Car Spotlight>> Ls2 S14 @ East Coast Bash

As I was walking around the pits at this year's East Coast Bash, I came across this kouki S14 and it struck me as a fairly understated car for such an event. It was not insanely slammed, have a body kit, or have wheels that fit super aggressively. It looked right for not being overly riced. 

And I liked it. 

Everything made sense once I saw what sitting in the engine bay. Out went the KA24 and in went an LS2 Chevy V8. The owner of this car seeks to further his driving skill to a more professional level. 

V8s have been proven on the FD field to be a very competitive, reliable, and cheap power plant. And that notion has trickled down into the grassroots level. Want to get more serious? Drop a V8 in and forget about turbocharged 4 cylinders!

I was surprised to see that the interior was relatively untouched. I was expecting a fully stripped out drift machine. 

The shift knob looks like it came from a 2003/2004 Mustang Cobra.

Back seat? Don't need.

You really can't go wrong when you have a decent drop and a set of lower offset Enkei RPF-1, right? That setup always looks great. Add the sound of an LS2 V8 with an S14 body and you have a winning combination. 


Speedhunters East Coast Bash 2010 coverage



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seatbelts with no seats :/

cool swap tho


I´d love to have such a beast. I love those S13, S14 and S15 V8 swaps.


I think the car lose agility.

Have a lot of power but nothing more.


Hate these engine swaps... too much V8 at Formula D too, want more japanese! Not these ugly swaps.


nothin good about this car, standard car realy that handles bad with big lump of an engine hanging out front


Haters will always hate. I think its a great build with a ton of drift potential. Pluss i know there isn't one of you out there who would pass up the opportunity to drive this beast.


You guys know that a v8 is just as long as a straigh4, right? So no worse handling ;)

In fact they handle like shit if you throw a long, heavy straight6 like a RB or 1JZ/2JZ in it!


the ls engines are aluminum...lighter then the original motor..correct me if im wrong


I love it! F the JDM fanboys. They don't have a clue what they're talking about. I guess he should have put a VH45 in there instead right? Hahahahaha. Get real. LSx V8s for life!


the weight of the engine will have more effect than the physical size of the engine.


AHHH I wish my boy Courtney never sold this car. He's the guy who ORIGINALLY built this car, straight out of St. Albans NEW YORK, get it straight. HE chose the wheel sizing, he did all the grunt work, and then he sold it. BHP all day!


A LS2 weighs 497lbs in a manual set up, an SR20DET is somewhere around 477lbs. The LS2 makes 400hp stock and the highest stock power out of a SR20DET is 247hp. I'll take ~20lbs for an extra ~150hp. Not to mention how idiot proof a N/A push rod V8 is compared to a old turbo charged 4 cylinder.


Isn't the LSX series of engines LESS weight than many of the iron block four cylinder turbo setups? If it's not, it's probably fairly close, not enough to mess up handling.


my take on the V8 swapped imports.

on street cars its pretty dope

but in formula d its overkill.


lol at the haters. they are obviously ignorant of the fact that the stock KA24 and an LSx (1,2,3) all weigh very nearly the same amount. They clearly forget that the KA24 is an iron block, and that the world-market alternative SR20 has all the extra weight of a turbocharging system. They also fail to understand that by virtue of having DOUBLE the displacement the LSx series of engines make MADD torque compared to even a turbo KA24. They forget about no turbo lag and don't know what instant throttle response of 400+hp is :)

they have no idea what it's like to cruise on the freeway at 75mph at 1700rpm and ease into the throttle without downshifting :)

in any case, this particular car is NOTHING SPECIAL AT ALL. too bad speed hunters doesn't know that the LS swap is becoming almost standard nowadays, especially given the availability and ease of sourcing a low mileage LS versus an sr20.

goto if you want to see LS swaps, and true track 240s :)


@ Haha - them taliban jdm guys wouldnt even put a vh in there... they're only feasting upon turbocharged 4 cylinders with a 2k rpm usable power band! ;)


This is my good friend courts car old car... Its an ls2.. The motor weighs 50 pound less than a ka.... ahahahah.

Ps I have the ka from this car and its fully built make 450 all day on low boost. with a precesion 62/62


nice car, nice engine...but this engine in that car? fail!


