Car Spotlight >> Matt’s S15 Silvia @ Wtac

Throughout the other weekend at Eastern Creek Rod and I found ourselves eyeing out a very clean S15 on display on the paddock. Upon closer examination it turned out this was without a doubt the nicest Silvia we had seen during our time in Australia and proceeded to get permission from the owner, Matt, to do a small shoot with the car.

Matt kindly hanged around after the end of the World Time Attack Challenge waiting for some of the pits to clear so we could get a nice location to shoot the car in.

The S15 sits low on its Trust type-S dampers and staggered 18-inch front and 19-inch rear Gram Lights 57S-PROs, sporting the kind of stance we love to see on cars we feature.

Tons of work went on under the hood to extract the 400 HP the SR20 now develops, thanks to the forced induction the externally gated Trust TD-06 supplies. To boost throttle response and overall flow an Ikeya Formula 4-throttle conversion along with their intake plenum was also fitted.

The TD06 is run at 1.3 bar and dumps spent gasses into a Trust front pipe and titanium exhaust system.

No expense has been spared in this build, which includes a pretty serious looking fuel system neatly integrated in the trunk area. The Nismo in-tank fuel pump is helped by a Bosh external pump which sends juice up front via braided lines, not before being swirled around in the custom surge tank. Power Enterprise 800 cc/min injectors take care of the rest.

Matt's Silvia wears a full T&E Vertex Lang aero kit painted in a very nice shade of House of Kolor pearl white.

I really liked the LED rear light conversion!

Inside Bride Zeta III are fitted on both the driver and passenger side, just managing to clear the beefy roll-cage in the rear of the car.

The deeply cupped Nardi steering wheel is a great addition to any interior and it's joined by a host of additional instrumentation starting with the A-pillar mounted Defi boost gauge…

…and an additional triplet of clocks mounted in the three central air vents. The Apex Power FC commander has a permanent position on the dashboard, displaying a multitude of parameters at any one time.

This S15 must offer a pretty amazing braking performance as the GReddy full brake kit it's fitted with, 6-pots up front and 4-pots at the rear, is usually used on GT-Rs here in Japan!

For the time being Matt enjoys the Silvia on the street but is looking to participate in more track events in the future to really make full use of those 400 HP. 

Matt would like to give a big thanks to City Performance, Nick and Athid.

Full Specs of the car:


- Tomei rocker arm stoppers

- Tomei 1.2mm head gasket

- Tomei head stud kit

- Tomei pon cams 256in 256ex

- Trust GReddy TD-06 L2 20g 8cm turbo kit

- Trust GReddy high mount manifold

- Trust GReddy 48mm external wastegate

- Trust GReddy dump pipe & front pipe

- Trust petir titanium cat back

- Ikeya Formula quad throttle bodies

- Ikeya Formula intake plenum 

- Ikeya Formula fuel rail

- 2.5L Custom fuel surge tank

- Nismo intake fuel pump

- Bosch 044 fuel pump

- Magna Flow fuel regulator

- Speed flow fittings and braided lines throughout the whole car

- Power Enterprise 800cc injectors

- GReddy 13 row oil cooler kit with remote mount

- Trust LS front mount intercooler

- Fwin dual layer radiator in a custom alloy shroud

- Twin Spal thermo fans

- SFS radiator hoses

- GReddy pully kit

- K&N air filter

- Custom made airbox, radiator overflow and oil breather setup 

- Nismo engine mounts

- Apexi evc

- Split fire coil packs

- Trust oil cap

- Trust extended sump

- Battery relocated to the trunk

- Apexi Power FC d-jetro (map sensor)

- Blitz ID-3 boost controller

- Defi Control Unit II

- Defi Boost gauge

- Defi oil pressure gauge

- Defi oil temp gauge

- Defi exhaust temp gauge

- GReddy in-cabin suspension damper control


- Nismo 6 speed

- Nismo super coppermix clutch

- Nismo lighten flywheel

- Nismo GT LSD

- Trust diff cover


- GReddy type-S coilovers

- Nismo front & rear strut braces

- Nismo front & rear lower control arms

- Nismo front & rear sway bar

- Uras front cast rods

- Tein tie rods

- Cusco rear camber arms

- Cusco rear toe arms

- Uras rear subframe bushes 

- R33 GT-R brake master cylinder BM57

- Trust 6-pot front callipers & Trust 355 mm rotors

- Trust 4-pot rear calipers & Trust 330 mm rotors

- R33 drum handbrake conversion

- Trust Braided lines

- Trust pads


- Rays Engineering Gram Lights 57S-PRO 9Jx18" +12 (front), 9.5Jx19" +12 (rear)

