Car Spotlight>> Pike’s Peak Lister Roadster

Many of you may have noticed that in first three days of Pike's Peak coverage, you'd see photos of the same groups of cars in each post and there's good reason for that. I was purposely following the biggest storyline for the event: to see if either Monster Tajima or Rhys Millen would be able to fly up the mountain with a sub-10 minute time. Those two cars were in the same class and in the same run group. And that particular run group consisted of the open wheeled class, the 2WD, 4WD time attack class, and the unlimited class. 

I didn't see the other amazing Pike's Peak cars from the other classes until Friday evening's Fan Fest in downtown Colorado Springs or until race day. I made sure that I made it down to Fan Fest for the opportunity to see a few of the cars I have not seen yet up close. This blue Lister Roadster, driven by Charles Breed, particularly caught my eye as I perused the downtown streets.

This car was participating in the vintage modified race car class. 

The "office" of the car with all those gauges and toggles give it such a modern and purposeful look but also keeping the vintage aesthetic. 

You need as much downforce as you can in the thinner air on Pike's Peak. The wing on the cage reminds me of those dirt oval sprint cars.

As I walked around the car taking these snaps, I was wondering what engine was lurking under the hood. Then I spotted this badge… Why hello there Mr. 7.0L LS7!

After spotting this car at Fan Fest, I was excited to see how it'd do on race day. Charles Breed threw this car up the mountain in 14 minutes and 47 seconds. That time gave put him in second place in the vintage modified race car class!

What a car, no?


Speedhunters Pike's Peak 2010 Coverage



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Sweet car !! A frying pan size turbos on each side of the block and a active wing ,then maybe unlimited class next year .


Did you get any pics of Andrew Hawkswoods open class ,Carbon Fiber tube frame evo 8 before he throw it off the mountain on Sunday .


i bet it purrs.. or screams... either way lister has been one of thos compays i found out about in a game that i jst always kept close to my heart


Good to see that you're not just a corporate tool, following only the big names, Linh. You have me worried at times.


not only do dirt oval sprint cars have massive aluminum wings on the cage, but also super modifieds and many other types of oval (paved or dirt) cars!


That car is awesome. I love it.


That's and awesome car. The wing on top of the roll cage looks a little odd, but who cares- it's function > form all day long with pike's peak cars.


looks very cool.. i always picked up a retro Jag. feel from seeing these little beauties, we dont really see much of these cars now - thanks to Brian Lister who made a classic that he just kept improving on.. excellent pics & coverage is second to none..


its awesome!!!! :-)


Wow thats a wicked car for sure, would love to see an in-depth write-up on it. Beautiful lines and a modern mega motor makes for some serious business!


I thought this car looked familiar went and check mylaps, and yep race with the guy every weekend.

fast car in a straight line but that is about it...