This car makes me quad-drool:

1. Silvia S14 kouki, my fav!

2. Vertex front bumper (looks like it)

3. American V8.

4. Enkei RPF1.


1. Win!

2. Double-Win!!

3. Triple-Win!!!

4. Quadruple-Win!!!!


idk why everyone hates on this swap. i would trade my SR and my left nut to have an LSX. boost is fun and all, but this torqueless SR doesn't have a chance of sliding as smoothly and easily as a big torquey V8.


"Want to get more serious? Drop a V8 in and forget about turbocharged 4 cylinders!"


This is probably the greatest quote ever on Speedhunters. Thank you, Linh.


Yes this is an awesome creation, I'm sure there will be many haters but that is one hell of a setup to have for track day fun.


If all you haters ever drove an LSx V8 s-chassis you'd think twice. If you think they weigh more than a turbo KA or SR once you add intercoolers etc you're incorrect. If you think the engine is longer and messes up the balance you're also incorrect. If you don't like American muscle in J cars for personal style reasons, then thats fair comment.

But anyone saying the cars don't work has never driven one, and is just repeating trash spoken by others who've also never driven one.

I like it. I also have one almost just like it. Bitchin' ride.


Awesome Hybrid Silvia mate!!!


If the LS2 is almost the same as a LS1, which means it's lighter than a SR.


the ls engines are aluminum...lighter then the original motor..correct me if im wrong


The weight difference between the LS2 and SR20DET are next to nothing, definitely not enough to make any difference in handling, only a bunch more torque and hp on tap when you need it.

Not saying I don't like jap engines, I do, but an LS swap makes perfect sense in my book.


i dont get it, y is this such a bad thing? and/or "ugly" swap and v8's in formula D r definently NOT overkill, think about it a stock ls2 will make around 320 at the wheels, and thats being conservative, the only other swap that comes close to that is an RB26dett or 2jzdett and those cost WAY more

granted there is more fabrication to be done with the v8 swap but in formula d its a purpose built drift car, almost the entire machine is fabricated.

now once you start throwing money and parts at it its easier to make alot more power in an american v8 than any japanese straight 6 hell iv seen just an upgraded camshaft up an ls6 almost 100 hp!

so its cheap an easy to make power with, got it? good but no thats not all

THROTTLE RESPONSE and TORQUE are HUGE in drift and guess were your gonna find the best of both of those worlds, thats right a v8

and yes it has already been said that these mostly aluminum v8's weigh about the same if not less than the iron block KA24de and the only dimension that are going to dramatically affect handling is height of the engine, which with the corvettes dry sump setup keep the engine pretty low, in other words i havnt seen a single downfall to this swap other than it not being "super jdm tyte yo"


can't believe so many people are still misinformed about lsx swaps. they usually don't weigh anymore or affect the handling in a bad way as long as you use a kit that is well enginered to swap it. this car and driver is good at drifting, and he has only had the car for about a month at the time of ecb iirc.


Another LS swap. How original. At least it's not painted flat black with black wheels.


people hating on this swap dont know how technical and time consuming. im JDM to my heart, but always love a big engine swap. few strut bars and sway kits and this thing would be a very lovely machine. JDM and USA in harmony!!!


To all the HATERS..................LS2 is aluminum block and weighs less than stock motor with a turbo kit..............also cheaper to build and bullet hate !!!


awesome weight reduction with the backseat removal lol


it also gets awesome gas mileage when i drive it over 100 miles back and forth to work everyday.


@ Will: Yes, swapping SRs, RBs, etc. is far more unique and original. /sarcasm


for all the purists out there, do the math and you'll find that straight-6 RB or 1JZ or 2JZ swaps throw off the balance more in the S chassis. something about the weight first of all, then there's the dimensions and geometry of everything and how it fits together. dont get me wrong, i love jdm swaps and i own an s13 vert, but yeah, v8s ESPECIALLY the LSx motors aren't the devil.


LSX V8s aren't as heavy as a lot of people think.


Love the car but I hate the engine swap.


Nice shift knob lol way to ruin it.


For you douchebags slamming the car, a) you're a moron... b) it doesn't affect handling as the whole package v8 engine/trans and all weighs within 50lbs of the stock setup and c) if you don't know wtf you're talking about, don't ruin articles like this with your ignorance. It makes you look stupid. It handles and drives just like how a 240sx can with anything else in it, except it now has hp and TORQUE... get a clue dumbasses.


I love how they hate and saying it makes it handle worst.

fact of the matter the motor is lighter than the KA

has a more linear power band,

and has a lower center of gravity (OHV motors weight is all in the block little on the heads)

as much as you may want to hate a ls-1/2/3/x with heads cam exhaust tune is the cheapest most reliable way to make 400-500 WHP. Period. Yes its a bastard but I think it represents the plant we live in now. everything is everything.

some ls2s come for gtos that from Australia with motors assembled in michigan.