- Toyo Proxies R1R 225/35/18 (front), Ironman 235/35/19 (rear)

- Trust wheel nuts


- T&E Vertex Lang kit

- House of Kolor candy white

- Spoiler holes removed and de badged

- Front and rear guards flared


- BOND's 4-point cage with harness bar

- Bride Zeta III seats

- Bride SL seat rails

- Bride door trims

- Nardi deep corn steering wheel

- Nismo gear knob

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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That car is hot as! represent Australia! :)


really neat,great job


wOw. niceeeee spec list :O

and the car looks sooooo clean it's hard to believe it's even driven at all!


Oh my GOD, havent seen a cleaner S15 than this. porn!

Desk please? 3rd and last pic :D


Thats one cool built s15..everything is just perfect on it


Excatly how I would have it if i had a S15 Silvia. Pure beauty


Clean!!! Nice shoot.


Wow, all pics must be shown as DESKTOP lol great!!!


Wow wow everything about this car.... awsome ! :)


Desktops PLEASE! :D


ahhhh i love it! super clean, subtle and agressive


That's a nice S15! Just clean, nice interior and proper performance.




Sick ride!


1st or last pic as desktop please!


Wowwww stunning car! the best s15 i have ever seen!

would die for that car!


One of the, hell, maybe THE BEST S15 i have ever seen :o :D


so...... awesome....

must... not..........fap.........



really really nice!

Love the stance and the subtile clean look!

perfect spec list, thumbs up


Hi Street Hunters...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on your website. It was great to meet you Dino and I hope in the future we will cross paths again. Loving the feature and photos are insane!


Everything is perfect....


Holy crap....It's looking so nice and clean. Stunning car.

Desktops? :P


Oh my god, that S15 is so clean. I've literally never seen a more perfect and balanced street S15 in my life. Must be a blast to own and drive!


does he use it on the track though? and how often?


WOW! I was looking at the engine and noticed the absence of a throttle body. Indeed the car has ITB's. I'm amazed. I never knew that Australians would go this hard. MARVELOUS!


holy sheeeets thats an awesome yet subtle work of art, what a massively cool S-chassis, so sad to see these no longer in production.


the only bad thing about this car?

there are 10000s of s15s on the road, 95% of em have a 2871, vertex copy kit, bride kit and defi.. quite a few of em now have vertex kit even widebody..

so so so much money yet it still looks like any other kitted s15 on australian roads.


saw it in the flesh and loved it /drool


You can't go wrong with Vertex, gorgeous.


Realmente hermoso, que ganas de escucharlo

Really beautiful, I want to hear that SR

Saludos desde Chile


That... is exactly what I'd planned for my future car (well, I'd planned S14A for cost reasons). Well, I'd probably have different alloys too.

White. Clean. 400. Bride. LEDs. Nismo. GReddy. Perfect.


You cant get more jdm O.o Well, i would add Takata harness + nordi wheel. xD

Anyway- one of the best ( if not the best ) s15 eva!


this car is so clean, it made me drop my first comment here


Athids old car This thing on the dyno when gate opens is extream :D




make 1st pic as desktop !!


Hey Matt, it was good to meet you too and many thanks again for sticking around after the event ended so I could get the shots. You have one of the best S15s in the world!!


This is what happens when you have THE TRIFECTA OF AWESOMENESS!!! money, style and knowledge.


@RayJDM: It already has a Nardi deep corn.


That, right there looks pretty much like the dream Silvia!


great photos dino+ great job matt with the car !!!!



IT !!!


very well done..


Requesting desktop wallpapers of any or all of these.


Excellent shots of a beautiful, well built car.


AEkyuni he has taken it on the track a couple of times

fell in love with this car when i first saw it

and its really comfortablehaha


So. . .CLEAN! It's so perfect!


Top tier stuff here, just an amazing work really.