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One of the many blogs I frequently visit is The Perfect Exposure blog. It belongs to Jerry Truong who has an amazing eye for photography and seems to be at every cool event in the States. He asked me if I could feature his daily driver and after I saw the car thought it was worth showing to the Speedhunters audience.

Jerry's machine is this SC300 that he bought 5 years ago, at thetime it was completely stock. He turned it into this sleek looking cruiser with some cool, understated modifications. I always feel that the SC300 is really underrated, In Holland I almost never see them but as you can see in these pictures,some mild updates can make all the difference.

It all starts with the wheels: Jerry opted for a set from Work called Rezax II in Superchrome with polished lips. They come in 19" and are true 3 piece wheels. Behind them are the upgraded 4 pot calipers and Supra rotors.

The car has been lowered on Tein coilovers and are controlled via a Tein EDFC. To achieve a better stance Jerry got some Ichiban spacers to get the wheels flush with the fenders.

 The exterior features a complete Shine Auto Project body kit that includes the front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper all made from FRP.

I believe this is the entrance to the Oakley factory, right? A perfect location to shoot this sleek looking car.

The Shine rear bumper had to be modified to fit the Tanabe Prototype Medallion Touring Exhaust. The rear lights have been updated to 1997 spec.

One final shot of this Lexus SC300 on the driveway to the Oakley facility. Be sure to check Jerry's blog on The Perfect Exposure.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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1jz or 2jz powered? love the car though, very classy


Want. Is it a 5 speed? Only thing I would change is the lower grille, makes it look like a Dodge.


Hahaha, that's JC Autohouse. So I'm guessing Cyrus does your alignments?


Very nice indeed..

The fitment on the car is perfect.. No bull here.. Legit bodyparts, legit wheels, serious amount of power..


im not much of a fan of the dodge crosshair looking opening in the front but otherwise its a very clean car.


Jeremy's car has come a long way. I remembered when I first met him in class his car was almost completely stock. It has gone through a beautiful transformation since then. What's even more beautiful is his shots he takes through that camera of his. Been trying to him up for a shot of my supra but the man is too busy making pixelated eye candy for us to enjoy. Keep it up Jer!


Classy with unlimited potential under the hood, doesnt stand out like a supra buck still can pack the same punch.....


that is very tidy! just another inch lower would totally set it off!


Oh my days.. the colour is gorgeous.. nice touch outback with the updated rear lenses.. yeah i think most of us are glad we've seen this one.. 10/10


Nice, Front bumper is very Dodge-esque, though.


simple and clean ! i like that !

a video about this car would be nice!



its from the US so a NA 2JZ.


Haha! Club Lexus FTW. BTW, Ichiban Spacers! hahah, spacers made out of noodles :p It's Ichiba Spacers.


Jerrys car is CLEAN! I remember I bought mine around the same time and we rolled to meets stock together hahah. Just want to point out that this car has CLOTH interior and is super rare!


its most likely 2JZ-GE (nonturbo). if it was supra swapped they prob would've noted it hah. love the concept behind the car. wheels, subtle bodykit, and a drop for a daily. don't need much more than that with the SC to make a great looking car.


Nice fitment here!


Nice Toyota Soarer.


Bump for Cyrus, the best alignment guy around!


Finally a fast good looking car with none of that BS 'hellaflush.' Good feature


No engine mods? Lovin the paint but coming from a fellow SC owner & enthusiast, the only problem with this platform is that they never look to different from the's lacking originality, not to mention the fact that all kits are FRP/fiberglass, (wheres all the polyurethane? Although I do love the SHINE kit!). For the record I'm not bashing the car just pointing out a major SC flaw! I can only hope my SC is a clean as this one day.


what rim offset are you running? and what tire sizes and fender mods?