We live in a Globalized Market, get use to Globalized cars!!!


V8s are getting just a little too "oOoOoO lets be like everybody else and put in a V8 because i don't wanna have to try." And to me, a nice 4 banger sound better than the V8s. But, SR and V8 swaps have lowered the cost of my CA swap, so for the better i guess.


"NOOOO!!!! Not another V8 in a drift car!!!!"

Oh go move to Japan. Welcome to 2010. The LS1/LS2 swaps are lighter than strapping on a turbo/piping/cooling/extra you don't have the extra 300 parts that may(will) break.

Are you seriously gonna tell me you WANT to keep overextending small Japanese motors above and beyond their tolerances because it's what the other internet drifters think is cool?

You can have all the issues, extra weight and blown engine parts. I don't give a damn man. Choosing that route over a proven, easy, dependable solution is forced ignorance.

Not that I'm saying swapping ANY motor is easy, just...well, ya know what I'm sayin.


@ s14drifterx or anyone: Whats the weight of the LS2 and the KA24?


Val_N: that's just the JDM bumper.


Hot. Anyone got the wheel specs? Wish I had the money for a conversion like that.



V8 is CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont care how much lighter or linear balanced it is

V8's are cheating!!!

unless its in a Miata, then its sick


Not a huge fan, but I must commend those who see S-chassis' beyond the JDM / drift craze.


"2. Vertex front bumper (looks like it)"


its a JDM OEM Kouki S14 bumper


as current owner of this car, and someone who put a lot more work into it, and enjoys every second behind the wheel, you people who hate on it.....

cool for you. i dont give a fuck, cause i have an awesome car.


S-chassis+V8= ITS DA BEAST LOL


Awsome swap, great feature!




bob fucking barker. Your car is rad man, I totally dig american V8. Engine swap is an engine swap. With so much work to get an s13sr20 or s14sr20 to work and put out 400hp daily without popping or running insanely hot is a accomplishment on their own. I guess it's just a slap in the face to jdm fanbois when the V8 crowd goes.

let me just throw in this american v8, makes sense, don't know if want.

then you drive it. 4th gear burn outs all day 3/4's of full throttle.


how can they hate, I don't understand it.


Obsessed purists will scream out blasphemy. The rednecks will yell out "hell yeah V8 power!!" Virgin Asian JDM fanboi's will repeat whatever sexless keyboard warriors say. It's ok, we all have opinions. In my opinion, the LSx makes perfect sense for the drifter on a budget. Cheap, reliable, powerful, and with more potential from tons of aftermarket parts and decades of experience. As long as you can deal with the swap itself. No need to worry about swapping in an SR and have to worry about the rest of the turbo system failing, and still only getting 400hp. Now that being said, just because you can mash on the go pedal and get the car sideways with ease, doesn't make you a good drifter. No disrespect to Tanner as he is a good driver. But how hard would it be for a pro-drifter to get a sport compact with a properly setup suspension and a high strung NASCAR V8 sideways?? I honestly think there should be rules about larger motors in sanctioned drifting, but that'll make it boring as hell to watch since there won't be much tire smoke and noise. Either way, a good drifter doesn't need massive amounts of torque to fling a car, just a little bit of entry speed and 1600cc's of 4AGE.


Definitely should have gone this route with my own S13... oops.




Haha bob your car is sick! Great work on it :)


I would drive this sucka all day long and hit up some GTO"s or Stangs and tell em wats up!




He should have put a 13b in there, that would bring out the haters :P


Congrats Mike, nice to see the LSx guys getting some attention. I can't wait until mine's done (sad part is I started building the same time as Courtney).

LOL at all these comments, sooo many people are sooo misinformed about this swap, even most of the people arguing in support of it don't know what they're talking about.


Wheel specs are something like 18x9.5 and 18x10.5 +18-ish offset all around. I can't remember's been awhile since I've seen this car in person.


This is a completely far cry from the last East Coash Bash S14 we had a spotlight on , but it's still


Nothing wrong with this swap.. the car is mean.. still haters gonn hate..

The righ way to do a V8, Get ya self a mustang yo.. USDM is more tyte than this S14..


to anyone who think that "the big nasty v8 is heavyer than the stock motor" (or even an sr)

THE LS1 HAS AN ALUMINUM BLOCK and that makes it lighter than an sr20


where'a my comment?


