup racing tyre. The rims are 10"x18" front and 13"x19" at the rear, mounting 265/35/18s on the front and 345/30/19s at the back.

Reiter have widened the track and, like with their racing cars, carried out a rear-wheel drive conversion. No slide-saving four-wheel-drive here. New suspension ('race-proven', of course) is using a set-up developed after a lengthy test programme that involved Reiter's race drivers and engineers. You may appear a blur to other drivers on the road, but inside things should be a lot more controlled.

Inside, the cockpit is an overload of carbon and black Alcantara leather: 'race-like' bucket seats can be installed – they even come in an XL size if you carry some personal success ballast along with your enormous bank account. A full FIA-spec (carbon) fire extinguisher system can also be installed: something you hope would never be required… 

Finally, a full racing roll-cage has been inserted and discretely covered to match the interior leather, with wider than normal gaps to make getting in and out a bit easier.


Jonathan Moore


World FIA GT1 Championship


Reiter Engineering



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Now when can I win a Euromillions double rollover.............


still RTR is over that snob thing.


in a word, want!


Real men drive cars with 3 pedals; such as this one!

Up yours Ferrari!


is it as fast as the twin turbo stuff from the other article?


The first capture is just great!

I would like to understand the aerodynamic philosophy of this car. It's got a massive rear wing but no rear diffuser. I'm not too sure to be really understanding the whole down force/Drag compromise thing. Someone can clear me please?




I really wish a better car than JLOC's was allowed to contest Le Mans this year.


Darmanos, a diffuser is an option for the car. It doesn't matter greatly anyway, I doubt a diffuser would make a significant difference to the feel of the car, which is more important than a few km/h of straight-line speed.

And seriously, a TON of downforce from the rear wing alone? That's a lot of force pushing down on the rear wheels!


simply stunning. every aspect of the vehicle looks like it was given attention


Love the exhaust


They actually sell this thing... It'll cost 159.499€ / 196 662,267 US$

Quite cheap....!


They actually sell this thing... It'll cost 159.499€ / 196 662,267 US$

Quite cheap....!


this looks great! love those pipes out back and up high.. nice interior too.


@ nicko. that RTR is going to be fugly.


Now I know what to spend my money on when I win big at a casino.


sounds to be a better offer than the Murcielago SV

RWD or nothing!


What size are those rear tires they look like 295+ the actual race car tires are smaller.


they car is realy ord.


This is really interesting take on the concept. I never thought of it that way. I came across this site recently which I think it will be a great use of new ideas and informations.


Wheel sizes are reversed: should read 18x10 and 19x13.


I am not worthy!


This is pretty awesome for a murc.