Car Spotlight>> Redbrick Evo Vii

We've featured our fair share of EVOs on Speedhunters and I personally never get tired of seeing them. In standard trim, they can look pretty aggressive but when built up as a Time Attack competition machine, there's even more potential for pure fearsomeness. We all know the Sierra Sierra and Cyber EVOs but now there's a new kid on the block from Redbrick Racing in the UK.

Let's have a quick look.

Last year they ran the car in a different spec, but Red Brick wanted to be
more competitive for the 2010 UK Time Attack
season, and decided to spice things up a bit.

It all starts with the Voltex spoiler that's a must have, wind tunnel proven item; need I say more? A fully functional diffuser has also been added for a better airflow underneath the car.

Another item from Voltex is of course the carbon front splitter with additional canards. The extensions on the fenders and sideskirts are made by Do-Luck.

The carbon wheels, yes carbon, are made by Dymag and come in 18"x10 with Toyo R888's wrapped around them.

The 4G63 engine has been prepared by Tracktive who upped the displacement to 2.2 liter. A very trick part is the Inconel exhaust manifold and downpipe. Inconel is also used for the exhausts on Formula 1 cars because it can withstand extreme high temperatures and is resistant to corrosion.

Here's a more comprehensive list of what has been done to the engine: Tracktive prepped Mitsubishi 4G63 Stoked to 2.2, Cosworth CNC ported race Cylinder Head, Garrett GT42 V band Turbo, Inconel Exhaust Manifold and Downpipe, Custom Dual Core Intercooler, 8 Injector Manifold + Direct Port "Wet" Nitrous system, Tracktive Custom Dry Sump.

Inside it's all business with a flocked dash, stripped interior and a welded cage. There's also a Drenth sequential shift system for lightning quick gear changes. Those with trained eyes can also see the Tilton paddle box and airjacks.

The exhaust gasses are being expelled via this custom side exit exhaust. Door cards from carbon and plexiglas windows keep the weight down.

Here is something special you won't find on your regular EVO. A complete AP Racing brake setup with carbon 343mm rotors and DTM calipers with titanium race nuts. In the rear we can find carbon 278mm rotors and F1 calipers from the same company.

Besided the engine, the suspension is another very important part of a car so here is another list with all the goods: Custom Tracktive T45 Rear Sub frame, Custom Tracktive T45 Front Sub frame, Custom T45 Front Wishbones , Titanium Front Strut Brace, Custom Aluminium Rear Suspension Arms, Custom Blade Anti Roll bars, EXE-TC WRC Gp A Dampers, Custom Billet Aluminium front / Rear Hubs, Hell Titanium Brake Lines, Hell Carbon F1 Fluid Lines.

Will we see this car at the World Time Attack Challenge next year? I sure hope so because then it would be a true World Championship with almost all continents represented. But for now, we'll have to see how the car does in the European Time Attack series and keep our fingers crossed.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Redbrick Racing



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Desktop, shot #2 Please?? Beautiful car !


look at the engine bay shaved?


the specs are crazy.... the paint scheme however is very lackluster


this car is amazing!


that engine bay is VERY CLEAN...........FANTASTIC WORK!!!....


SICK, this should deffinatley give the Sierra Sierra Evo a run for its money should they decide to enter the WTC next year


DAAMMMM.... Another Super EVO is representing in the Time Attack scene!!

The whole is only as great as its parts, and the parts are GRAND !!


I was dissappointed by the lack of teams at the World Time Attack Challenge. Only one American team showed up and only two or three Australian competitive teams showed up (one was a race car). Thank goodness for the Japanese for stepping up and bringing four cars.


this beast is NUTS!


What the hell is engine bay shaving?

Its called wire tucking


no it's called a wire tuck and engine bay shaving. shaving the bay means you take EVERYTHING out of it other than the motor and relocate it all. notice there are no fluid resevoirs, battery, etc. the only other thing besides the motor/turbo setup is an oil catch can. the bay is extremely clean, well designed, and on top of it - the motor is an absolute beast. BEAST MODE for sure.


What an amazing, clean, piece of art. Yes. Art. I love everything about this car!!


That is SICK, if they do enter the WTC next year they'll deffinately give the Sierra Sierra Evo a run for its money!


WOW!! That's one hell of an evo, hopefully it can live up to it's potential.


maaaate thats one flush engine bay, first track car iv seen totaly de-loomed


I would say this car is capable of beating the Sierra Sierra with the right driver. That sequential tranny cost some pretty money.

Although I think the Dymag wheels should be left for show cars (simple forged monoblock wheels are stiffer).

@ Jeroen: the lug nuts are not made out of Titanium. They are the Project Kics R40 Neo Chro.

Great feature Jeroen.


its still not going to beat the cyber evo, looks nicer and safer but not going to win.


3rd pic wallpaper ! please !:D


Very nice indeed. Looks like a professional build with great attention to detail. Hopefully it can make it's way Down Under next year :)


Beautiful Car.


Titanium race nuts O.o! AWESOME!


engine bay shaving is filling unneccessary wholes in the firewall/fenders, etc. that bay appears to be shaved as well as wire tucked


This is impressive, what a piece!


This EVO is Bonkers!


sick ride...damn


spitting image of cyber evo but with different color sceme and wheels.

but other than that another awesome machine cant wait to see what times and damage it will do on the tramac


Engine bay shaving? Nice! Awesome machine! Eso tiene que ir pa su muerto!


@ boosted monster... Only the front bumper and fenders are really the same if you know your evos.


OMG this car is perfect from my point of view,it's perfect :X


Ha - I knew those wheels were made by Dymag! I guess Callaway C16's aren't the only ones with those shoes! OUCH!


Very interesting evo with a nice mix of voltex & Do-Luck aeros...nice livery also.


Really like the engeneering part! They didn't save on expenses or effort on this built! And which sequential gearbox of Drenth do they use? A DG400 or DG500?