Car Spotlight>> Rat S13

In a world of much seriousness, it's great that every now and then one person comes along to remind us it's okay to have a laugh. Brendan Bynre arrived into the middle of a Show and Shine paddock with this PS13. I'm sure you can imagine the stir it caused when he parked up amongst a group of over cleaned and under used cars.

Despite it's rough exterior, it's actually a pretty well sorted car which makes it that little bit cooler.

We've got Work Emotions F17x7.5 and R17x8.5 wrapped with R888s at the front and Eagle F1s on the rear.

The car sits on Tein Drift Series coilovers while the rest of the exterior is standard except for an unknown front bumper.

Under the rusting bonnet is an SR20DET, 1.2MM steel headgasket, ARP headbolts, ACL Race big end bearings, Greddy baffled sump, HKS adjustable actuator, S15 turbo elbow, 3" downpipe and a 'custom' exhaust, Blitz induction kit, Walbro fuel pump and a Cusco strut brace.

The inside has been treated to a full rollcage, Sparco bucket seat, MOMO wheel, six point harnesses and an array of Blitz gauges.

I hope you enjoyed this little spotlight on this PS13. Sometimes it's nice to just let go and enjoy the small things in life …




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wow this thing is prety banged up but there nothing wrong with that i think is sweet


I Like =D Especially the piston LOL


Haa Haa!! Love the piston!




ugh... could we get a little less craptastic POS's? if I wanted to see that I could look out my window.


wow. 90 percent of all the s13's out there look like that. nothing wrong with that, but i don't come to speed hunters to see banal common cars.

btw, "rat" cars have style, that is just a beat up nissan with a license plate that says rat


If hes out there tracking it, good for him! At least it's serving a good perpose.

As far as the car deserving to be featured to the masses I'm a little disapointed. Car was made to look like crap on purpose, whats the point. its one thing if it was all beatup from different events....anyways im done.


Delete the stupid roof-rack and it'd make it a lot better.


hey how come the exhaust isnt there in the 1st pic? love the style anyway!!


Junk-hunters... WTF?????????


oh ya plus youed get twice the looks


What a pile of crap, will never understand the excitement in trashy drifters.


Really Speedhunters? You can and have done so much better ...


chrisrtian you are f iiin loh.


is this australian?


this car is pretty lame.


wow.. last picture of piston as desktop please! =)


Wheel gap kills !


I think the exhaust is a narly, but I would love to know if he drives that on the street?


Alot of haters on here, car looks savage and he does drift it and bang it up even more haha


Would like to see this in action! Im a fan of useful cars with some things that allow it to stand apart from the 2mil s-chassis vehicles at events. Keep posting these, and less of the euros too low to turn the steering wheel and staggered wheels on fwd


now here's a buch of haters like aways who dont seem to appreciate cars is their pure essence, their just metal and machinery to work meant to work, and this one my not be pretty but sure does the job pretty well while having a character of its own, much of whats missing in some of those expensive builds.

SO F%&K off, I COME TO SPEEDHUNTERS TO SEE DIFFERENT CARS ALL AROUND. not the same shit always. its just a small feature anyway.


"one person comes along to remind us it's okay to have a laugh"

Relax for fuck sake!!

Its only a laugh as stated in the first paragraph!


It is another rolling trend machine.

Roof Rack, Check. Stupid Exhaust, Check. Somethign hanging from rear tow hook, check.

What happens when that last rod bolt wiggles its way out and that piston turns into a missle on a freeway? It will happen.

I am kind of dissapointed seeing this car here, there are tons of cars that deserve the spotlight better than this one.


seen it in person not nice at all!


+1, Paul


So many haters. Ya know what, fuck all you haters, that S13 is pretty awesome aside from the exhaust.

And who cares if they feature banged up cars, I'd rather see banged up cars that get driven hard then cars that basically get trailered everywhere.


definitely not speedhunters material...