This post went to hell... and hasn't quite made it back... Anywho, love the car!





I can't believe Linhbergh can take normal photos of cars :)


you guys crack me up.

got torque?


UNKNOWN SOLDIER said: ...."a nice 4 banger sound better than the V8s."


You're kidding, right? TELL me you're just pulling our collective legs because no 4 cylinder sounds better than any V8. I mean, how do you compare the throaty, rumbly burble of a cammed V8 to the busted chainsaw, un-mufflered dump-truck noises that an inline-4 makes? lol @ stupid kids....


an LSx motor is relatively light. all the haters need to get the information. the torque available from a V8, reliability, and availability of cheap, durable parts is definitely worth the swap. Plus the sound of good old American muscle, and in a light car. COME ON!!


ive noticed that most guys on this thread that were hatin" as stated in other threads......uneducated in why the swap is bad ass. a v8 that's more effeceint than a a rb or sr swap,weighs less than a ka, and is na and already makes power. then some jack off said oh a ls swap how original.....let me made my head hurt tryin to possibly imagine what you think is original. And TOO MUCH POWR FOR DRIFTING? Sam huinette was the champ how many times with a viper.......Vaughn has a stang....ummmm....what cave do you guys sleep in? Hell in the most recent issue of drift tengoku....someone put a toyota v12 in a s15....... oh to the guy who said put a 13b in like the way you think. Anyways enough my ranting....I like the car.


Is anyone sick of reading the word haters? you guys are like broken records: haters , hate , hatin, hater! Its ok to disagree with the majority and it doesn't instantly make you a "hater" in my book. At the moment the v8 crowd seems to be the big bandwagon everyone is jumping on. They have their reasons though...


...Wow some people just have no clue. I hate when people hate on something they have no idea about. This car makes near 400hp, 400tq (stock), passes NYS inspection and get over 23 mpg. What more could you want? I built this car in 08 it was the first ls2 swap s14 on the East Coast!! something different at the time. And if i had to do it again i would. Lsx swap in a 240sx is the BEST SWAP possible for that chassis. I driven in and driven Every motor except for a f20 in a 240 chassis and no rb and definitely not SR has anything for that 6.0 v8. Mike Let them keep hating, jealous ones envy.

If you ignorant people would like to learn:


looks all cool but im not that of a v8 fan but why not drop in a jap spec v8 like whats in a toyota tundra?


also to note, this car has been running around with this engine since 08, so its hardly jumping on any bandwagon.

its just starting to get coverage now because i take it to drift events, where the previous owners seemed to enjoy cruising the streets.


Lol @ one of the comments above. What the hell is a "2jzdett". If you're gonna talk about an engine, at least get the name of it right. I hate this combo.


Ewww. I'm tired of these LS swaps in Japanese cars. I like both, but not mixed. It's like making a hybrid sandwich out of PB&J and Ham and Cheese. The two are great on their own, but terrible when you put them together.


@ thelaoskid: Because Chevy V8s > Toyota V8s all day everyday


This car is a real treat. I (for the life of me) can't remember the current owners name, but he's a good guy that drives this thing as it should be: Hard.

The car was running mid 12's on street tires, all night long. Trap speeds esecape me, but to accomplish this at Island is a fair feat in itself.

So if anyone knews the current owners name/contact info, I'd lvoe to get it again. I know it's not Ruthless's car anymore, but still nice to see the current owner making it work!


anyone who doesnt like this car, if you see me, ill give you a ride. probably change your mind.


v8 are awesome 4 cylinder are lame end of story


Calculate how much a reliable 400hp SR20DET with all the goodies would cost you, don't forget that the SR20DET gearbox need to have uprated internals at this power level.

You can get a low milage LS2 with M/T gearbox for 6000 - 7000 USD. So pricewise the LS2 wins.

Now take an dyno print of a well mapped and build SR20DET with 400hp and compare it to the OEM LS2 400hp dyno print out. This is the point where the LS2 bashes and bashes the SR20DET all over.

You have a much wider and more usable power band with the LS2.

The LS2 is a win in any case. Also you can easily upgrade the engine to ~500hp if 400hp are not enough for you.

LSX in S-Chassis = win


Lol haters... nothing but arm chair racers that sit infront of their computers reading about the tuner world but never even picked up a wrench.


lol @ ppl thinking LS motors are heavy