Car Spotlight>> Pike’s Peak Datsun 240z

Sitting not too far from the Lister Roadster at Fan Fest in downtown Colorado Springs was this exquisite example of a Datsun 240z. This was another car that I was unable to see in the three morning practice session because it was running in the vintage race car class.

What sits in this immaculate example of a 240z, is no monstrous V8, but a carbureted inline-six L series motor. I’m not sure if the owner/driver, Brian Scott, drives the car up the mountain without filters over those glorious trumpets. Without the filters, the engine bay looks just heavenly, doesn’t it?

I couldn’t get a clear shot of the interior with the doors closed so I stuck my light capture device through an opening in the trunk and snapped what I could.

The interior is as basic and business as it gets for a race car. Though, I was blown away by the completely pristine cockpit! They definitely cleaned up this car for Fan Fest to the point where you can’t tell if they actually race the car or not!

The vintage styled livery looks fantastic on the car.

Brian Scott managed to propel this super clean 240z up Pike’s Peak to finish fourth in the vintage race car class with a time of 13:55.


Speedhunters Pike’s Peak 2010 Coverage



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I was just pondering the thought of driving my own 240z to the peak, wouldnt that be fun


Beautiful car! would have loved to see it race to the top!


Thats one set of ugly rims!!


This Z was quicker than the Lister Roadster with the V8? I don't believe it. That's just bad @ss!!!


wow , This old school N/A car went under 14mins ,


Drum brakes in the rear??

Very nice car, I like the fact that he left the factory front bumper.


Nice stance on this. Lovin' the black wheels, and they're enormous, too!


I was just pondering the thought of driving my own 240z to the peak, wouldnt that be fun


well it was faster than the lister... go JDM!!


Awesome Z! I love old-school racers!


beautiful car i love S30s non of the v6 cars can even come close to the beauty of the S30 zs


this thing would sound amazing


Very nice!


Why such big wheels? The car itself looks really nice though.


The Lister roadster blew a headgasket on the way up - hard to compare their times - it is ridiculously fast.

This Datsun is amazing. It's one of the most sanitary race cars I've ever seen.


Any video of it climbing up the hill at speed?


Who came first, second & third in the vintage car class? But its brilliant to see a pristine N/A inline 6 like this!


Awsome car, it also had a blown head gasket about 4 miles from finish, just made it over the finish and choked to a stop, look for high 12s next year!! Go Brian


Thanks for all the cool coments, except the wheel ones. I rally so compomotive is the wheel of choice, they just dont break, not the prettiest things though. I will be posting some video and pics on Special rally forum soon. Oh buy the way I too blew a head gasket 4 miles from the end so low 13 teens is realistic for next year.

Brian Scott


That is a beautiful car! I am going to say next year will be in the 12's!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the wheels!!!!!!!

Don't change a thing! Maybe the bad head gasket :-)

That car/driver will see a lot more victories and magazine covers!!!!!


I was at the climb and when the 240Z blew by it was howling and wicked fast. No other engine sounds like a triple Weber carbureted inline 6 at high rpm.