Car Spotlight>> Hot Fd3s

Earlier today we ran a spotlight on a pretty sweet 180SX. This evening we run another spotlight on an equally sweet FD3-S. The owner of this fine FD is Rick Weldon, brother to Keith Weldon who own’s the aforementioned 180SX. The paint on this RX7 is insane, the finish is just superb.

The exterior has been graced with a Veilside kit with Origin front vented front wings. The bonnet is a carbon fibre item, painted to match the rest of the car. Has the trend of unpainted carbon begun to fall away ?

I mentioned how red it is right ? It’s credit to the guys at KW Autobody who painted it. At the rear we have a Shine auto rear light spoiler which has been moulded to the body.

Under that painted carbon bonnet we have a fully rebuilt street ported 13B. It features aftermarket pulleys, Sard fuel pressure regulator, aftermarket injectors, Apexi AX 75F82 turbo with a water cooled wastegate. There is a Feed exhaust system and at the opposite end a Koyo radiator.

Sitting on Buddyclub coilovers are Garson 18*9.5 -0 wheels on the front and 18*11 -0 on the rear.

Like his brother Rick has gone with a tidy interior. Bride Briz leather seats, Momo steering wheels, HKS boost controller and a Blitz turbo timer. The battery has also been relocated to the boot.

Seeing cars like this has truely reignited my dampened enthusiasm for modified Irish cars. For so long, guys were importing cars from Japan and just leaving them as is or modifiying them in ridiculous inappropriate ways. I think we’re on the dawn of a new era here and I for one can’t wait to see what it turns up.


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Can we get a spotlight of that red Soarer i see in the background there? Please!


With the Veilside D1-GT kit and the red paint, I'm having flashbacks of Ross Petty's old RX-7.


the body and wheels - perfect.

but I'd change the colour :)


Looks awesome!


best fd ive ever seen


Is it just me, or does the fitment on the front bumper look really bad?

On the other hand, damn!! this thing is fresh!



F**K that looks wicked!

Sweet pics too,


okay first off ... Verry nice car.


Look at how the kit fits the rest of the bodywork.

It might have nice paint, and all the right parts, but this rx7 looks to be slapped together by a blind monkey.

and then painted by god ....


Love the VeilSIde D1GT kit for the FD!


Nicko said:

the body and wheels - perfect.

but I'd change the colour :)


Pink? ;)


beautiful car! love the color selection. RIZZY!


does KW Autobody know anything about panel gaps? :o


Sweet zombie jesus....


ugly panel gaps up front + disgusting front bar.. omg i just choked on my excess vomit.


look goood! :D




dave t

the bumper is missing to support bars in the pictures thats why it is sitting low after the motorway drive to the show , if you look at any other panels the gaps are near perfect which isnt to bad for a car that half the panels are fiberglass


Wow , the paintjob looks flawless