Guy is having fun, whats wrong with that?) Won't say its a beauty, since i am a fan of well beaten drift cars which this one is not, but a trashed out car is still something more personal then another clean and shiny one.)


So he spent all his money on his rims and engine....come on...what a heap!!!


@ paul. little thing any GOOD. shit ever halfway DECENT mechanic and any individual to pick up a wrench can use, red lock tight. not a hard concept to understand


this car is pretty cool...I have a soft spot for cars like these, but none is as epic as Yuta's 240Z!!!! (the piston on the rear bumper is new though...)


The "POWERED BY THE DOLE" sticker is major LOL-age! XD


There is a difference between a drift pig and actually making a car look sh!t.

Roof rack..? WTF!

I'm sure this has some decent bolt on's under the bonnet, but trying to make it look "Pig" is not working here.


I'm thinking, if I want to go see a pile of junk I can just do that at my local wreckers. Funny to read peoples comments sayng it servers a purpose, and what may that be??? As recycled scrap metal??? It is a stupid trend, and no I'm not hating, just giving a virtual slap across the head of those that think this is cool.

Piles of junk are only good for a laugh on prime time television e.g. Top Gear.....

and yes that piston hanging off the tow hook is freaking dangerouns, the POPO should be all over this thing to defect it when driven, Oh wait..... that is if it even gets driven to and from places.....


please dont feature rat s13s lol.. the tolerance of whats acceptable declines the younger the 240sx owners become..


please dont feature rat s13s lol.. the tolerance of whats acceptable declines the younger the 240sx owners become..


NISMO OMORI FACTORY pretty much summed it up.

Surely there's other cars than generic drift Silvias out there that you can feature Speedhunters..


that is one of the coolest cars iv seen, at least brendan can take the mickey and not take himslef to seriously..... i mean the modding scene is about personal choice........ it was great to see it stuck in beside the other cars, and as anyone there will testify to, it got the most remarks and comments out of anything else on show,

Fair play to him for being different


that car is beast

seen it on track in ireland

lov 2 see if against som of the 'haters' cars


This is a terrible car. Very very badly done.

If the rims fit, and the exhaust fit, and it was lower.... maybe it would be cool in a tough way... but this just fucking sucks.


What a steaming pile of crap. I've seriously seen nicer-looking cars when I was combing through junkyards.


Looks like they tried to hard to make it look like that. Dont like.


Looks like they tried to hard to make it look like that. Dont like.


@ Bryce, how do you know he used loctite? I would be willing to be he did not give the state of the car. It does not change the fact that having a lump of metal ZIPTIED to the back of the car is pretty dumb, I can just see that thing bouncing along the freeway and taking out the bumper or headlights of my car. Any "decent" mechanic would know better than to ziptie something like that to the back of a car.

And there is no proof posted this thing ever even touches a track...especially with the roof rack trendy "style" this car was "built" with.

Whatever happened to pride in workmanship, and that any car, especially a track/race car should have nothing but the best prep/fit/finish?


Did they forget a letter, IE POS13?

+1 Paul & Malicioso

I'm sure the guy has fun in it, but does it deserve coverage? So if we try less we'll get more coverage?


Love it.

Also, I have to say I'm having quite the laugh at all these close-minded comments.


It is pretty odd to see matching make and model rims on a beater 240!


Epic shit box, There is no room for 7.5' +32's on speedhunter spotlights. this car trys to hard and fails in all the wrong places, bad offset, no stretch, hideous body, fail ride height. Like really, what the hell. It's not a drift car, it looks like a 14yr olds first car. wouldn't be suprised if it has airhorns and a sub.


That roof rack is dope and totally serve's a purpose, I can imagine throwing atleast have a dozen drift spares up there for track days. Make's me want to run one on my silvia.

Car needs better wheels and fitment though...and some aggressive aero to do that exhaust justice.


this thing is amazing ! theres an rps13 going around that similar to this with skull decals on the side. gotta remember its whats on the inside and the engine bay that counts !! :D